The Best Episodes Directed by Sonomi Norimi

Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword

#1 - Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword

Campione! Season 1 - Episode 11

An old friend of Yuri and Hakari returns from training. Her intentions will force Yuri to confront her feelings about Godou and raise trouble for Erica and Liliana. Meanwhile, Erica finally traps Godou into going on a date with her. However, Godou gets himself in some hot water due to being nervous, his inability to understand the feelings of women in general, and lack of planning ahead. The date is interrupted by a girl who is falling for Godou which results in Godou being "stolen" and Erica displaying how deep her feelings for him go. Meanwhile, Athena "drops in" on Shizuka at the Kusanagi home looking for Godou.

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