The BEST episodes directed by Setou Kenji

Present For You
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#1 - Present For You

Kinmoza! - Season 2 - Episode 2

Kuzehashi-sensei is concerned that her dear students seem to be afraid of her. How can she get to know them better...? Seeing how well Karasuma-sensei gets along with her students, Kuzehashi-sensei asks her to teach her how to make friends with her students!

Hungry Karen
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#2 - Hungry Karen

Kinmoza! - Season 1 - Episode 7

As usual, Karen comes to Shinobu and her friends' classroom during lunch with bags full of snacks and bread in each hand. It seems her classmates have been gifting the items to the popular Karen. Karen is shocked when Alice asks if she's gained weight since coming to Japan.

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#3 - Contest

Saki - Season 1 - Episode 2

Playing under special scoring rules, Saki plays the next game while trying to keep her plus/minus zero score and winning at the same time, but cannot do both with the special rules. However, when the special rules are removed, Saki ended up winning the game, therefore disallowing her from keeping the zero score. Nodoka is dejected after losing since before Saki told her that she hated mahjong and despite that won, but Saki tells her that playing with her was fun. Saki thinks about what Nodoka said, and even tells her father that she wants to one day play again with her mother and sister like they used to before they left to be professional mahjong players. The next day, Saki joins the club, saying that she wants to play more and win against Nodoka.