The Best Episodes Directed by Simon Delaney

Episode 1

#1 - Episode 1

Cold Feet Season 3 - Episode 1

David and Karen have twins, and Adam and Rachel want children. Pete has to move in with Jenny, who has met a millionaire.

star 7.89
64 votes
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#2 - Superficial

Scott & Bailey Season 4 - Episode 1

A vulnerable young man is reported missing by his pub landlord boss. Syndicate 9 suspect Robin McKendrick may have been killed after a photo of him bound and gagged in a car boot appears online. However, the case takes an unusual turn when a body found in a flooded quarry turns out to be a woman's corpse. Meanwhile, battle-scarred from their conflict last year, Scott and Bailey are determined to move forward with honesty. The pair find themselves in front of the promotion board and pass with flying colours, leaving Gill with the task of choosing who stays on as sergeant at the department.

star 7.81
191 votes
Episode 2

#3 - Episode 2

Cold Feet Season 3 - Episode 2

Pete has to find somewhere to live. Jenny is sacked by her employment agency. Rachel and Adam are ecstatic when Rachel's period is two weeks late.

star 7.79
62 votes
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Episode 3

#4 - Episode 3

Cold Feet Season 5 - Episode 3

Adam and Rachel discover their house is up for auction and financially out of their reach. Karen is shocked to learn that David is having a relationship with his lawyer. A tragedy has a devastating effect on all of the characters.

star 7.64
84 votes
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Episode 3

#5 - Episode 3

Cold Feet Season 3 - Episode 3

Rachel and Adam undergo their first treatment. David and Jessica go for a drink and feel a mutual attraction.

star 7.63
99 votes
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Tough Love

#6 - Tough Love

Scott & Bailey Season 4 - Episode 2

Syndicate 9's new sergeant is thrown in at the deep end with a historical missing person's case as Mandy Sweeting's body is discovered, 23 years after she disappeared. The biggest challenge is wading through poor police work that hampered the original case and re-interviewing bruised and bereft family members, making this a particularly challenging job for the new sergeant. Janet keeps Gill's secret but shares another secret with Rachel - she wants a boyfriend.

star 7.55
174 votes

#7 - Damaged

Scott & Bailey Season 4 - Episode 3

After promising that the chaos of her personal life was behind her, Rachel is torn when she discovers that her mother's new boyfriend is a violent domestic abuser. Janet goes on her first date, but gets cold feet at the last minute when the idea of having to sell herself to a stranger makes her heart sink. The murder of a gay man has all the markings of a hate crime, but why is his friend struggling to answer some simple questions?

star 7.50
134 votes
Nineties Night

#8 - Nineties Night

Drifters Season 1 - Episode 6

Mark reinvents himself as a DJ and asks Meg to help out at his 90s Night. Meg agrees out of sympathy: surely it's going to be a disaster, but on the night things don't go quite as she expected. Whilst trying to raise the rent money selling their clothes online, Bunny accidentally reveals more than she intended and things spiral out of control when she agrees to some lucrative modelling work with Laura along for the ride as her "agent".

star 7.34
58 votes
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#9 - Home

Drifters Season 1 - Episode 1

Meg and her cousin Bunny return home to Leeds, having cut short their gap year trip round India. They're greeted at the airport by their best friend Laura but - disaster - also by Meg's stalker-ish ex-boyfriend Mark. As far as Mark's concerned, they're still together. Unsurprisingly the homecoming doesn't run smoothly - and then there's also the small matter of finding a house and finding a job.

star 7.15
74 votes
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Dry Run

#10 - Dry Run

Drifters Season 1 - Episode 4

The girls are appalled when they realise Meg hasn't had sex in nearly a year. At Bunny and Laura's urging she agrees to punch below her weight and pick someone to have sex with who should be grateful. A "dry run" if you will. And an old university colleague of Bunny's could be the perfect choice. Meanwhile Bunny thinks she's in love with her latest flame Hugh, a sexy sophisticated older man, but the other girls don't quite see him that way. And Laura is uncharacteristically throwing herself into work, shifting tickets in a "win this car" promotion.

star 7.10
59 votes
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#11 - Scabies

Drifters Season 1 - Episode 2

Bunny and Laura are amazed when Meg scores a hot date while out on the street promoting a smartphone. Meanwhile, Laura is concerned that she may have a skin disease and Bunny has self-diagnosed depression. But it's not until the girls end up gatecrashing a party that things get really complicated.

star 7.03
65 votes
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Friend Night Stand

#12 - Friend Night Stand

Drifters Season 1 - Episode 5

Meg makes a new friend and brings her back to the flat but the others think Ellie may have misunderstood the situation. Laura has just about had it with Gary and a chance encounter leads her to consider other options - while Bunny is having a passionate relationship with Cillian. But is he a crazy free-spirit or just a total knob?

star 6.81
62 votes
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Work Experience

#13 - Work Experience

Drifters Season 1 - Episode 3

Meg finally gets a break when she's offered an internship at a local radio station. Can she seize her chance and make a big impact at Pennine Hits? Laura suspects Gary of cheating on her and decides to take drastic action whilst Bunny is feeling ignored and is dreading spending a Saturday alone in the flat.

star 6.62
65 votes
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