The BEST episodes directed by Stan Salfas

What About All That Glitters…
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#1 - What About All That Glitters…

What About Brian - Season 2 - Episode 17

Everything looks all glittery on the surface, until you look deeper. Adam and Nicole are dealing with the aftermath of their sleeping together. They promised to keep it between them, but word gets out about it. Dave finds out that Brian was named the new manager, and it could be enough to end their friendship. No one knows about Deena and Dave reconciliation, not even Deena's mother who comes for a visit. Brian is asked on two dates by both of his downstairs neighbors. He accompanies Stephanie to a movie premiere and ends up sharing a kiss with her. The gang visits Jimmy and Ivy's house for the first time.

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Kiss and Tell
73 votes

#2 - Kiss and Tell

Felicity - Season 4 - Episode 13

Mr. Covington learns of Lauren's pregnancy and criticizes the absentee father, unaware that it is Ben. When Ben tells him the truth, Mr. Covington tries to convince him to change his mind and be a part of the child's life. He even claims that his despair over Ben's choice has made him want to drink. Ben is furious at his father for manipulating him. Felicity has trouble dealing with the situation and avoids Ben. Ben and Trevor sign up for the Big Brother program in the hopes of improving their credentials for med school applications. After Felicity expresses an interest in architecture, Noel recommends that she help his friend Adam with a project. Adam spends most of the time whining about his ex-girlfriend. He tries to kiss Felicity at a party at the girls' dorm room. Meghan grows bored with life with Sean, while he becomes fed up with her insistence on criticizing his ideas. After a girl from the coffee stand compliments one of his potential inventions, Sean invites her to

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Docuventary II
46 votes

#3 - Docuventary II

Felicity - Season 2 - Episode 17

Sean, with help from Richard, resumes his documentary film project. The duo annoys Felicity and Ben by hounding them as they complete their community service. Felicity takes a paid job as Greg's assistant. She is furious to discover that Greg helped her get the job because he is attracted to her; a more deserving colleague was passed over, and must now leave the clinic. Felicity quits, but Greg persuades her to return. She takes a volunteer position. While working in the records office, Ben snoops in Greg's file and discovers that he was busted for cocaine possession. Noel convinces him to keep the information under wraps for the time being. After Sean and Richard show him footage of Felicity and Greg on a date, Ben goes to the clinic and threatens Greg. Greg shares the truth with Felicity and assures her that he has been clean for years. Felicity angrily confronts Ben, who points out that she read his file a year earlier. She attributes her behavior to the fact that she was in love wi

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#4 - Docuventary

Felicity - Season 1 - Episode 19

Sean puts together a documentary about college life. He soon narrows the focus to a discussion of Felicity and Noel and their failed relationship. He interviews the duo and its friends and acquaintances. (Meghan describes life with Felicity as ""like living with a TV that's always playing Little House on the Prairie, only with more sweaters."") Noel, at Sean's recommendation, visits a hypnotist to deal with his unresolved anger about Felicity's fling with Eli. Noel believes that he was the only one who truly cared about the relationship. He is surprised when Sean plays back a portion of Felicity's interview, in which she admits that she loved Noel. Although Sean hopes for a happy ending, Felicity and Noel decide to take things slow. Ben tells Sean that his mother has finally left his father. Ben falls deeper into debt, and may be thrown out of school if he can't figure out a way to pay back his loans. He loses a bet and cannot cover it. When Lynn refuses to place another bet on his b

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72 votes

#5 - Boooz

Felicity - Season 4 - Episode 5

Ben and Trevor fail their organic chemistry midterm. They are upset because the test included an entire section on a topic that Professor Hodges had specifically said would not be included. They ask for a chance to re-take the test. Ben insults the professor after he belittles them. Hodges responds by throwing both Ben and Trevor out of the class. They go out drinking. Trevor continues to drink after they arrive at Felicity and Elena's Halloween party. He collapses with alcohol poisoning, and Ben calls an ambulance. Ben tells Hodges that Trevor is in a coma. He suggests that it wouldn't have happened if Hodges were a little more understanding. Hodges goes to the hospital to check on Trevor, who has begun to recover. He agrees that he isn't very helpful to his students, and asks Ben and Trevor to return to class. T.A. Felicity takes over some classes after the professor is arrested for shoplifting. Felicity's students constantly mock her and accuse her of selling out after

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