The Best Episodes Directed by Simen Alsvik

Out of Africa

#1 - Out of Africa

Lilyhammer Season 2 - Episode 2

Frank finds out some interesting facts about the swim instructor. He illegally acquires two more crew members. Both the police and some British criminals take a special interest in the Ferrari.

star 8.13
227 votes
The Flamingo

#2 - The Flamingo

Lilyhammer Season 1 - Episode 2

Frank falls for his language teacher Sigrid and opens a nightclub that's a big hit, but he draws unwanted attention from the police and a biker gang.

star 8.06
336 votes
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Milwall Brick

#3 - Milwall Brick

Lilyhammer Season 2 - Episode 1

Frank has to find a way to rename his twins before they are baptized. Meanwhile, Torgeir and the boys find themselves facing serious consequences after they wreck a Ferrari. Sigrid appears to have a new love interest.

star 7.93
234 votes
Reality Check

#4 - Reality Check

Lilyhammer Season 1 - Episode 1

Frank becomes Norwegian citizen "Giovanni Henriksen," meets his neighbor the chief of police, and clashes with his new country's bureaucratic culture.

star 7.91
417 votes
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Episode 4

#5 - Episode 4

The Nest Season 1 - Episode 4

Still reeling from the events at the prom, Emily makes a shocking discovery. A face from Kaya’s past reappears, but can she trust them, especially now she’s £50,000 richer?

star 7.56
72 votes
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Episode 5

#6 - Episode 5

The Nest Season 1 - Episode 5

Devastated that Kaya has revoked their rights to visit the baby, Dan launches a legal battle. But will his actions bring about his own downfall?

star 7.34
76 votes
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