The Best Episodes Directed by Sherren Lee

The Rex Files

#1 - The Rex Files

Hudson & Rex Season 1 - Episode 13

When a deadly car accident has Charlie and Rex investigating reports of a mysterious blue light in the sky, they discover the truth is more science than fiction.

star 10.00
0 votes
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A Cult Education

#2 - A Cult Education

Hudson & Rex Season 1 - Episode 12

The team moves quickly when Donovan's ex wakes up with blood on her hands and a dead roommate.

star 9.00
0 votes
Annabella Cinderella

#3 - Annabella Cinderella

Murdoch Mysteries Season 12 - Episode 11

Crabtree and John are transporting a convicted axe murderer to prison when she escapes to exact revenge on those who testified against her.

star 7.92
175 votes
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Six of the Best

#4 - Six of the Best

Murdoch Mysteries Season 12 - Episode 12

Murdoch’s distressing childhood memories are evoked while investigating the death of an orphan under the care of the same Jesuit priest who taught him.

star 7.91
165 votes
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Toronto the Bad

#5 - Toronto the Bad

Murdoch Mysteries Season 13 - Episode 7

While moonlighting as a cab driver, Higgins finds a dead passenger in the backseat.

star 7.89
124 votes
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Shadows Are Falling

#6 - Shadows Are Falling

Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 - Episode 17

Murdoch and Ogden put personal matters aside when Nate Desmond is charged with murder.

star 7.77
201 votes
Forever Young

#7 - Forever Young

Murdoch Mysteries Season 13 - Episode 3

Murdoch investigates the bizarre murder of a young woman who disappeared a decade earlier yet somehow hasn’t aged a day.

star 7.71
138 votes
Murdoch Schmurdoch

#8 - Murdoch Schmurdoch

Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 - Episode 15

As Murdoch investigates a murder with connections to vaudeville entertainers Harry and Al Jolson, Watts unravels a mystery about his own family.

star 7.68
213 votes
The Philately Fatality

#9 - The Philately Fatality

Murdoch Mysteries Season 13 - Episode 6

When a stamp enthusiast is murdered, Murdoch wonders if the murder is linked to the man’s stamp collection or his collection of lovers.

star 7.55
115 votes
Confetti Heart

#10 - Confetti Heart

Coroner Season 1 - Episode 6

Jenny conducts her first inquest into a police shooting as Detective McAvoy confronts the brotherhood of blue.

star 7.54
443 votes
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Chance Encounter

#11 - Chance Encounter

Kim's Convenience Season 5 - Episode 7

Appa and Kimchee enjoy an impromptu hangout together. Janet and Umma find an envelope of money in the store. Jung and Shannon struggle to watch TV together.

star 7.46
102 votes
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Field of Schemes

#12 - Field of Schemes

Kim's Convenience Season 5 - Episode 9

Appa makes a controversial call when umpiring pastor Nina's baseball game. Janet gives Umma a sweater that turns out to be a bad fit. Jung and Kimchee babysit Gwen's niece.

star 7.37
98 votes
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