The Best Episodes Directed by Seiji Kishi

The Place Where You Return

#1 - The Place Where You Return

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 26

Nagasumi, Kai, and Lunar go to save Sun. Once they get there, the Seto Group manages to break free and a huge battle commences. Nagasumi manages to save Sun and he tells her he loves her and he wants to stay with her forever.

star 9.71
35 votes
The Fairies' Secret Tea Party (2)

#2 - The Fairies' Secret Tea Party (2)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 12

Whilst spending time having tea parties with the Wildrose Society, the heroine learns that Y was once part of the society. A year later, the heroine moves up to year 4 and becomes Y's classmate. She soon learns Y had been stealing books to build her own yaoi library. In exchange for her not revealing her secret, Y sneaks the heroine into the rooms of the other Wildrose members, revealing their hidden agendas, including how mentally unstable Curly is. After learning all of this, the heroine joins Y in searching for a ture fairy tea party, and over the years they rekindle with the Wildrose Society. As the heroine, Y and Curly discover a room full of robots, the heroine remembers about the fairy she met years ago. After everyone graduates and the school is torn down, the heroine is visited by Y, who brings her the robot from the school dorms, which is soon revealed to contain the fairy she had met at school.

star 9.62
39 votes
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An Idol

#3 - An Idol

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 22

Lunar tries hard to practice her part in a drama. She gets Sun to help her be her lover as a man. Unfortunately, Sun goes overboard and eventually gets stopped. Afterwards, Lunar gets to her next job in the Cultural Competition and has to practice Ventriloquism. So she uses Maki as her left hand. But things start to get even worse.

star 9.61
36 votes
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The Family Game

#4 - The Family Game

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 25

It is first time that Sun and Nagasumi has a quarrel, and both end up not talking to each other. At the same time, the members of Seto Group are invited to join a party held by a noble. However, the party is a trap.

star 9.60
35 votes
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The Fairies' Survival Skills

#5 - The Fairies' Survival Skills

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 9

After an increase in fairy population leads to bullying, the heroine is sent to accompany asylum seeking fairies to find a new home for them. Through various circumstances, the heroine ends up stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, along with a group of pessimistic fairies who declare her the queen of their new nation. The fairies' motivation to work on building their new nation soon increases their population. The nation soon evolves into a bustling civilization dedicated to serving its queen, who begins living in luxury. Upon cultivating a plant that can produce candy, the fairies' research and development soon turn the nation into a literal candy island. However, after a lapse in judgment causes everyone to build monuments everywhere, the island is soon ruined and devoid of food and water, sending it into poverty. The heroine feels they should leave the island, but remains trapped by a rainstorm caused by the collective depression of the fairies. After the island ends up collapsing on itself, the heroine returns to dry land and her daily life.

star 9.55
40 votes
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Desperate Escape

#6 - Desperate Escape

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 9

Hyuga stays behind deflecting the attacks of Kongou's fleet to buy time for Iona and the others to escape. Before leaving Iwo Jima, Gunzō asks for Takao's help and she agrees to join his side. Unwilling to listen to Hyuga's words, Kongou fires her Super Gravity Cannon at her but fails to destroy her and taking advantage of her getting exausted, orders Maya to fires her own cannon but Takao appears in the nick of time to block Maya's shot. Believing that Hyuga and Takao are just covering the I-401's escape, Kongou tracks her down and gives chase, refusing to slow down even after falling into a minefield left by Hyuga to help Iona escape. Iona tries to reason with Kongou with no success and when the battleship attempts to fire her Super Gravity Cannon underwater to sink her, Hyuga manages to hack into Kongou's systems to have her lose control for time enough to Iona and Gunzō to escape. Takao then reveals to Kongou that instead of Takao, the true decoy was Iona herself, while the vibration warhead, Makie, her friends and the rest of the I-401's crew were safely hidden aboard her and she returns to pick up Hyuga to rendevous with Iona and Gunzō, who despite escaping from Kongou's grasp, are ambushed by I-400 and I-402 and apparently sunk by them.

star 9.51
83 votes
What's Your Name?

#7 - What's Your Name?

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 15

Nagasumi, Sun, Lunar, Mawari, Saru, and Mikawa go on what is supposed to be a double date. As Nagasumi goes to get a juice ordered by Lunar, he accidentally bumps into the class president in an intersection, whom he doesn't recognize. It is now known that the class president has a crush on Nagasumi. Nagasumi accidentally steps and breaks her glasses lying on the ground so she doesn't recognize him. After she gets new ones she recognizes Nagasumi and runs away. As soon as he catches up and asks her name she runs away again saying she'll tell him the next time they meet.

star 9.50
36 votes
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Devotion of Self

#8 - Devotion of Self

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 10

With her nanomaterials compromised by her sister ships attack, the I-401 sinks into the deep ocean while Iona tends to an injured Gunzō. Meanwhile, Takao and the others look for them but all communications and radar are jammed by spatial distortions from the last battle. Despite knowing that the only way for her to survive is to abandon her captain, Iona refuses to do so until Gunzō orders her to cut all life support systems, claiming that fulfilling their mission to deliver the vibration warhead is more important than saving him. However, when Gunzō stops responding, a distraught Iona breaks down her own mental model to create a survival pod for him and her core. When Takao locates the pod, she decides to sacrifice her own body and use its nanomaterials to restore Iona and the I-401, bringing them back to surface and saving Gunzō's life. Once knowing that the I-401 has not perished, Kongou can't hide the urge to fight it again, but declaring that she is displaying the same erratic behavior seen in the other ships who deviated from the Admiralty Code, I-400 and I-402 relieve her from duty and lock down her systems. In the occasion, Kongou finds out that Maya's mental model lacks conciousness, being an artificial intelligence created just to watch over her.

star 9.49
116 votes
Love Slave

#9 - Love Slave

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 12

Nagasumi's mom and Sun go shopping for groceries, leaving Lunar alone with Nagasumi. Lunar plans to make her "slave" help her study for school since she is getting zeros on all her tests. Eventually it gets to the point where Lunar starts to come on to Nagasumi while outwardly stating that she would never fall in love with a human. Through many badly timed, but well-meaning errors, Nagasumi ends up being engaged to Lunar.

star 9.47
38 votes
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There's No Business Like Show Business

#10 - There's No Business Like Show Business

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 19

After the attempt to rid of Nagasumi from Sun fails. Akeno is now undertaking a mission, to foil Nagasumi by forcing him to gulp down a mermaid drink which will release mortals of their strongest desires, thus forcing Sun to break away from Nagasumi. The plan fails, however, when everyone except Nagasumi gets drunk.

star 9.46
37 votes
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The Fairies' Subculture (2)

#11 - The Fairies' Subculture (2)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 4

Y, Mediator, and the Assistant must find a way to escape or risk losing their sanity.

star 9.41
41 votes
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Minority Report

#12 - Minority Report

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 16

Akeno Shiranui, a mermaid examiner has come to record and observe mermaids that doesn't fit well with humans and send them back to their origin. Now Sun must overcome her own fear and tries her best not to fail the examination with Akeno keeping an eye on Sun's every action.

star 9.39
36 votes
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An Elegy of Men

#13 - An Elegy of Men

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 20

Lunar's father searches for ways to express his love and cheer up his precious daughter when he accidentally spots a Galge from a search engine. Armed with his new "knowledge", an iron will and an iron body, Lunar's father once again attempts to comfort Lunar (to everyone's horror), while convincing Gōzaburō about "a daughter's heart" in the process.

star 9.38
64 votes
The Fairies' Time Management (2)

#14 - The Fairies' Time Management (2)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 8

As the heroine reflects on her multiple timeloops, she focuses on the details about the assistant given to her by her grandfather and the doctor looking after him. During a certain timeloop between the fourth and fifth times, the heroine finally encounters the assistant, finding him to be an exciteable and lecherous young boy calling himself the Ringo Kid. After hearing more about him from her doubles during the fifth time, the heroine meets the assistant again on the sixth, this time finding him to have a gentler and more plain personality, believing he had finally found his own personality, using the doubles to get opinions from others about how he should be.

star 9.37
40 votes
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The Fairies' Earth

#15 - The Fairies' Earth

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 10

The heroine begins her job as a mediator and finds it not to be what she expected. Whilst observing an abandoned site, she has her first encounter with a group of fairies and brings some of them home with her. After getting over the initial worries, the heroine finds the fairies to be quite talkative and curious and gives them some names, only to be tasked with naming all the other fairies as well. Finding the abandoned site she found them at turned into a metropolis overnight, she gives the fairy population a naming dictionary so they can decide on their own names. The next day, the heroine finds herself hailed as a god and ends up causing chaos when she tries to pass the responsibility onto someone else, leading the city to be destroyed.

star 9.37
40 votes
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The Power to Open a Path

#16 - The Power to Open a Path

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 12

Kongou obliterates the ships of the American Fleet of Fog and Iona, along the other mental models, make contact with Kongou in an attempt to bring her to her senses. However, Kongou claims that it's her duty to prevent further anomalies to the Fog by destroying Iona and all ships who come in contact with her, including herself, before locking down all communications. After barely deflecting an attack of Kongou's enhanced Super Gravity Cannon, the I-401 conceals itself, knowing that confronting her directly is useless, when Iona decides to reach Kongou and confront her face to face. Gunzō agrees with her plan and after evading a massive barrage of attacks, Iona boards a torpedo to reach Kongou's deck. Iona attempts to reason with Kongou who keeps attacking her until she finally traps Iona and prepares to self destruct herself to kill both, when the sequence is disrupted by I-401's Super Gravity Cannon. In the end, Iona suceeds to dissuade Kongou and prevents the destruction of both. The reformed Kongou befriends Iona while the superstructure created by her collapses. Days later, as the I-401's crew delivers the vibration warhead to the U.S. Navy as intended, Takao's body is restored and they return to the sea, hoping that their actions have helped change the world for the better.

star 9.37
89 votes
A Kitten's Story

#17 - A Kitten's Story

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 14

Nagasumi finds a kitten and brings it to school. Nagasumi soon discovers that Sun, Lunar, and Maki are all deathly afraid of cats, and gets the idea to test it on Kai and Gōzaburō too, but before that learns that most mermaid adults are not afraid of cats anymore as they eventually get over their fear; this however does not apply to Gōzaburō due to a tragic experience as a child. Nagasumi decides to make this into an advantage.

star 9.36
39 votes
The Fairies' Secret Tea Party (1)

#18 - The Fairies' Secret Tea Party (1)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 11

The heroine thinks back to when she was ten and began attending school, having to start at the lowest grade. As she decides to remain inconspicuous and focus on skipping through the grades, she finds herself the target of bullying from some of the other students, including a young Y, leading her to alienate a girl referred to as 'Curly' who tries to become her friend, believing her to be the mastermind. One day, the heroine rescues a fairy from a group of bullies and has it tag along with her. As the stress of her school life leads the heroine to admit to herself that she feels lonely, the fairy does something before disappearing. The heroine finds Curly has joined her in skipping grades, also facing some bullying from jealous peers. As the heroine decides to repay some of her kindness, she finds Curly to be disturbingly affectionate with her. Curly then moves into the heroine's dorm and invites her to join a secret tea party.

star 9.35
40 votes
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Prefectural Police vs. Gangsterism

#19 - Prefectural Police vs. Gangsterism

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 17

Defeated by Akeno, a group of delinquent lords follow her around which mislead Mawari into believing Akeno was also a delinquent. In order to protect the society, Mawari decides to go all out against Akeno. Meanwhile, The teachers from Seto clan also plotting their own plan against Akeno. Though Sun finally convinces Mawari to rethink of the situation, the unstoppable clashes has already begun.

star 9.34
38 votes
The Fairies' Homecoming (1)

#20 - The Fairies' Homecoming (1)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 5

As the village prepares an electric-powered festival for the Human Monument Project, the heroine hears from the fairies that they are leaving to avoid the electromagnetic waves from the festival that are deadly to them. They leave behind a good luck charm and a curious manual explaining the dangers that come if no fairies are met during the day. During the festival, the heroine meets a curious girl named Pion, who is searching for her companion. The next day, the heroine and her assistant are sent to explore an underground structure, where they get trapped. As they search for the exit, the charm the heroine received turns into a fairy who tries to lead them towards water but instead comes across a group of acidic slimes. As they face more dangers upon reaching a computer room, they are rescued by Pion.

star 9.34
38 votes
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The Fairies' Homecoming (2)

#21 - The Fairies' Homecoming (2)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 6

As Pion, revealed to be a robot who the heroine now calls P-ko, joins the party, they encounter her companion Oyage, a similar robot who calls himself O-taro, who wants to abandon his mission and live in the strange city. As he sends a killer digger truck after them, they all fall down a hole, winding up at an underground castle. The heroine and assistant are confronted by O-taro, who combines with the slimes to become a 'Killer Death Cat', though the fairies step in to help them. With help from the fairies, P-ko manages to defeat O-taro using a super powered microwave, which in turn restores their memories. After the gang manage to escape the city, it is revealed P-ko and O-taro, whose real names are Pioneer and Voyager, were deep space probes that gained humanoid form. O-taro makes P-ko realise that deep inside, like himself, she doesn't want to leave the warmth of the solar system. Hearing these thoughts, the heroine sabotages the electric generator, stopping P-ko and O-taro from being able to leave before reworking them to become wind-up powered.

star 9.32
40 votes
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Man Without a Past

#22 - Man Without a Past

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 23

Believing Masa was an acquintance of her older brother, Akeno asks Masa about her brother's whereabouts, but Masa had lost his memories before joining the Seto clan. Gōzaburō then reveals to Nagasumi that Akeno's brother is actually Masa himself. While unaware of this fact, Akeno intend to punish her brother's for his irresponsibility, forcing Nagasumi to protect Masa using any methods available.

star 9.32
65 votes
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The Fairies' Subculture (1)

#23 - The Fairies' Subculture (1)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 3

Y was assigned to work on the Human Monument project, but instead kicks off the BL Manga revolution.

star 9.29
41 votes
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#24 - Armageddon

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 11

After Sun and Lunar go on a diet, Sun's father buys her all sorts of presents to help her out, including some special "mer-water" that energizes and gives strength. But many problems arise when Nagasumi drinks it by accident, not only giving him the powers of a merman, but also growing him to gigantic proportions.

star 9.28
39 votes
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Assault on Yokosuka

#25 - Assault on Yokosuka

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 4

The battle against Haruna and Kirishima begins with the I-401 drawing them to a trap they set at the ruins of the old Yokosuka city, which fails to damage the enemies but allows them to circle around them undetected and launch a surprise attack using the now sunk Japanese battleship Mikasa as a decoy. However, Kirishima prevents being hit in the nick of time and launches a barrage of warheads at them, which they barely manage to avoid. To finish the I-401 for good, Haruna and Kirishima combine together to generate a huge gap in the water and trap it into the line of fire of their Super Gravity Cannon, but just before firing at Iona, they leave themselves vulnerable to her last Erosion Torpedo concealed inside Mikasa's wreckage that triggers a chain reaction destroying both ships, although Haruna's mental model manages to salvage Kirishima's core and escape. In the next day, a child finds the unconscious Haruna inside an abandoned warehouse.

star 9.27
91 votes
A Fuss About Love

#26 - A Fuss About Love

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 21

Nagasumi receives a love letter from the class president. Being the first love letter he has received in is life, he completely loses his mind. Maki takes the letter from Nagasumi's pocket and reads it outloud for everyone to hear. Mawari, Lunar, Sun, Gozaburo, and other relevant people hide behind a bush to see whether Nagasumi comes or not. Nagasumi comes and is beaten by Lunar's dad and Gozaburo.

star 9.27
64 votes
The Fairies' Time Management (1)

#27 - The Fairies' Time Management (1)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 7

As the heroine is sent by her grandfather to look for his assistant, she encounters someone who looks exactly like her. Things only get stranger as she starts to encounter a lot of deja vu and encounters more versions of herself, with no clear memory over what is happening. She soon learns it to be the work of the fairies, who are manipulating time in order to get several copies of the heroine to make sweets for them. After several loops resulting in hundreds of clones making sweets, the heroine soon encounters a village full of dogs where the assistant lies.

star 9.26
39 votes
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Monday of Upheaval - III

#28 - Monday of Upheaval - III

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 4

Following Keita's sudden death, Hibiki remains visibly shaken due to the fact that they couldn't prevent it. As Merak arrives in the city, Yamato has JP's members move Hibiki into position to intercept it. At the Osaka Juso Ohashi Bridge, the Japanese military tries and fails in their attack against Merak while Botis and "The Anguished One" discuss the state of affairs. With of the loss of most Osaka's spiritual barriers, Merak fully manifests itself and makes its way to the final barrier - "Tsutenkaku". Meanwhile, as Hibiki is deployed into the field, Hinako and Io discuss his mental state due to Keita's death. Meanwhile at the Umeda Sky Building, JP's summoners try to stop Merak with a swarm of Itsumade but it kills them all in an instant. As Io heads to Hibiki's location, Merak then launches a devastating ice attack, at the "Tsutenkaku" barrier, which survives, but the attack leaves a path of destruction and kills many more people, upsetting Hibiki. Not wanting any more people to die, Hibiki abandons his post and proceeds further up the battleground to confront Merak. Io arrives just as Hibiki departs and Yamato sends a "replacement" for Hibiki. Hibiki arrives at the current battleground at Kawaramachi in the Osaka Chūō-ku Ward and intervenes in Hinako and a platoon of JP's summoners fight against Merak. Hibiki has Byakko unleash a strong lightning attack at Merak, which doesn't have any effect. Merak counterattacks and Hinako protects Hibiki but gets severely injured which then shatters his fighting resolve. In the wake of the attack, the "Anguished One" approaches Hibiki and introduces himself as Alcor. He informs Hibiki, that because of his "choice" to fight, Io has taken his place at the final defensive line, causing Hibiki to head over there. Io's feelings allow her to summon Kikuri-Hime and proceeds to attack Merak with support from the JP's summoners. Although Kikuri-Hime manages to severely damage Merak, it sheds its outer layer and begins charging up i

star 9.22
120 votes
Melancholy Sunday

#29 - Melancholy Sunday

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 1

Hibiki Kuze, is waiting for his friend, Daichi Shijima, after finishing their practice exams. While discussing their future, Daichi introduces and registers them onto a recently popular website called "Nicaea", a video delivery site that allows people to see videos of their friend's death. Later, at the train station, they receive videos from Nicaea that show both of their deaths by an oncoming train at that exact station. Shortly after, before the train arrives, an earthquake occurs, causing the incoming train to derail and cause the same devastation they saw in the videos. On the verge of death, Nicaea offers Hibiki a second chance to live and a Demon Summoning App is forcefully downloaded into his phone. He and Daichi awake to find the station in ruins with most of the people dead. They then witness vile wolf-like creatures eating the corpses of the recently deceased. As the creatures turn their sights on them, rescued fellow classmate Io Nitta and Daichi inadvertently manifest demons from their cell phones which repeal the attacking creatures and allow them to escape. Making it back to the surface, they find that all of Japan has met with the same type of calamity before a strange organization takes over rescue operations, with the officer in charge pondering that humankind must survive "Judgement Day" even if it means using demons. With nowhere to go, the three decide to stick together and while waiting in Roppongi, the crowd is attacked by a demon called Dubhe. At the same time Hibiki receives another video showing Daichi's death, before Daichi bursts out of a corner with a delivery truck, intending to ram the demon. As the truck explodes, Hikibi, overcome with emotion, manifests his Avatar: Byakko, a tiger like demon which he manipulates and successfully destroys the Dubhe. In the aftermath, Daichi had been saved by another one of Io's demons, a pixie-like creature before the group is approached by the Japan Meteorological Agency: JP's. Elsewhere, a mysteriou

star 9.21
190 votes
Battle Runner

#30 - Battle Runner

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 9

Nagasumi's life only gets more hectic with the arrival of Kai Mikawa, a handsome, rich, but agoraphobic merman, who insists that Sun is his fiancé. Kai transfers to the school and challenges Nagasumi for Sun's hand in marriage during Sports Festival Day.

star 9.21
39 votes

#31 - Sisters

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 11

On their way to Hawaii, their next stop of their journey to deliver the vibration warhead in San Diego, the restored and upgraded I-401 is chased by several Nagara class ships that are surprised and sunk when Gunzō orders an unexpected maneuver to sweep them all at once. After the battle, it is revealed that despite losing her physical body, Takao's core is still intact and she is now part of the I-401's systems. However, knowing that they are still being followed by I-400 and I-402, Gunzō decides to confront them. Before the battle, Iona's sisters make contact with her asking for her true intentions but she claims it is too difficult to explain with words. Meanwhile, an imprisioned Kongou breaks free and absorbs Maya along all the other ships arround her. To confound their enemies, the I-401 moves forward along two decoys with increased capabilities, thanks to Hyuga, Haruna and Kirishima's direct control over them. After exchanging some fire, Iona contacts her sisters asking them to stop pursuing them before it is too late but they refuse to comply. When I-400 is about to be stricken by surprise, I-402 sacrifices herself to protect her sister, who despite finding this decision illogical, becomes driven into anger, leading her to fall into a trap set by the decoys and her defeat as well. Despite grieving for her lost sisters, Iona maintains her resolve to follow Gunzō to the end. However, the I-401 is soon after approached by a dozen ships from the American Fleet of Fog at the front, and a massive flying object at the back, composed of several fused ships led by Kongou, who claims that she wlll be the one who will sink I-401.

star 9.17
88 votes
Hibino Kidnapped

#32 - Hibino Kidnapped

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 11

The episode starts off by showing us Kyohei opening Kukuri's left hand and shooting the mystery kakashi. After reminiscing a bit, Mahiru tells Aki that she will topple the village rules so that she can be with Kyohei, but Aki tells her about Hibino. Meanwhile, Kyohei's group and Koshiro are wondering why Mahiru is in the city. The next day, Moyako and Hibino go out shopping. However, when Moyako goes off to the bathroom, Hibino is kidnapped by Mahiru. Mahiru questions Hibino a bit before leaving to go talk with Kyohei. However, she crushes the box of cookies that Utao made for Kirio, which angers Utao into attacking her. Mahiru shrugs off the attack easily, though, and asks Kyohei to return to the village with her. Kyohei refuses, and Mahiru leaves in anger before anyone can stop her. Kyohei sets off with Utao to find out where Mahiru has gone, and gets a call from Kuuko with Hibino's location. The episode ends with them setting off on Kukuri with Moyako and a man from an earlier episode starting to move in on Hibino.

star 9.17
35 votes
The Poem of Love

#33 - The Poem of Love

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 13

Nagasumi is taken back to Lunar's house where a wedding ceremony is going to soon begin. Moments before Nagasumi is meant to become her husband, Nagasumi voices his disapproval of a false wedding, and promptly refuses to continue with the wedding. Suddenly, Sun appears and voices her disagreement with the wedding as she uses her sword to defeat Lunar's guards and announce her love for Nagasumi.

star 9.16
67 votes
The Role of a God

#34 - The Role of a God

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 8

The episode starts off with the gang finally leaving the village. On their way out, Utao notices Kirio and jumps on Kukuri to go meet him. She tries to smile at him in the way she was advised in the earlier episode, but he responds by sticking his tongue out at her before she can do it. Upon returning to the city, Kyohei suggests that they all go to the beach, which excite Utao. However, her expectations are shattered when they reach the beach only to find a typhoon. They find that their rooms are leaking water, so they come down to ask the owner of the inn about it while Utao bathes. However, as they are asking about it, a giant crash of lightning strikes and part of the inn falls down on the owner. Hibino rushes off to get Utao, who brings Kukuri to lift the wreckage off of the owner. The power goes out, so Kukuri goes out to the shed to look for a generator. However, Utao can't see in the dark, so Kyohei goes out to check. A sheet flies over Kukuri, and Utao accidentally knocks Kyohei out. Hibino goes out to check on him and they bring the generator back. On the way, a sign flies towards Hibino, but Utao is able to save her with Kukuri. The next day, the storm clears, and Utao is finally allowed to go to the beach. Back in the city, Hibino goes to the city's library to return some books for her father. Utao, never having been to a legit library, gets curious and jumps at the chance to see it when she finds out that Hibino's father had forgotten to give her a book. While he's alone, Kyohei starts to think back about his quitting being a Seki, revealing that the true reason was that he feared he was like Aki and that he would do something similar if he snapped. At the library, Hibino runs into Aki, who notices that Kyohei has told her about Chihaya. Hibino asks Aki why he keeps going after Kyohei, to which Aki answers that he can see the darkness within Kyohei that no one else can. He muses about pulling out this darkness by harming Hibino, but Utao shows up to par

star 9.16
36 votes

#35 - Crash

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 8

The situation at school keeps escalating, and even Maki is hurt in the process. In order to avoid total war, Nagasumi comes up with a plan to settle everything in a singing competition between Sun and Lunar, with Nagasumi himself as the collateral.

star 9.16
69 votes
The Fairies' Secret Factory (2)

#36 - The Fairies' Secret Factory (2)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 2

The group continues to be pulled apart by a mysterious forces. The UN Mediator is the only one to make it to the conference room where the truth is...

star 9.15
41 votes
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Into the Storm

#37 - Into the Storm

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 2

Takao blocks the I-401's path to Yokosuka by positioning itself inside the eye of a typhoon and after asserting that any attempts to avoid confront are too risky, Gunzō decides to take Takao head on. After Iona barely evades an attack from Takao's Super Gravity Cannon, Gunzō analyzes the combat data so far and points out that Takao's attacks have had pinpoint accuracy from a distance much greater than its usual sensor capabilities and concludes that it is only possible by having a submarine concealed directly under its hull. Gunzō then orders the crew to ready their own Super Gravity Cannon which they salvaged from their previous battle with the Fog ship Hyūga and uses it to destroy the submarine and force Takao to surrender. Having her systems locked down for 24 hours by Iona to prevent her from give chase to the I-401, Takao wonders about the reasons why Gunzō spared her and takes an interest on him.

star 9.13
90 votes
The Princess Arrives

#38 - The Princess Arrives

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 10

The last episode ended with a Seki named Mahiru showing up and grabbing Kyohei's arm. We step aside from the action for a second to Kuuko and Aki, who are meeting a man named Hirashiro Takeshi, a Diet member from the village. Back to the rest of the gang, where Mahiru is all over Kyohei, prompting Koushiro to tell her to go back to the village. Mahiru gets angry and lashes out with her Kakashi, Magatsuhi, but Koushiro defends Hibino and starts to battle with her. However, Koushiro's Kakashi is captured . Moyako tries to stop the fight by threatening to stop maintaining Magatsuhi, and while Mahiru is distracted, Kirio and Utao tag team it up to take out Magatsuhi's barrier and free Uwazutsu. Taking another step away from the action, Hirashiro explains to Aki that he is trying to bring the Kakashi out into the light to benefit people outside of the village. However, the elders would never approve of that, so he needs to get rid of them, and for that, he freed Aki. He asks Aki to join him, but at that moment, Mahiru bursts into the office, spewing her hate for everyone. Aki starts to fight her, but Magatsuhi is able to get the barrier up right as Aki just misses her with his attack. However, Mahiru doesn't kill Aki because she doesn't want to upset Kyohei. Koushiro meets with Kyohei to ask him about his connection with Mahiru, and Kyohei starts to tell the story of eight years ago, when he and Aki met Mahiru. They find a cave and go in to explore it. There, they find a strange Kakashi covered in moss. The Kakashi activates and captures Aki, but Kyohei cuts him loose with Kukuri. The three Seki team up to try to fight it, but are unable to do any real damage. Aki manages to get a hit in, but it's not deep enough and Kuramitsuha takes a beating. However, Kyohei is able to get a clean hit in while it's charging its laser. Aki realizes that the Kakashi can consume minds, which is why it could move without a Seki. The Kakashi is still moving, though, and it blasts all of th

star 9.11
34 votes
House of Dolls

#39 - House of Dolls

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 8

With Iwo Jima surrouded by the enemy fleet, Hyuga makes contact with Kongou by Gunzō's request, asking for a meet in private with her mental model before they begin hostilities. Kongou answers her call and she rendezvous with them at the beach, accompained by the Heavy Cruiser Maya. As the rest of the crew remain on standby aboard the I-401, Gunzō discuss with Kongou and the other mental models about the real intentions of the Fleet of Fog and learns from her that she and the other ships have only one purpose, which is to follow the "Admiralty Code" that instructed them to chase the humans away from the seas and prevent all contact overseas between them. Instead of discussing the matter further, Gunzō invites the guests for a barbecue at the beach where Kongou asks Iona about the reason why all ships who come in contact with her start displaying a behavior independent from the Admiralty Code, but when she refrains from responding, Kongou claims that she will not fall by their trap and it is revealed that both her and Maya's mental models are actually decoys, with their cores being safely guarded at their respective ships to prevent them from being influenced by human behavior, before they begin to attack. Hyuga has a hard time defending the island against the enemy barrage until Takao, Haruna and Kirishima step in to assist her. Disappointed that he and Kongou could not see eye to eye, Gunzō declares that it's up to him to find a way past her and deliver the vibration torpedo to the United States.

star 9.11
90 votes
The Fortress Port of Yokosuka

#40 - The Fortress Port of Yokosuka

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 3

The I-401 and her crew reach the Yokosuka Base for repairs and resupply, and Gunzō takes Iona for a visit to Navy memorial for those that died in the war against the Fleet of Fog. Soon after, they are taken against their will by the Japanese Army with the rest of the crew to meet Ryōkan Kita, a former member of the Navy and an influential politician who attempts to convince Gunzō to relinquish the I-401 to the Japanese Army with no success. Meanwhile, Takao is approached by the mental models of Fog surveillance submarines I-400 and I-402 and reveals her intentions to abandon the fleet and join Gunzō's side. However, she is informed by them that two Fog battleships were dispatched to sink the I-401 and Takao leaves, claiming that she will wait for Gunzō at another location. When the Yokosuka port is under attack by said battleships, Haruna and Kirishima, Gunzō and his crew return to their submarine, subduing all resistance from Kita and his men and prepare themselves to confront the new enemies before them.

star 9.11
92 votes
Portrait of Memories

#41 - Portrait of Memories

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 7

The episode starts out where last episode's left off, with the teacher, Chihaya, arriving at the village. She sees Aki being ganged up on by 4 guys, one of whom is a Seki named Atsushi. He attacks Aki with Kuramitsuha, but the attack is blocked by Kukuri, who is controlled by Kyouhei at this time. Kyouhei introduces the woman as Senou Chihaya, and she begins to lecture Aki, who just ignores her. She ends up taking over for a sick teacher at the local school, but she has no prior exposure to Kakashi or Seki. Kyouhei later sees Aki, who has been forced to care for a dog by Chihaya, and Aki finds himself strangely unable to disobey her. The Seki from earlier returns to try to ask Chihaya out, but she adamantly refuses and asks him to leave. She is later scolded for raising her hand to a son of the Kuga, which angers Kyouhei. Kyouhei vows to protect her, but she refuses his help. She later runs into Aki, who compares himself to her a bit, in that they both rejected in the village. The next day, someone writes on the chalkboard that Chihaya committed adultery, which causes her to run away from the school, but returns after running into Aki again. Kyouhei chases after her, and ends up talking with Aki about her. Chihaya's reputation continues to deteriorate and she is once again approached by Atsushi, but Aki appears to protect her. She reveals to Aki that the writing on the chalkboard was true, and that she had indirectly caused the father's son to get hit by a car. Chihaya tells Aki that he reminds her of that boy and proceeds to kiss him. They then make love. She asks Aki to leave the village with her, but he refuses, saying that he has to regain Kuramitsuha. The next day, Chihaya finds out that someone took pictures of her with Aki and they had been given to the principal, who fires her. That night, Chihaya hears Nono, but hears it whimper and she rushes out to check on it. She is greeted by Atsushi and Kuramitsuha, who kidnap her. Aki finds the dog dead and a note sa

star 9.08
38 votes
Not Human

#42 - Not Human

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 5

The I-401 returns to Yokosuka to pick up the secret weapon developed by the Japanese Government, the "Vibration Warhead", before returning to their base at Iwo Jima to make the final preparations for its journey across the Pacific. Meanwhile, Haruna awakens and meets Makie Osakabe, the child who rescued her. Pretending to be a human, Haruna keeps Makie company while Kirishima's core uses some of her nanomachines to make a spare body for her out of a Teddy bear. Takao arrives at Iwo Jima ahead of I-401 but is stopped by a vicious attack from unknown origin. Realizing that Makie is related to the deceased Tōjūrō Osakabe, the creator of the Vibration Warhead, Haruna and Kirishima contact their flagship Kongou and are instructed to investigate further. In the occasion, the two mental models are introduced to Tōjūrō, who is revealed to be alive, but bedridden. Tōjūrō reveals that after several failed attempts to develop a weapon to counter the Fleet of Fog, he came with a plan to create an artificial being with superior intellect capable to succeed where he did not, and the only surviving offspring of said project is Makie, who was the true creator of the Vibration Warhead. To protect Makie from the government, Tōjūrō forged his death and kept watching over her from the shadows but knowing he has not much time left and seeing how attached she became to them, he asks Haruna and Kirishima to take care of her. However, the army is already aware that Makie had made contact with ships of the Fog, and sends a unit to dispose of her.

star 9.06
94 votes
Tangled Relations

#43 - Tangled Relations

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 9

The episode starts with the detective coming into the restaurant. He starts to ask Utao some questions and Utao answers nervously, which causes him to suspect her. Meanwhile, Aki is still staying with Kuuko, who is hacking her father's computer to find more information. Moyako makes a surprise appearance at the restaurant and checks up on Kukuri. She notices that Utao used Kukuri's left hand and reveals that Kyohei was the first in centuries to be able to open Kukuri's left hand. When Kyohei and Hibino return, Moyako tells them that she came back because Koushiro asked her to bring back Takemikazuchi in a rush. She refused to return it until it was perfectly repaired, so Koushiro paid for her to finish the work in Tokyo. Kuuko continues to try to get information out of Aki, but he refuses to say anything. However, her father shows up to check on her. He searches around and finds nothing, but Aki escapes through the window. Kyohei calls Koushiro and asks about how Kirio is doing, but Koushiro tells him not to worry. Kyohei tries to ask him about his business in Tokyo, but Koushiro won't talk. Kyohei organizes a time for Kirio and Utao to meet and Kyohei and Koushiro make Kirio promise not to fight with Utao anymore. However, at that moment, a girl Seki appears, who Koushiro recognizes as a girl named Mahiru, and hugs Kyohei as the episode ends.

star 9.05
36 votes
Ojou-san, Be Gentle with Me

#44 - Ojou-san, Be Gentle with Me

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 6

Mawari notices Sun's fishtail and comes to the conclusion that Sun is a fish. She keeps trying to splash Sun with water in order to verify her theory, but Nagasumi protects Sun, while at the same time trying to save Mawari's life from the mermaid code of law.

star 9.01
71 votes

#45 - Iwoto

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 7

Taking Haruna, Kirishima and Makie with them, the I-401 and its crew arrive at their base in Iwo Jima, where they are greeted by the fast battleship Hyuga's mental model who was guarding the island for them, and much by their surprise, they meet Takao once again. As Hyuga make repairs on I-401, Gunzō and his crew prepare to abandon the base as there are not much supplies left and they know that delivering the vibration torpedo to the United States may ensure their objective, which is to put mankind and the Fog on equal terms, which may lead to the end of the blockade. By Hyuga's suggestion, Takao considers joining Gunzō and the others' side while Haruna and Kirishima are contacted by Kongou who asks for their intentions. While Haruna affirms that she will not return to the Fleet of Fog for Makie's sake, Kirishima claims that she will continue by their side for the sake of gathering info. Kongou then assembles her fleet and prepares an assault on Iwo Jima.

star 9.01
88 votes
Kuga Kyohei, the Seki

#46 - Kuga Kyohei, the Seki

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 13

As Kyohei loses consciousness due to Mahitsuga’s attack, Kukuri goes berserk and attacks Mahitsuga while Utao is confused and weakened by the sensation of losing control of Kukuri. The fight ends with Mahitsuga gets destroyed by Kukuri. At the hospital Kyohei lies in a coma while Utao is in shock. Utao just wakes up on Hibino’s lap as Hibino’s dad arrives concerned about his daughter’s safety. Meanwhile, Koushirou and Moyako keep their distance from them talking about how Mahiru and Kirio have disappeared. The scene cuts to Kirio sitting alone in a park thinking about why this all happens, somewhere else Mahiru is asking herself why Kyohei isn’t a Seki anymore with that power. And that’s when Kyohei starts to remember back when he was a teenager and how he failed to do anything about Sensei. He always felt like an outsider who wasn’t part of what happened despite his efforts to do the opposite and therefore he distanced himself from the village not feeling like he belonged there. Then his flashback turns into a nightmare and Kyohei ends up waking up and hugging Hibino by reflex who was standing near his bed at that moment by chance. Later on the rooftop of the hospital Kyohei apologizes to Hibino for hugging her all of a sudden but Hibino kisses him and admits that she actually liked Kyohei’s words. As Hibino and Kyohei go back to his room in the hospital, they are greeted by Utao who tells them frantically that she can’t control Kukuri anymore. Back at Hibino’s house Moyako is taking a look at Kukuri but she thinks that’s nothing wrong with it – technically. Utao seems worried about it despite that since she still can’t control Kukuri. A few moments later Kyohei and Hibino are talking about their future which leads to Kyohei deciding to atone for what he has done until now and take responsibility while Hibino supports him but adding that he shouldn’t bear that burden alone. As Hibino goes Aki appears telling Kyohei of his plan to “n

star 9.00
34 votes
Tuesday of Turbulence - II

#47 - Tuesday of Turbulence - II

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 6

Airi and Jungo sneak into the JP's Nagoya Branch through the air ducts, while elsewhere, Daichi and Io rush to Hibiki's location in order to prevent his death. As Ronado, Hibiki, Joe and Otome scout the Nagoya TV Tower in anticipation of the third Septentrione, Otome is hesitant to fight, especially when the JP's members such as herself have been told little to nothing about the Septentriones, although Ronaldo states that they should have no problem since their demons are much stronger than those used by JP's summoners. At the same time, as Hibiki ponders on Nicaea's origin and his power. Later, back at the Nagoya Branch, Otome and Hibiki have a brief discussion comparing Yamato's methods versus Ronaldo's methods. At this time, Daichi and Io arrive and tell Hibiki about his death clip while Makoto covers for them at the JP's Headquarters. Daichi and Io try to get Hibiki to return with them but he states that he can't because of the imminent Septentrione attack. Eventually both group's shared feelings of wanting to protect each other, cause Daichi and Io to remain in Nagoya with Hibiki. Meanwhile, as Resistance members begin clearing out the base's Command Center, Airi and Jungo inadvertently fall through the air ducts and ensue in a battle with the Resistance members. Ronaldo enters the fray and tries to reason with them, although Airi becomes far too entertained by the heat of battle that she ignores and attacks Ronaldo, even after Hibiki pleads for them to stop. At this time the manifestation readings suddenly increase and the Septentrione: Phecda manifests itself directly in the Command Center to everyone's shock. Ronaldo immediately issues emergency orders and has Airi and Jungo help attack Phecda along with Joe. As the group launches an assault, their demon attacks are not strong enough to damage Phecda, who counterattacks with an electrical attack, wiping out their demons along with the Branch's main power. Just then Hibiki, Daichi, Io and Otome arrive and att

star 9.00
110 votes
The Daydream

#48 - The Daydream

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 11

Namikoshi is trying to change the world using the power of Twenty Faces. Those who are dissatisfied with society gathered to support Namikoshi and his law. What is Namikoshi trying to do? Can Akechi get there before it’s too late? -- last episode of the anime

star 9.00
27 votes
Monday of Upheaval - I

#49 - Monday of Upheaval - I

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 2

Hibiki, Daichi and Io are arrested by the JPs and brought to a secret underground base located at the National Diet Building. Here, Commander Makoto Sako, explains to Hibiki that the JPs protects Japan from "paranormal anomalies" before she introduces the JP's Chief, Yamato Hotsuin who says that Hibiki's demon Avatar: Byakko is unique, being one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations. Furthermore, he explains that the Dubhe was only one of 7 creatures called the Septentriones, each of which will appear in the next six days and should the JPs fail to defeat them then the world will disappear. As the JP's scientists begin to analyze the demon summoning app, Hibiki ponders on Yamato's words. The following day, Makoto releases them by taking them to an emergency shelter in Chūō. Here, it is discovered that a rumor of demons running amok is spreading. As Hikibi looks around at all of the refugees in a church, a winged-demon attacks and Hibiki summons Byakko to protect them. As Hibiki fights an endless swarm of the demons, Makoto shows up with her demon, Power and helps Hibiki defeat the winged-demons by destroying the rogue cellphone which had been summoning them. In the aftermath Hibiki walks away when he realizes the refugees are afraid of him, but gains resolve, along with Daichi and Io to help the JP's after a child thanks him for protecting them. Back at the Diet Building, Yamato outlines Hibiki, Daichi and Io's first mission: to locate and rescue missing JP's scientist Dr. Fumi Kanno. In the epilogue, Yamato has a short dialogue with the mysterious man about Hibiki, while elsewhere, somewhere in Nagoya a man remarks that their "plan" shall be set in motion.

star 8.98
154 votes
Monday of Upheaval - II

#50 - Monday of Upheaval - II

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 3

Under Yamato's order, Hibiki, Daichi and Io rides on the secret train of JP's to Osaka to help find their chief scientist, Fumi Kanno, who has lost contact recently. They are greeted by another summoner of JP's, Hinako Kujou, at their arrival, but the other summoner Keita Wakui is less welcoming of the three fellow summoners and is returning to his mission of hunting down malignant demons. At the Osaka headquarter, its computer system is under attack from the whole Japan's network. At the same time, Hinako receives Keita's death clip, Hibiki instantly concludes that the scene of Keita's death is related to the hacker attack. Although Hibiki asks an operator to inform Keita not to head to the location of his death scene, Keita cannot receive the call due to being ambushed by Gozuki and Mezuki. All four summoners head to the abandoned theme park where the hacker attack originates from. Hinako commands Lilim to rescue Keita from falling off the stairway, supposedly averting Keita's death fate. When planning for reaching the very location of the hacker, they discover it is Fumi brainwashed by Botis, the demon behind the hacker attack. After defeating Botis and destroying Fumi's computer equipments, Botis reappears, blasting the whole area with lightning. Daichi manages to save Fumi, but Keita who reflexively pushes Hibiki away from the range of the lightning is hit then sent falling down the stairs to his death, just as the Nicaea death clip had predicted. Meanwhile, JP's detects the arrival of a new Septentrione in Osaka due to the lost of barrier from the hacker attack.

star 8.98
151 votes

#51 - Friend

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 6

As Tōjūrō passes away, Haruna decides to protect Makie and asks Kirishima's help for it. Despite facing some heavy opposition, Haruna refrains from killing the attackers and orders Kirishima to flee with Makie, while she creates a decoy with her nanomachines to draw the military's attention. However, the soldiers see through Haruna's trick and start searching for Makie who is distraught with learning that she created a weapon that can destroy Haruna. Once reunited, Haruna, Kirishima and Makie are driven to a corner when Haruna asks for anyone's help, and Iona answers her call. Gunzō is contacted by Kamikage and replies to him that the I-401 and its crew were hired just to deliver the vibration warhead to the US and beside it, they will do as they please. Once the army retreats, Iona takes the three of them to the submarine and Haruna asks Makie to become her and Kirishima's friends to which she agrees. As the I-401 departs for Iwo Jima, Takao awakens in a room, greeted by a mysterious voice who asks for her intentions.

star 8.98
90 votes
To Home...

#52 - To Home...

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 5

Mahiru and Utao are fighting in the middle of the city, everyone can now witness the power and destruction of their battle.

star 8.97
35 votes
It Attacks...

#53 - It Attacks...

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 3

When everything was supposed to calm down in the city, it seems that the plan failed and everything is turning out for the worst. The village is now continuing their constant war in a city filled with innocent people.

star 8.95
38 votes
Out of Control

#54 - Out of Control

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 12

A man that the gang saw on the way to the village came to watch over Hibino, who had been kidnapped. He started to move in on her. Hibino manages to kick him, but he busts out a taser on her to stop her from struggling. Meanwhile, Kuuko has infiltrated the apartment complex, freeing Aki. Kuuko also manages to reach Hibino's room before she is raped, knocking out the assailant. They try to make their escape, but Takeshi shows up with a gun and Kuuko locks Hibino out on the roof, leaving her alone with Takeshi and the gun. As Hibino is about to rush away to get an ambulance after hearing a gunshot, she is stopped by Mahiru, who is deeply depressed from being rejected by Kyohei. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Kuuko isn't dead, but instead Takeshi was shot. Mahiru is angered by Hibino, who clearly understands Kyohei better, and hurls her off the building. However, Kukuri arrives just in time for Kyohei to catch her. With everyone safe, Mahiru starts a fight with Utao. Mahiru seems to have the upper hand, but Utao catches her off guard when she tries to set up a barrier and Kukuri is able to stab Magatsuhi cleanly. Mahiru loses control of Magatsuhi as it grabs Hibino, but she is able to overcome it. However, she is unable to regain control, and Magatsuhi grants her last request, which was for Hibino to stay out. However, Utao stops Magatsuhi from getting away, but Magatsuhi starts to fire with attacks that Mahiru never knew about. Kyohei tries to jump on and save Hibino, but Magatsuhi attacks him, which triggers not only Utao, but also Kirio to attack. However, Magatsuhi grabs Kukuri and uses it as a shield and Takemikazuchi stabs Kukuri. Kyohei flashes back to when he left home, and becomes enraged that the village may take Hibino away from him as well. However, before he is able to do anything, Magatsuhi hits him on the back of the head and he starts to lose consciousness. The episode ends with Kukuri reactivating with a different song.

star 8.94
35 votes
Tuesday of Turbulence - I

#55 - Tuesday of Turbulence - I

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 5

Makato briefs an infiltration team of JP's agents on their way via train to retake the JP's Nagoya Branch from Ronaldo's control. At the same time, Daichi and Io stow away on the train and ponder why Hibiki left them behind. Just then, they are shocked to receive Hibiki's death clip and resolve to save him themselves since the only people able to receive death clips are friends. In the meantime, the JP's tries to reassess the situation after loosing contact with Hibiki and now their infiltration team as Dr. Kanno repairs the damage to the JP's Osaka servers. Meanwhile in Nagoya, Jungo Torii and Airi Ban plan to infiltrate the JP's Nagoya Branch and retake it from the insurgents, although Airi also speculates that the JP's and the Resistance (Insurgents) had prior knowledge of the calamity. Elsewhere, Daichi and Io arrive in Nagoya to discover a Resistance camp handing out rations to civilians. Just then the camp is attacked by a swarm of rogue Legion demons. Daichi and Io summon their demons to intercept, however the swarm proves to be too large. Hibiki then appears in the background with the demon Suzaku and incinerates the swarm. As Hibiki leaves, Daichi demands from a nearby insurgent about his whereabouts to meet the insurgent leader, Ronaldo. Later at the Nagoya Branch, while an insurgent member and JP's medic, Otome Yanagiya argue over the state of affairs, Ronaldo appears with Hibiki and tells them that once all the Septentrione have been defeated, Yamato intends to create and become the leader of a new Meritocratic governing power in the aftermath. He further states that Yamato manipulated both the JP's and the Japanese Government for that ambition and when he, a former detective and JP's agent found out i.e. the "Hotsuin Family Secret": Yamato's plans and their predictions of the Septentriones, an attempt was made on his life. Still in a doubt, Ronaldo reminds Hibiki of how many lives were lost at Yamato's order during Merak's assault and that a world in Ya

star 8.94
110 votes
And Then

#56 - And Then

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 12

School is almost out. Both Akane and Kotaro's rivals make their intentions clear. Akane is moving to Yokohama, and Kotaro is staying Saitama. Kotaro has only his writing to go back to, but...

star 8.93
75 votes
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Karakami Village

#57 - Karakami Village

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 6

Kyohei, Hibino and Utao are going to meet the Utsuwashi family to have Kukuri repaired.

star 8.92
36 votes
A God Arrives

#58 - A God Arrives

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 1

The protagonist, Kyouhei, moves out of his hometown to work in Tokyo. After drinking quite a bit one night, he and his friend Shiba find a dead body in an elevator. However, Kyouhei can’t help thinking the way of death is a little familiar. When he gets home, he runs into his sister Utao, who has followed him to the city with her “Doll”. The Dolls are believed to be some sort of god that can fight for them. However, another acquaintance of Kyouhei’s named Aki appears with his own Doll. It turns out Aki is responsible for the dead guy in the elevator, having broken free of his imprisonment at Kyouhei’s hometown to follow Kyouhei to Tokyo and wreak havoc.

star 8.91
42 votes
A God's Training

#59 - A God's Training

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 2

The episode opens with a flashback, showing Utao gaining ownership over her doll. Fast forward to the present, and at a crystal clear lake. Utao's doll flying nimbly above the surface, the little girl concentrating to keep it airborne. Kyouhei and Hibino watch, Hibino impressed at Utao's prowess in keeping the construct afloat. When she compliments Utao on it, Utao's focus wavers and the doll crashes.Kyouhei scolds her on this, and the three break for lunch before continuing with Utao's training. It's also here that we learn that Kyouhei used to control the doll before Utao, but was dismissed from the job when he didn't prove able enough.Meanwhile, across the lake, two members of the science club are having a scuffle that end in a blown up clubhouse and the two members trapped in a car. Utao uses her doll's powers to rescue the two and bring them to safety.

star 8.90
38 votes

#60 - Heruma

Kamisama Dolls Season 1 - Episode 4

We witness the fight between Aki and Koshiro and we discover a new Seki that no one saw coming.

star 8.84
37 votes
Those with Shipping Routes

#61 - Those with Shipping Routes

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Season 1 - Episode 1

In the near future, mankind was driven away from the seas and landmasses were isolated from each other with the advent of the "Fleet of Fog", All controlled ships which destroyed all opposition turning the world into turmoil. Years later, the Japanese Government is about to launch an unmanned cargo shuttle into orbit when the Fleet of Fog ship Nagara appears to prevent it. The launch is a success when the human-crewed Fog submarine I-401 defeats the enemy by request of the government. After the battle, the I-401's captain Gunzō Chihaya reminisce with its mental model, a human-shaped avatar called Iona about their first meeting two years ago. It was during this time that I-401 was under human custody for years, but unresponsive until Gunzō comes in contact with it, awakening Iona. After Iona reveals that she had instructions to serve under him, Gunzō agrees to join forces with her, and they flee together. Back to the present, Gunzō is approached by Ryūjirō Kamikage, the Assistant Secretary of Military Affairs, who reveal that the shuttle was destroyed before accomplishing its task, which is to deliver the plans of a new weapon developed to fight the ships of the Fog to the United States, as Japan now lacks the resources needed to mass produce it. Accepting the task of crossing the Pacific Ocean to take the plans to the US by themselves, Gunzō and his crew depart to resupply at the Yokosuka Base, but the Fog's Heavy Cruiser Takao takes heed of the I-401's approach and prepares itself to engage it.

star 8.80
107 votes
Gate of Flesh

#62 - Gate of Flesh

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 18

The whole class went for a sudden trip to Kyoto. After an incident where Maki attacked Akeno, Sun apologizes to her, but Akeno issues that she's interested in Sun's mermaid body and asks her permission to investigate them at bathroom. Unknown to them, Nagasumi and Mawari misheard this conversation and issue an investigation of their own.

star 8.80
65 votes
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Farewell, Friend

#63 - Farewell, Friend

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 24

Kai has an embarrassing problem about himself that he wants to keep a secret from others. It ends up that he just has a boil on his butt, however, Saru passes by the hospital where Kai had gone to pick up his medicine, and overhears the doctor and nurse talking about how Kai has an incurable disease. Saru then tells the others. Heartbroken, they all try to give Kai the best time of his life during his last moments.

star 8.78
65 votes
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Graduation Time

#64 - Graduation Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 24

Time is running out, and the E Class students must decide once and for all whether to kill the teacher who so changed their lives over the past year.

star 8.77
130 votes
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Legend of the Ring

#65 - Legend of the Ring

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 2

Nagasumi enjoys his first date with Sun at the Bon Festival. However, most stalls are operated by the Seto-Gumi. Later, Nagasumi soon finds out that Sun's legs revert into a tail when she is splashed with water and must protect her by drying her legs.

star 8.73
78 votes
Saturday of Variances

#66 - Saturday of Variances

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 11

Hibiki is put into intensive care at the JP's' Tokyo Branch. As the demon summoners look on, Io can't help but feel responsible for his current condition, although she is comforted by Jungo and Airi. Meanwhile, Alcor is visited by Botis and Bilfrons, the former of whom tries to attack him because of his supportive stance on the humans. Fumi updates the JP's phones with software capable of summoning stronger demons. The next day, Io, Daichi, Airi, Jungo and Hinako have breakfast together in a single moment of peace and officially introduce themselves to each other. As they go to exchange emails, they all simultaneously receive each other's death clips. Suddenly the last Septentrione: Benetnasch appears and destroys the Sapporo barrier with a single attack allowing the Void to consume the region. As Fumi outlines that it possesses the abilities of its predecessors, the Osaka and Nagoya regions are wiped out each with a single blast. Yamato then orders everyone to begin the operation. A flashback into Hibiki's past shows him growing up with strict parents. At a playground Daichi defends Hibiki from some bullies and the two quickly become best friends. After being able to enter high school, Hibiki's father warns him of choosing his friends carefully, but he chooses to reject this ideal and remain friends with the carefree Daichi. Simultaneously, Hibiki regains consciousness and tears at his sudden reminiscence. Meanwhile, Benetnasch eradicates the Diet Building in a blast equivalent to a nuclear explosion, rocking the city and exposing the Ryumyaku seal beneath its foundations. Here, Yamato has the JP's channel all of the Ryumyaku's power through him while creating a shield to defend from Benetnasch's attack. At the same time, Makoto and co. summon their demons and launch a barrage of attacks at Benetnasch which seem to overwhelm it. However, it suddenly splits part of itself off and emits a particular frequency that forcefully cancels their demon summons. Having antici

star 8.71
80 votes
Man of Steel

#67 - Man of Steel

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 10

A strange, huge, practically invincible man, stalks Nagasumi and nothing can get in his way. Nagasumi tries to tell his friends, but initially no one believes him. Eventually Nagasumi runs into Kai and they both start running for their lives. This episode is a slight parody of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

star 8.68
68 votes
Sunday of Realization - II

#68 - Sunday of Realization - II

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 13

Not having anymore hesitation to fight, Hibiki reminds Yamato of their promise of defeating him and having an audience with Polaris. As their battle begins, Yamato notes that Hibiki is driven by his anger towards him and his warped reasoning behind sacrificing the lives of everyone. Although, Hibiki defends by stating that as a human, he cannot allow such injustice to prevail, causing Yamato to question his own humanity. As Hibiki defends an attack using Shakko's power, Yamato acknowledges him as an equal and reveals that their current situation had all been part of a grand scheme put into motion by Polaris since the moment of their births. However since Polaris itself is flawed by its own nature, it had left it up to humanity to decide amongst themselves who should survive until the end, whilst citing the anomaly of Alcor's nature as proof of this. This truth shocks Hibiki, but Yamato simply brushes it off as semantics in his goal to reshape the world into a meritocracy. As their debate continues, Hibiki desperately tries to defend the previous world that he and his friends fought so hard to protect, although Yamato remains adamant in his reasoning that those with power have a responsibility to erase the cancerous nature of humanity's current train of thought which had lead to world built on corrupt foundations while simultaneously exposing Hibiki's naivety. As Hibiki tries to explain how people can work together, he tries to get Yamato to realize that they had been friends all along because of their actions, but Yamato rejects the very notion of friendship, claiming that it is weak. As Yamato starts to show injuries from his previous battle with Alcor, Cerberus weakens a bit and Byakko utilizes the opportunity to eradicate them both with a lightning attack. Hibiki once again tries to assert his friendship with Yamato, claiming that they don't have a reason to fight although Yamato chooses not to accept this, since disregarding his goals after coming this far would

star 8.67
79 votes
Friday of Farewells

#69 - Friday of Farewells

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 10

The following morning Alcor surprises Hibiki, Daichi and Io by making breakfast for them, while Io withholds her fate from Hibiki and Daichi. Later, Alcor visits Yamato and expresses his concern over what consequences Io's death would have on Hibiki, although Yamato shows no sympathy for Alcor's anguish. Finally, Io is summoned by the JP's while Hibiki and co. are briefed on the Septentrione: Mizar's abilities of self-replication. As the group expresses concern on a battle plan, Yamato and Makoto reveal to their horror, Io inside a machine connected to the "Brionac" and their plan involving Io's sacrifice for Lugh. Furious, Hibiki demands another plan, although Yamato's logic trumps him. Finally Mizar manifests in Tokyo prompting Yamato to begin the summoning for Lugh. Simultaneously, Hibiki, Daichi and Hinako receive Io's death clip, causing Hibiki to storm out of the JP's headquarters. As Lugh manifests, Yamato assumes control of it and releases the Ryumyaku Seal at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to envoke the Dragon Stream - Shakko, while at the same time Io's mind begins to erode due to the strain of maintaining Lugh. Makoto explains that Shakko connects to a parallel universe and hence, is the only thing capable of banishing Mizar before it replicates infinitely and consumes their own universe, which Yamato manipulates through Lugh and thus defeats Mizar, just as Io's mind collapses. As Hibiki arrives at the Shinjuku National Stadium, Yamato orders him to destroy Lugh (Io) who has now gained control of Io's body. Enraged at being imprisoned by the Hotsuins, Lugh makes its way to the JP's Tokyo headquarters at the National Diet Building to take Yamato's life. Lugh appears and pummels the JP's defences with little effort, but remarks on Hibiki being a worthy opponent because of his summons. Hibiki tries to communicate with Io but Lugh insults Io's will before attacking him, knocking him off the side of the building, although he is saved by Yamato. Yam

star 8.63
81 votes

#70 - Visitor

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 7

Nagasumi runs into Lunar, a popstar idol; her mermaid form is accidentally revealed to him. In turn, Lunar plans on making Nagasumi her slave forever. He finds out she is a childhood friend and rival of Sun. Lunar soon makes a plan to settle the score with Sun once and for all.

star 8.63
72 votes
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Past Time

#71 - Past Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 16

Following the traumatic story of Koro Sensei's past, the E Class is left reeling after learning revelations about his past deeds and identity. As the gather themselves with this new information, it begins to affect their assassination plans.

star 8.62
140 votes
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Sunday of Realization - I

#72 - Sunday of Realization - I

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 12

With the Trials of Polaris behind them, Alcor appears before Hibiki and co. and states that he intends on killing Yamato of his own free will and in doing so, entrusting the fate of the world to Hibiki, a battle which Yamato accepts. As their battle begins, Hibiki explains to Daichi and Io what would happen to the world if Yamato has his way after meeting with Polaris. While attacking Yamato with tentacles, Alcor realizes that Yamato had been steadily drawing him closer to the Tokyo Tower to enhance his use of the Ryumyaku. Afterwards, they take a short pause and exchange threats. Alcor expresses his support of Hibiki's future since he was treated as an actual person when with him, although Yamato retorts that Alcor should revert to being a mindless tool, and if so, he would be allowed to see his vision of the future. Just then, they both receive each other's death clips. Hibiki also receives their death clips and decides to keep his promise to Yamato by stopping him. Makato then makes her intentions of aiding Yamato until the end known, while lamenting on the pain she had brought to Hibiki and his friends under his orders. Makoto explains that before Yamato took her in, she had lost hope for the future, but he gave her a sense of purpose and brought a semblance of meaning into her life, and hence, is willing to aid him. As Hibiki tries to talk her out of it, along with Daichi and Io, receive her death clip, before she finally requests that they take care of Yamato before flying towards the battlefield on Power. As their battle continues, Alcor overwhelms Yamato, even easily destroying Cerberus. Although, since the Nicaea app is able to summon stronger demons based on a user's growth, Yamato tries to download stronger demons but not fast enough as it happens and is impaled in the leg by Alcor's tentacle attack. However, before Alcor can follow through and finish Yamato, he is distracted by Power before Makoto jumps in front of Yamato, acting as a human shield and is

star 8.60
78 votes
An Encouragement of Learning

#73 - An Encouragement of Learning

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 11

Kotaro is determined to get into Komei High School, where Akane is set to attend. But with his grades and his parents' opposition, he will be fighting an uphill battle.

star 8.47
66 votes
Future Time

#74 - Future Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 25

Graduation day: one of life's chapters ends and another begins as the students and teachers of Class 3-E go on to forge their own paths in the world.

star 8.43
124 votes
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Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love

#75 - Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 7

Chinatsu invites Akane, Kotaro and Hira to Tokyo Dome City amusement park. She makes a last-ditch effort to confess her feelings to Kotaro. Can she do it?

star 8.35
65 votes
Final Boss Time

#76 - Final Boss Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 23

A pitched battle between two super-creatures threatens to harm the students of Class 3-E. Can Koro Sensei protect them while fighting for his life?

star 8.32
112 votes
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Howling at the Moon

#77 - Howling at the Moon

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 3

With the school trip looming, the third-years are abuzz with dating gossip. Meanwhile, Kotaro is busy with his writing, and Akane is working on her running performance.

star 8.30
69 votes
Wednesday of Transformations - II

#78 - Wednesday of Transformations - II

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 8

Hibiki and the rest of the summoners fights against Megrez that have appeared simultaneously in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. However, Megrez will continuously revived unless the three main bodies are defeated at the same time. As the battle starts, Hibiki and Io summons their demons, along with Hinako who uses Berserker to avenge Keita's death, while Yamato uses his power that increased by the Ryumyaku tower and his demon Baal to stop Megrez' movement until the right moment. During the battle, Hibiki and Io received Ronaldo, Joe, and Otome's death clip that shows them died by Megrez' attack. Hibiki immediately tells Ronaldo to escape, but Ronaldo, Joe, and Otome decides to keep fighting since there are no summoners other than them that can defeat Megrez and resolves to avoid their fate like Hibiki does yesterday. As Megrez comes closer to the tower, Airi, who is enraged that the town where she shares her memories with her family and friends destroyed, summoned new demon, Lorelei, and stops Megrez' movements. After much effort, Hibiki, Yamato, and Ronaldo are able to land an ending blow to the three cores of Megrez at the same time, defeating it. But just before the Septentrion in Nagoya disappears, it uses the last of its strength to launch a final attack on the summoners. Airi and Jungo manage to survive the attack, however, Ronaldo, Otome, and Joe are killed in the blast, leaving everyone, especially Airi, Hibiki, and Io, devastated. As they tries to cope with the devastating loss, Hibiki is approached by Alcor who reveals that he is a Septentrion who works for a being known as Polaris, the cause of the world's destruction. Alcor proceeds to explain that he created the demon summoning app in order to give humans a chance of survival against Polaris's plan to strike judgement on humans by ending their existence. But hope seems lost as the world is slowly disintegrating into the Void.

star 8.28
80 votes
Vita Sexualis

#79 - Vita Sexualis

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 8

Rumors begin swirling around school that Kotaro and Akane are dating.

star 8.27
66 votes
Targeted School

#80 - Targeted School

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 5

Sun and Nagasumi attend their first day of school. Sun's father and the gang have all become teachers at their junior-high school, and Nagasumi's friend Sarutobi falls in love with Sun. Nagasumi must survive constant attacks from his new "teachers".

star 8.24
72 votes
Wednesday of Transformations - I

#81 - Wednesday of Transformations - I

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 7

As the exchange between Hibiki, Yamato and Alcor continues, Yamato rejects the notion of a person's fate being predetermined by the death-clips. As Hibiki is forced to make a choice of staying with the Resistance or returning to the JP's with Yamato, Ronaldo tries to sway his decision but is stopped by the demon Bifrons. As everyone realizes that Alcor isn't using a cell-phone to control the demon, his origins are questioned by Hibiki to which he responds that he genuinely doesn't know, only that he isn't their enemy. Ronaldo has the Resistance summoners surround him with demons, but Bifrons easily incinerates them. Alcor goes on to calmly reveal that he is the creator of Nicaea and the Demon Summoning App, which he gave to humans as a means to fight the Septentriones, finally remarking that it allowed him to find a new "Shining One" in Hibiki. Ignoring the exchange, Yamato outlines that the next Septentrione will appear simultaneously at the spiritual barriers in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka with Fumi adding that only high level demons would be strong enough to face them from now on. As he leaves, Yamato entrusts Osaka to Hibiki and leaves the Resistance in charge of the Septentrione in Nagoya although both Hibiki and Ronaldo state that they will not be Yamato's pawns. Hibiki concludes that at the end of the week long Septentrione battle, he will stop Yamato's plans. Afterwards, Alcor has an exchange with Bifrons and Botis on his actions which hint at stopping the "Purge of Polaris", while simultaneously as Yamato looks at having overused his power to control Ceberus, he recalls having rejected being the "Shining One" in favor of his ideals of stopping the "Purge" to Alcor in the past. The next day, as Fumi finishes work on a teleportation device, all the JP's and Resistance members submit for routine health checkups. Hibiki thanks Daichi for coming to his aid, while Io and Otome talk about the bonds they share with the people close to them, while Otome simultaneously t

star 8.22
81 votes
Nagisa Time

#82 - Nagisa Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 22

Before Nagisa completely gives into his anger, Terasaka throws a stun-gun at him, urging him not to become a murderer and think about what's truly important. Despite being heavily beaten by Takaoka, Nagisa uses what he learned from Lovro to perform his secret technique; shocking Takaoka with a sudden clap before using the stun-gun Terasaka gave him to bring him to his knees, leaving him with the smile he fears so much before shocking him unconscious. Afterwards, the three assassins from earlier reveal the virus they used is nothing more than an enhanced food-poisoning bug that will wear off eventually, as they didn't agree with Takaoka's methods. The next day, after the affected students recover from their symptoms and Koro-sensei emerges from his crystallized state, the students makes the most of the remainder of their vacation before returning to school for the second term of their assassination classroom.

star 8.21
139 votes
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Island Closest to Heaven

#83 - Island Closest to Heaven

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 3

Sun and Nagasumi get to spend a whole day alone on a deserted island. However, this is a trap meant to eliminate Nagasumi, as the group's notorious assassin and longtime friend of Sun's, the "Spiral Shell" Maki, is after his life.

star 8.20
74 votes
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Life is Tough for a Guy

#84 - Life is Tough for a Guy

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 4

As a dutiful wife, Sun follows Nagasumi back to his house in the city, where she is to live with him and his parents. However, the first day back turns out to be quite hectic and eventful.

star 8.20
75 votes
Thursday of Shock

#85 - Thursday of Shock

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation Season 1 - Episode 9

Hibiki awakens on Thursday and to his surprise, finds Alcor waiting in his quarters. Over coffee they casually discuss the state of affairs. Hibiki, now believing that Alcor isn't a threat, gives him sanctuary in his JP's quarters, with a promise that he not reveal himself and what he actually is to anyone, for fear of creating a panic within JP's. Just then, Daichi and Io enter Hibiki's quarters and find Alcor, much to their shock. Although, Hibiki is forced to confide in them about Alcor's nature. Later that day, Airi and Hinako are selected by Makoto and Fumi to challenge the next Septentrione. Much to Hibiki's reluctance to let them fight, Makoto explains that the Septentrione: Alioth is scheduled to manifest in the Earth's Ionosphere, and hence, specialized long ranged demons that only Hinako and Airi can summon, stand any chance of attacking it. As Alioth manifests in the ionosphere above the Sapporo region, Hinako summons the demon Shiva at the Sapporo TV Tower while Airi summons the demon Kama over at the Kaitaku Memorial Park. Utilizing an ancient myth, the JP's has some Legion demons, bind Kama in chains and take it into position in the air. Kama's appearance angers Shiva and he attacks it with the Pasupata ability. The ability intersects with Alioth's core in the ionosphere and successfully destroys it. Afterwards, while everyone breathes a sigh of relief, Alioth's 50km outer shell plummets from the sky and falls over the Sapparo region, destroying the city and killing all the inhabitants, much to everyone's shock. Later, while going through Ronaldo's data, Hibiki struggles to come to terms with all who have died for Yamato's ideals. That evening, Yamato prepares a feast during which he tells Hibiki and co. of the coming of Polaris in two days and if they don't follow his orders they may die. Hibiki reveals to everyone that the JP's intends to use their encounter with Polaris to recreate the world the way they see fit, although, Yamato rejects this, stati

star 8.20
82 votes
The Fairies' Secret Factory (1)

#86 - The Fairies' Secret Factory (1)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 1

After speaking with the Fairies about problems the humans have been having, mysterious things start to show up around the village.

star 8.17
75 votes
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Outcome Time

#87 - Outcome Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 18

The battle amongst the E-Class comes down to the final two on each side: Karma vs. Nagisa. But, a new obstacle throws a wrench into the E Class's plans.

star 8.17
107 votes
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A Yakuza's Wife

#88 - A Yakuza's Wife

My Bride is a Mermaid Season 1 - Episode 1

Nagasumi, a teenage boy, is saved by the chivalrous mermaid Sun while drowning in the ocean off the coast of Seto Island. Mermaid society rules are strict — in order for both Nagasumi and Sun to stay alive, they have to get married. Little does Nagasumi know that Sun's mermaid clan is in fact a Yakuza organization.

star 8.15
82 votes
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Resolve (Ego)

#89 - Resolve (Ego)

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 12

Hajime's power takes down one Minimum Holder before falling asleep. Society becomes desiring of obtaining their own Minimum afraid of the attacks from Black Cosmos. However, Birthday, Ratio, Honey and Three work together to take down Moral's allies. As Momoka sees every fight scene, she is found by Gasquet. Murasaki handles Moral's last underlings while Nice confronts Moral personally in a ship. There, Moral reveals he unleashed the Forbidden Minimum Holder on himself which allows him to overwhelm Nice. Moral then explains how he has captured the Minimum Holder Hibiki whose ability will be used to torment non-Minimum Holders. As Moral keeps beating Nice, Murasaki tries to aid his partner but suffers a similar fate. Theo and all of the people that were aided by Nice try to bring him support but he is annoyed by their repeated messages. Nice keeps fighting and manages to overwhelm Moral whose body deteriorates as a result of having two Minimums. He is then approached by the seemingly alive Art who kills Moral and points his gun at Nice.

star 8.06
18 votes
Go Time

#90 - Go Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 18

The summer assassination attempt is followed by a crisis affecting nearly half the E Class. Can the rest think and move fast enough to save them?

star 8.03
141 votes
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Passing Shower

#91 - Passing Shower

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 4

Things get awkward between Kotaro and Akane after he asks her out. He tries to find some time alone with her on the school trip, but sneaking his cell phone past the teachers proves to be a challenge.

star 8.03
67 votes
XX Time

#92 - XX Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 21

The students take on one last assassin opponent before meeting the shadowy figure who's holding the virus remedy hostage in exhange for Koro Sensei.

star 8.02
128 votes
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#93 - Kokoro

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 5

Akane has stated she would like to spend more time talking to Kotaro, but they continue to be shy at school and around each other. Akane struggles to improve her running time. Chinatsu decides to join Kotaro's cram school, which Akane gets jealous of.

star 8.01
67 votes
Pandemonium Time

#94 - Pandemonium Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 19

The E Class must put their lessons into practice as they tackle an intimidating hotel brimming with baddies--and all without Koro Sensei's help.

star 7.99
127 votes
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Happy Birthday Time

#95 - Happy Birthday Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 22

The students fight to see their teacher one last time. A figure from Koro Sensei's past arrives with a serious grudge against the super-creature.

star 7.98
106 votes
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Talent Time

#96 - Talent Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 13

As Karasuma briefly senses what appears to be a fearsome aura coming from Nagisa, Akira Takaoka, an aquaintance of Karasuma from the Ministry of Defense, is sent to Class 3-E to take over Karasuma's role as P.E. teacher. While initially proving popular with the students to do his light-hearted personality, they soon learn his true nature as a ruthless and sadistic instructor who uses fear and violence to train his pupils. When Karasuma voices his objection, Takaoka challenges him to pick one of his students to face off against him using a real knife. Placing his faith in the aura he felt before, Karasuma nominates Nagisa to fight against Takaoka. Following Karasuma's advice and going against Takaoka's expectations of being afraid of wielding a knife, Nagisa uses the assassination skills he had learned and manages to get the upper hand on Takaoka, winning the match. When Takaoka violently objects to defeat, Karasuma beats him back while Asano fires him, with Karasuma returning to his usual teaching position.

star 7.97
157 votes
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Before & After Time

#97 - Before & After Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 6

After an accident, the E Class winds up doing a whole different kind of studying off campus. But will they have a chance to bone up for the midterms?

star 7.97
115 votes
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Confession Time

#98 - Confession Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 15

Koro Sensei begins to come clean about his background after a tense and terrifying encounter with a student who has her own reasons to kill him,

star 7.97
111 votes
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Discord Time

#99 - Discord Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 17

The E class is divided over whether to kill Koro Sensei or try to save him. Koro Sensei suggests a way of settling the issue between the two sides.

star 7.96
113 votes
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Vision Time

#100 - Vision Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 14

Koro Sensei exposes a major weakness, and Terasaka interrupts a fun summer day out with an assassination attempt that goes a little too far.

star 7.95
147 votes
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Trust Time

#101 - Trust Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 21

It's time for the last project from Koro Sensei before the E-Class closes out the year, but the government's own plans and threatens to get in the way.

star 7.94
111 votes
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School's Out - First Term

#102 - School's Out - First Term

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 16

After two days of exams, the results are in. Both the ace A Class and the end E Class must come to terms with the outcome--and so must Koro Sensei.

star 7.94
139 votes
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Genius lives only one story above madness.

#103 - Genius lives only one story above madness.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 12

Class A and class C are revealed to have been secretly working together, as Ibuki notifies Katsuragi through a ham radio that she has stolen Horikita 's leader card. Horikita 's condition continues to decline, leading to Ayanokoji forcing her to withdraw. As the final day arrives, the students clear their campgrounds, nervously awaiting the final challenge - identifying the leaders of their rival classes.

star 7.91
54 votes
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Showdown at Fukuma Tower!

#104 - Showdown at Fukuma Tower!

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 9

Kaede Kayano witnesses Nagisa and her pudding being abducted by Akira Takaoka the Merciless, ringleader of the Taka Gang. The students of Class 3-E goes to Fukuma Tower, where Nagisa is being held captive.

star 7.89
9 votes
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Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this - no dog exchanges bones with another.

#105 - Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this - no dog exchanges bones with another.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 3

Class D gets the results of their last exam and everybody passes except for Sudo, who missed the passing threshold by one point. The grades were the result of Ayanokoji spending 15,000 points to buy the questions to an old exam from an upperclassman three days prior to the exam, which is within school rules. Ayanokoji approaches Chabashira asking the question of whether equality exists, and she answers that it does not, which Ayanokoji agrees with. Ayanokoji and Suzune then spend their points to buy the missing point from the teacher so that Sudo's expulsion can be rescinded. That night, Kushida organizes a little party in Ayanokoji's. After the party, Kushida leaves but forgets her cellphone and Ayanokoji follows her to find out the truth about her personality. Having discovered her secret personality, Kushida demands Ayanokoji to keep it a secret or else she will accuse him of raping her by having him forcefully touch her breast and using the fingerprints as evidence.

star 7.88
58 votes
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Karma Time, Second Period

#106 - Karma Time, Second Period

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 20

Karma must use his head to get past a formidable foe. Nagisa goes undercover as the E Class continues to sneak its way to the hotel's top floor.

star 7.88
136 votes
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Haves and Have-nots

#107 - Haves and Have-nots

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 3

Itou Shouko of the Association for Health, Protection and Equality of Youths contracts Hamatora to search for a scandal within Facultas Academy. Meanwhile, Art questions Professor Moral after learning that the Association had been providing large quantities of the Nemcrois drug for his research into non-innate Minimum Holders. Moral explains his warped interest into a world where everyone possesses Minimum abilities and taunts Art on his graduation from Facultas despite not possessing a Minimum. Meanwhile, a large monstrous figure crashes a public Association meeting and reveals itself as Itou's son, Takahiro before escaping. As Art makes his way to the scene, Moral implies that he had given the Minimum ability to Takahiro, with the former swearing to arrest him. Afterwards, Nice blames Itou for Takahiro's change. Realizing that he was being challenged however, Nice approaches Takahiro while Moral also comes to the same conclusion as Takahiro, that it would be worth challenging Facultas' top graduate—Nice to see if he had surpassed natural Minimum Holders with his abilities. However in the end, Nice makes quick work of Takahiro. In the epilogue, Moral burns down his facility and escapes before Gasquet can arrest him. At the same time, Itou's assistant severs his support of Moral's research. Unperturbed, Moral then sets his sights on Nice.

star 7.87
54 votes
Reaper Time, Part 2

#108 - Reaper Time, Part 2

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 8

When Koro Sensei and Mr. Karasuma reach the Reaper's hideout, it's anyone's guess who'll come out on top--especially with wild-card Irina in the mix.

star 7.87
112 votes
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Bye-Bye, Big Bad

#109 - Bye-Bye, Big Bad

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 12

The students of Class 3-E storm through the castle to get to the Demon King. Many students sacrifice themselves for each other in many traps as they travel to the throne room.

star 7.86
7 votes
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Reaper Time, Part 1

#110 - Reaper Time, Part 1

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 7

A well-intentioned act leads to a falling-out with Professor Bitch. Soon the E Class finds itself facing off alone against a formidable assassin foe.

star 7.84
113 votes
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Valentine's Day Time

#111 - Valentine's Day Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 20

Nagisa remains uncertain about his future as high-school entrance exams loom over him. It's time for Class 3-E to celebrate Valentine's Day!

star 7.81
107 votes
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Prophet's Torment

#112 - Prophet's Torment

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 6

Ratio and Birthday work on a case involving a kidnapped artist. As the two interrogate a friend from the victim, Birthday is kindapped by another person and Ratio remembers his and Birthday's past.

star 7.81
48 votes
Black Cosmos

#113 - Black Cosmos

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 7

Nice becomes involved in the case to arrest Moral and his constant recommendations offend Art. Gasquet notices the recent changes in Art's behavior and asks Honey about his past. Honey explains Art went to the Facultas Academy with his late younger brother and as a result of not awakening his Minimum he has been forcing himself to stand out despite not having it. Art's teacher, Three, takes the young man to train together and remind him that despite not having a Minimum he has already proven himself. Meanwhile, Nice and Murasaki receive a job from an man whose abuse on women result in a group of people trying to beat him up in revenge. Having to calm both forces using force bothers Nice and decides to go meet Art. Art finds Moral in the near his brother's grave and the criminal reveals his intentions to make everybody Minimum Holders so that they become equals to Nice, whom he admires. Following Art's refusal to receive a Minimum, Moral stabs him and kills him as Art tries to answer Nice's phone call but not before revealing him an unknown truth.

star 7.81
47 votes
Secret Identity Time

#114 - Secret Identity Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 14

Following the drama festival, the E Class learn that one of their classmates is hiding a big secret connected to Koro Sensei's past!

star 7.78
104 votes
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Worst Promise & Best Memory

#115 - Worst Promise & Best Memory

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 8

Momoka invites Hajime to her limousine under the promise she knows about her forgotten past. Nice becomes nervous when deducing Hajime left with is Momoka and decides to search for her. Momoka explains to Hajime that she has a power that nullyfies Minimums which resulted in Murasaki being her first victim and the rest suffering from sideffect. Momoka guides Hajime to a basement where she is attacked by berserker people whose musculature was increased. Hajime recognizes them as test experiments performed by Facultas. Hajime was the only one who was not affected by the experiments and remained locked in a cell until a young Nice met her. Upon realizing Hajime's state, Nice invited her to the outside world. After the flashback, Koneko leaks Hajime's location to Nice who goes to search for her alongside his friends. Hajime then remembers how during her escape from Facultas Nice was shot which causes her to unleash her berserker Minimum. Art identifies it as the Nihilist Minimum capable of eradicating other Minimums just as Nice comes to retrieve her.

star 7.78
9 votes
Karma Time

#116 - Karma Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 3

The brilliant, belligerent Karma Akabane, Nagisa's former classmate, joins 3-E and immediately jumps into the assassination mission with both feet.

star 7.77
201 votes
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Art Returns

#117 - Art Returns

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 2

n Nowhere Café Nice and his friends remember how three months ago Art tried killing Nice, shooting him twice in the body but Murasaki escaped with him. Ratio and Birthday go in the search of their friend Chiyu who disappeared three months ago. They eventually find a club named Freemium full of Minimum Holders and Chiyu has been hiding there. Elsewhere, Nice and Murasaki contact officer Gasquet and learn Hikaru has been wounded and is resting in the hospital. Art then goes to the Minimum Holder academy Facultas, entering by force. Nice and his friends chase after Art who attacks a group of students, calling their abilities a sin. Art is confronted by Facultas' tutor Paper who uses his Minimum to deal mortal wounds on him. As Art appears to be killed, his own Minimum is activated and restores his health. He then uses Hikaru's Minimum to trick Paper and steal his own Minimum. Art then leaves the area much to Nice's confusion.

star 7.75
12 votes
The Silver Berserker

#118 - The Silver Berserker

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 6

Itona Horibe the Silver Berserker crashes through the classroom, and his guardian Mage Shiro tells Koro-sensei that Itona will be the new Demon King.

star 7.75
8 votes
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Round Two Time

#119 - Round Two Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 9

The students consider their future career options. Nagisa struggles to come to terms with his talent; meanwhile, his mother has her own plans for him.

star 7.75
111 votes
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School Festival Time

#120 - School Festival Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 10

Each class at Kunugigaoka Academy is competing for the highest sales totals in the school festival. How can the E Class even hope to stand a chance?

star 7.75
111 votes
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Outer Space Time

#121 - Outer Space Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 19

Class 3-E has agreed to try and save Koro Sensei. In order to do this, they must track down confidential information -- information that takes the class to another height.

star 7.74
105 votes
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Beloved Bastard

#122 - Beloved Bastard

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 2

Nice and Murasaki infiltrate Yokohamabane High School following a request from two students named Theo and Rei to search for their missing teacher, Yasuo Kitazawa. Sometime later, Art summons Nice and Murasaki after discovering the murdered Kitazawa in a burger restaurant and explains the serial murder case to them. Nice also steals Kitazawa's phone from the crime scene and obtains the six photos of Theo's bullies supposedly leaked on the internet. Nice then traces the poster's IP back to Kitazawa's home and deduces that he had been using his Realism Minimum to turn descriptions of the bullies' exploits into pictures which he then used to further his reputation over their exposure. Afterwards, as the Hamatora PI's establish a link between the photos and the recent serial bombings, Theo stumbles upon his former bully and the serial bomber, Kojima in his latest bombing attempt at the school using his Time Acceleration Minimum. However Nice and Murasaki show up just in time to foil the bombing. Afterwards, Art discovers that Kojima and the Gravity Holder obtained their abilities artificially which would require the use of a Minimum Holder's brain. Elsewhere, the serial killer admires his collection of brains.

star 7.74
57 votes
Spinning Time

#123 - Spinning Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 4

Itona endears himself to the boys in Class 3-E as he shows off his assassination creation. The students call each other code names for an entire day.

star 7.74
109 votes
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Transfer Student Time, Second Period

#124 - Transfer Student Time, Second Period

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 11

Class 3-E prepare for the arrival of their second transfer student, who is allegedly more powerful than Ritsu. At that moment, a white-robed man named Shiro arrives with the new student, Itona Horibe, who claims to be Koro-sensei's younger brother. When Itona faces against Koro-sensei later that day, it is revealed that he possesses the same kinda of tentacles Koro-sensei has in his hair. While Shiro uses his knowledge of Koro-sensei's weaknesses to give Itona the advantage, Koro-sensei takes advantage of that Itona's tentacles are identical to his and uses Anti-Sensei knives against them, allowing him to knock Itona out of the ring and win the match. When Itona reacts negatively to the thought of studying and tries to counterattack, Shiro knocks him out and takes him back with him. Afterwards, the class try to ask Koro-sensei about how he and Itona are connected, but he remains tight-lipped, stating they must use assassination to find the answers they seek. The students, determined to kill Koro-sensei before anyone else, decide to have Karasuma teach them more assassination techniques.

star 7.74
159 votes
End-of-Term Time - 2nd Period

#125 - End-of-Term Time - 2nd Period

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 11

It's exam time again, and the cream-of-the-crop A Class is a bigger threat than ever before. Top-ranking Asano, however, has something up his sleeve.

star 7.73
102 votes
Leader Time

#126 - Leader Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 5

Competition between the elite A Class and downtrodden E Class heats up at the school sports festival, with Isogai's livelihood hanging in the balance.

star 7.72
110 votes
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Test Time

#127 - Test Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 6

Time for midterms! Koro Sensei gives his aspiring assassins an ultimatum as they battle a grueling test and the disdain of the rest of the school.

star 7.70
182 votes
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Assembly Time

#128 - Assembly Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 5

Before the torturous school assembly begins, Okuda attempts to poison Koro Sensei in an unexpected way... with unexpected results.

star 7.69
188 votes
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Ball Game Tournament Time

#129 - Ball Game Tournament Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 12

A baseball tournament is to be held, in which Class 3-E are forced to play an exhibition match against the top players of the school's baseball club, which Sugino used to be a part of. Despite knowing the odds are against them, particularly when pitted against the club captain Shindo, Sugino remains determined to win, prompting Koro-sensei to coach them for the match, teaching them how to go up against his mach speed fastballs. On the day of the match, Class 3-E use a bunting strategy to load the bases, allowing them to get an early lead. Not willing to let this slide, Asano takes over as the baseball club's coach to put a stop to Class 3-E's bunting strategy, using the power of hypnotic suggestion to turn Shindo into a bloodthirsty warrior. With the bases loaded against them, Class 3-E manage to use some provocations Karma made concerning some unfair play earlier to their own advantage, placing some of their player up close to Shindo to prevent him from swinging without hurting them, allowing Class-E to win the match. Afterwards. Sugino expresses how he wanted to show off the friends he made in Class 3-E, managing to rekindle his old friendship with Shindo.

star 7.69
157 votes
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The Wandering Totem Pole

#130 - The Wandering Totem Pole

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 4

While Hamatora helps film a commercial as a publicity stunt to cover up Takahiro's rampage, Art has Minimum Holders—Honey and Three assist in a case. This causes Honey to misplace her briefcase for one filled with totem poles at the airport. Elsewhere, Art and Gasquet follow up on a string of attempted robberies committed by minors using guns obtained via a threatening email which also predicts an insurrection. While a group of men kidnap Honey because of the briefcase, Art enlists Nice to help in the gun case. Three eventually rescues Honey and discovers the kidnappers to be smuggling gun parts into the city. Afterwards, Nice establishes a link between the gun case and a popular online video by Katsuragi Yuuki using subliminal messaging while unaware that Moral had been the one manipulating Katsuragi. Meanwhile, Honey tracks down her briefcase from a smugger and discovers that the totem poles contain gun parts. After relaying this to Art, he has her predict the location of the insurrection and the police foil it just in time with Hamatora's help. Afterwards, Art and Nice discover the murdered Katsuragi at his home and Nice likens to himself to the mastermind despite having no knowledge of Moral's connection.

star 7.69
54 votes
Kaede Time

#131 - Kaede Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 2

Kaede comes up with a delicious plan of attack, Class 3-E plays an intense game of Cops and Robbers, and Koro Sensei is accused of a serious crime.

star 7.68
111 votes
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Think Outside the Box Time

#132 - Think Outside the Box Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 12

The end-of-term exams come down to one doozy of a final problem. Principal Asano comes to Koro Sensei with a little wager that has a lot riding on it.

star 7.67
105 votes
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There are two kinds of lies; one concerns an accomplished fact, the other concerns a future duty.

#133 - There are two kinds of lies; one concerns an accomplished fact, the other concerns a future duty.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 6

Sakura returns to her dorm to find her mailbox stuffed with photos of her. Taking advantage of the delay in the final ruling that was made possible with Sakura's photo, Ayanokoji and Suzune set up a trap at the stairwell. Kushida sends a fake message to the three class C students ordering them to meet her at the special annex in order to draw them to the stairwell where Ayanokoji and Suzune are waiting and security cameras paid for by Ichinose were secretly installed. Understanding that neither side stands to gain by going forward with this complaint and that the three students stand to get expelled because they told a malicious lie that got the school involved that they agree to withdraw the complaint. Ayanokoji notes that the school is testing to see if they can resolve this problem on their own and realizes that Manabu probably knew the whole truth already. Afterwards, Sakura gets assaulted by the electronics store clerk, who is a big fan of her net alter ego Shizuku, and Ayanokoji and Ichinose arrive to save her using those security cameras to arrest the clerk. Chabashira tells Suzune to get to know Ayanokoji because he is the most defective student in the school. Manabu approaches Ayanokoji asking him to join the student council, but he refuses while deferring the credit for settling the case to Suzune. Ayanokoji then tells Suzune that while he is willing to help Suzune reach class A, he tells her not to pry into his life anymore.

star 7.67
54 votes
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Hell is other people

#134 - Hell is other people

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 5

Sakura asks Ayanokoji and Kushida to accompany her to the electronics store to get the camera repaired, which is covered under warranty. The store clerk asks for Sakura to give out her contact information, and Ayanokoji uses his instead. Ayanokoji figures out that Sakura is the internet model that has become a big hit recently. At the hearing presided by Manabu, both classes give their testimonies accusing each other for instigating the fight with the initial ruling going in class C's favor. After staying silent, Suzune speaks up after getting harassed by Ayanokoji. Suzune asks what the circumstances were for the fight and points out that in a three against one fight that it is nearly impossible for those injuries that serious to be all Sudo's doing. She then presents Sakura as a witness providing evidence that she was present as she captured the fight going on in the background during a photo shoot. However, the evidence only proves that she was present and does not clear Sudo of any wrongdoing. The class C homeroom teacher Sakagami proposes a compromise to suspend Sudo for two weeks and the three class C students for one week each, but class D rejects it. Realizing that one side is clearly lying, Manabu ends the hearing and will make his decision the next day unless admissions or additional evidence is presented with expulsions possible.

star 7.65
55 votes
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School Trip Time, Second Period

#135 - School Trip Time, Second Period

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 8

The E Class gives a pro sniper plenty of chances to take down Koro Sensei, then try to make the most of what's left of their school trip to Kyoto.

star 7.65
176 votes
Grown-Up Time

#136 - Grown-Up Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 4

A new foreign-language teacher comes to 3-E with some major ulterior motives... among other things. Will she get any closer to killing Koro Sensei?

star 7.64
198 votes
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Run, Melos!

#137 - Run, Melos!

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 6

Kotaru receives a call from a publisher about the work he submitted. Following Chinatsu's confession, Akane struggles to focus for her race.

star 7.64
64 votes
School Trip Time, First Period

#138 - School Trip Time, First Period

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 7

The students go on a school trip to Kyoto, where they must still keep assassination foremost in their minds. Kanzaki faces trouble from her past.

star 7.63
208 votes
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Transfer Student Time

#139 - Transfer Student Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 9

A new student joins the E Class with a singleminded focus on assassination that drives her classmates to distraction. Koro Sensei to the rescue!

star 7.61
173 votes
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The Ruins of Tribulation

#140 - The Ruins of Tribulation

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 4

Karasuma visits Pope Gakuhō Asano, who devises a plan to lure Koro-sensei into a trap. Koro-sensei and the students of Class 3-E go into the Ruins of Tribulation with three chambers hosted by a Guardian Kunudon.

star 7.60
10 votes
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The Big Five Attack!

#141 - The Big Five Attack!

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 7

Class 3-E talks about Class 3-A's Big Five (Gakushū Asano, Teppei Araki, Ren Sakakibara, Natsuhiko Koyama and Tomoya Seo), an elite group of paladins.

star 7.60
10 votes
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Time for the Summer Festival

#142 - Time for the Summer Festival

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 1

Koro Sensei and his students try some matchmaking at the end of their island trip. Class 3-E's eventful summer ends with a taste of pure festival fun.

star 7.60
117 votes
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Itona Horibe Time

#143 - Itona Horibe Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 3

Koro Sensei faces off against the powerful, tentacled Itona and his handler Shiro yet again, revealing more of his teaching philosophy along the way.

star 7.60
112 votes
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#144 - Advent

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 6

After Gasquet's funeral Nice and his friends start investigating who attacked the prison of Minimum Holders and find his killer. Nice and Murasaki meet local information broker Mao who informs them how Gasquet contacted him to request him information about Saikyo. Although the culprits managed remove evidence of them, the group manage to find a video involving the members from Freenum. They try going to the club to confront them but learn they have already left. As Nice leaves Murasaki, Murasaki has an internal conflict as he admits detesting his own weakness for being always with Nice. He is then approached by Art and Murasaki claims he wants to join him. In Art's hideout, Art realizes Murasaki is just using him to aid Nice and allows Murasaki to beat him up while Freenum records and leak the scene. When Murasaki shoots Art, Freenum's Ishigami Shunichi activates Art's Regeneration Minimum revealing him to the public as a messiah-like figure. Hours later, Nice and Hajime find a bag with Murasaki inside.

star 7.58
12 votes
Assassination Time

#145 - Assassination Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 1

A creature who blasted the moon into a crescent shows up at Kunugigaoka Junior High School--and he's giving the students a year to assassinate him!

star 7.57
254 votes
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Baseball Time

#146 - Baseball Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 2

The reasoning behind the E Class's segregation is revealed. Nagisa tracks Koro Sensei's weak points in the hopes of using them to take him down.

star 7.57
206 votes
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Let Live Time

#147 - Let Live Time

Assassination Classroom Season 2 - Episode 13

Principal Asano recalls his first foray into the world of education. In the drama festival, the E Class puts on a play with a few unexpected twists.

star 7.55
104 votes
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For Whom Talent

#148 - For Whom Talent

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 4

In his hideout, Art kills himself so that his Minimum would generate his body alongside his life. Meanwhile, Honey is told by her comrades how she lost her senses in the previous night when using her Minimum. Not believing it, she uses her powers, causing her to act like a child again as an apparent sideeffect. Honey later receives a bodyguard request from her father, Doktor, a consultant to the Minimum Agency's medical department who has been pursuing stray Holders. Doktor later cancels the job and an angered Honey remembers how her father aimed to use her powers for assassination jobs. Concerned with Doktor's plans regarding Holders, the people from Freemium kidnap him alongside his daughter. Three receives an alert from his partner and goes to find her with Nice, Murasaki and Hajime. Eventually, Honey uses her Minimum to send Three her future location at the cost of regressing again. Three activates his own powers and saves both Honey and Doktor before their car is destroyed. Meanwhile, BIrthday and Ratio finish his respective jobs but both experiences sideeffects regarding his Minimum (Birthday start licking batteries and Ratio is weakened). Finally, Nice, Murasaki and Hajime are given the culprit's location but they are intercepted by Art.

star 7.53
15 votes
Flight of the Victor

#149 - Flight of the Victor

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 11

Nice and Moral go to the Nowhere Café as the disturbance in the streets increases. Nice explains that thanks to Honey he was able to find Moral and asks him what he did to Art. After explaining to Nice he already knows the answer, Moral talks about how the Essence is a substance he extracted from an innate Minimum Holder's brains to unlock new powers. Using Essence, Moral wishes to create a world with equality and Nice agrees with some of his ideals. Meanwhile, Ratio has Chiyu treated while Honey and Three are requested help with the riots by the police. Moral then explains his motivation to "save" Nice by making others equal to him but it makes Nice laugh for his decisions of who is weak and strong. Murasaki then fights Minimum Holders causing disturbance alongside. The civic center against Minimum Holders is then attacked by a tank. Moral leaves Nowhere by threatening Koneko, promising Nice he will fight him after finishing something. Takahiro and Hajime go to the civic center to protect the former's mother from the Minimum Holders. He then starts mutating again to fight his enemies. Takahiro is victorious and his mother thanks him. Staring at the situation, a saddened Moral makes Takahiro's body explode angering Nice while Hajime unleashes an unknown power.

star 7.53
17 votes
The Setting Sun

#150 - The Setting Sun

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 10

With the news that Akane is moving to Yokohama, Kotaro has to make some difficult decisions. Where will he go after middle school?

star 7.50
68 votes
Island Time

#151 - Island Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 17

The E Class trains intently under a pro killer to prepare for their island assassination. Once there, they must make sure everything falls into place.

star 7.50
146 votes
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Melancholy of Hero

#152 - Melancholy of Hero

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 1

The people from the detective agency based in the Nowhere Café in Yokohama mourn the death of their comrade Nice said to have perished during riots three months ago. When a client arrives to request a job involving a stalker, Hajime decides to replace Nice and forms the Hamatora Mark II alongside Murasaki. Meanwhile, the rest of the Yokohama group, Birthday, Ratio, Honey and Three are having less jobs than usual due to the riots involving Minimum Holders. Hajime and Murasaki's job is interrupted by Hikaru, a Minimum Holder who soon becomes a celebrity. When the Hamatora Mark II receives a murder request from a client, they instead become bodyguards of Hikaru through his producer. Hajime and Murasaki learn that Hikaru has attracted several girls but is unwilling to accept or reject them. One night, Hikaru allows himself to be the victim of the girl who wants him dead but she is stopped by Murasaki. The girl brings a group of thugs jealous of Hikaru and Hajime and Murasaki start fighting them. They are aided by Nice who is revealed to have been alive and has learned that the producer wanted Hikaru dead. After defeating the enemies, Nice is welcomed back in Nowhere Café by his friends who stop pretending he is dead. Murasaki then asks Nice why did he reveal himself which he responds is due to somebody's actions. Elsewhere, Hikaru is found by Art.

star 7.50
16 votes
Symphony in the Moonlight

#153 - Symphony in the Moonlight

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 9

In the Minimum Agency, Doktor becomes concerned with Freemum's actions and states his desire to control Minimum Holders. Meanwhile, all the subjects held in the basement where Hajime was located are being transferred to a hospital. Honey and Three then go to Nowhere Cafe to hire Nice and the rest as actors for The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter to help Three's orphans. Hajime is given the role of Princess Kaguya while the rest aim to take the other leading role. Ratio, Birthday, Murasaki fail the role while Nice only makes her smile. Meanwhile, the members from Freemum aim to make Art an idol for Minimum Holders and make Yokohama their own territory. At the same time, Doktor aims to murder all Minimum Holder causing riot. Later, Three gets the role of taking Kaguya away by default for the play. However, this reminds Nice of Hajime's past in Facultas causing him to improvise and take her hand much to everybody's joy. Later, as Birthday and Ratio reflect on Nice's change of attitude, the former starts suffering symptoms from his illness that once almost killed him. In the epilogue Nice finds a letter from Hajime directed at him.

star 7.50
12 votes
End-of-Term Time

#154 - End-of-Term Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 15

For finals, Koro Sensei gives his class a new goal--with an irresistible reward. The E Class makes its own deal with the top-tier A Class's Big Five.

star 7.48
142 votes
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Equivalent Exchange | Cheap Thrills | Pleasure Seekers | The Kind Pervert

#155 - Equivalent Exchange | Cheap Thrills | Pleasure Seekers | The Kind Pervert

Asobi Asobase - workshop of fun - Season 1 - Episode 1

Olivia has an odd way of playing look-the-other-way. Her opponent, Hanako, convinces Kasumi to play against her instead. This is the beginning of the Pastimers Club.

star 7.48
46 votes
The Wind Rises

#156 - The Wind Rises

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 9

Despite the stressful changes that come with the transition from middle school to high school, Kotaro and Akane have each other to lean on -- for now.

star 7.48
67 votes
L and R Time

#157 - L and R Time

Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Episode 10

Irina is greeted by her former master, retired assassin Lovro, who thinks she should give up as she has no chance of killing Koro-sensei. Hoping to prove him wrong, Koro-sensei proposes a match between Irina and Lovro to see who will be the first to 'kill' Karasuma, offering Karasuma his own incentive should neither win. Despite Lovro's doubts after he fails to kill Karasuma himself, Irina manages to use what she's learned targeting Koro-sensei to get close, with Karasuma accepting defeat at her hands and Lovro acknowledging her efforts. Later, Nagisa, Karma, and Ritsu accompany Koro-sensei on a mach speed trip to Hawaii to watch the premiere of a new movie, getting a lecture along the way and learning a lot more about Koro-sensei's point of view. On their way back, a man in a while cloak observes alongside a boy, the second transfer student who claims to be Koro-sensei's brother.

star 7.47
165 votes
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What people commonly call fate is mostly their own stupidity.

#158 - What people commonly call fate is mostly their own stupidity.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 11

With the panty thief incident already eroding Class D's trust, the decision is made to separate the boys and girls camps. That night, while sitting together by a campfire, Ayanokoji notices that Horikita is sick, and has been concealing the fact since the start of the test. The situation continues to turn for the worse, as Horikita finds her leader key card stolen, and during the ensuing chaos, an unknown arsonist sets fire to vital resources.

star 7.42
50 votes
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Madness Flower

#159 - Madness Flower

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 3

Art faces a samurai who possesses the Wind Minimum and steals his powers. Meanwhile, in Nowhere Cafe the Hamatora and their friends reflect on how Art's victims are behaving optimistically as if things improved without their Minimums. Nice compares this being lighter after losing a wallet and remembers how back in Facultas he told Art he wanted to use his money to live a free life. Later that night, Gasquet has a Minimum Holder, Samura, whose works of art force its victims commit murders. Gasquet has to send him to another prison but on their way they are stopped by people discriminating the Minimum Holders. The Minimum Holder then leaves Gasquet's car with a painting covering his halfnaked body that influences the group of people. Nice and his friends prepare to stop the face as Honey predicts the arrival of Art but suddenly suffers amnesia. When Art appears, he covers Samura in water to stop his powers and confronts Nice. Murasaki, Birthday and Ratio interfere forcing him to retreat. Later, Gasquet's new partner is revealed to be a traitor who leaked Samura to an unknown party simply referred as Saikyo.

star 7.40
15 votes
Big Bad Switcheroo

#160 - Big Bad Switcheroo

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 8

Class 3-E finds a treasure chest deep in a cave, but it turned out to be empty when it is opened. To make matters worse, everyone switches bodies with someone else.

star 7.40
10 votes
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We should not be upset that others hide the truth from us, when we hide it so often from ourselves.

#161 - We should not be upset that others hide the truth from us, when we hide it so often from ourselves.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 4

July 1 arrives and class D's point distribution is put on hold due to an incident the previous day involving Sudo and three basketball teammates from class C. Sudo was attacked and fought back in self-defense. However, due to his poor reputation he is going to be held liable unless the class can find a witness to clear his name before the hearing next week, which would consequently result in the class receiving no points for the month. In an attempt to manipulate the case to their favor, the three class C attackers secretly get beaten up badly by their classmates at their request. With the help of Class B, the class posts messages asking for witnesses of the incident. Suzune tells Ayanokoji and the others that Airi Sakura was there and witnessed the incident with her camera. That night, Ayanokoji and Kushida talk about how in a murder case with the suspects being a known murderer and a law-abiding citizen that with the lack of evidence, people are more likely going to believe the law-abiding citizen even if that person is the one who is guilty. The next day, Sakura is approached asking for the evidence, and she runs away dropping her camera in the process. Sakura freaks out when she cannot turn on her camera thinking that she broke it and continues her running not wanting to get involved.

star 7.38
56 votes
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 It's Not a Job, It's a Calling

#162 - It's Not a Job, It's a Calling

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 11

When Koro-sensei was a human, he was thought of as a hero, but became bored of his work. He was assigned by Aguri Yukimura to be a Demon King and live in a castle, since his predecessor (actually Neuro from Neuro: Supernatural Detective) retired from his position.

star 7.38
8 votes
Man is condemned to be free.

#163 - Man is condemned to be free.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 9

As part of a special test, the school has brought the students to an uninhabited tropical island where they must now live for a week. Their performance on the test can have an enormous impact on the point standings of the four classes.

star 7.37
54 votes
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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

#164 - Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 8

It's summer vacation! The first-years get to board a luxury cruise ship, where they're allowed to sample the highest class facilities available.

star 7.37
52 votes
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Every man has in himself the most dangerous traitor of all.

#165 - Every man has in himself the most dangerous traitor of all.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 10

Class D has achieved a degree of unity in facing the special test, so Ayanokoji and Horikita head out to see how the other classes are getting along. Class B is working together to make a comfortable life for themselves, while Class A remains secretive.

star 7.36
55 votes
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A Handful of Sand

#166 - A Handful of Sand

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 2

It's the last sports festival of middle school. Kotaro gets put in the relay race, though he does not do very well. He becomes friends with one of Akane's friends who bandages his scraped hand.

star 7.34
68 votes
It takes a great talent and skill to conceal one's talent and skill.

#167 - It takes a great talent and skill to conceal one's talent and skill.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 2

Chabashira explains how the system works at this school as the four first-year classes are all ranked by merit, and that class D has the opportunity to be promoted to class C with strong performances on exams. She also warns that with the current situation, anybody who fails one more exam is expelled. Now fully aware of the system, everybody takes their studies more seriously except for the three biggest idiots of the class in Ken Sudo, Kenji Ike, and Haruki Yamauchi. Suzune treats Ayanokoji to an expensive lunch to discuss the strategy, as well as bringing aboard those three to the library to study. Ayanokoji and Kushida succeed in getting them to come, but they leave immediately while Sudo lets everybody know that he wants to make it rich quickly by going pro in basketball That night, Ayanokoji overhears Suzune talking to her brother Manabu, and Manabu attacks her over a disagreement about her view of isolation being independence. Ayanokoji intervenes, and Manabu then reveals that he scored a 50 on every test and asks if it was coincidence or not. The midterm exams come, and class D as a whole performs very well with some scoring among the highest among the first years in the school.

star 7.27
60 votes
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The Evolved Mage

#168 - The Evolved Mage

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 5

The students have a new addition to their class, her being the Autonomous Intelligence Magic Stone Tablet, who can perform various forms of sorcery. She is also known as Ritsu the Evolved Mage.

star 7.25
8 votes
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Takebayashi, Leaving the E Class?

#169 - Takebayashi, Leaving the E Class?

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 10

The female students go to Irina to brew a potion for sacks of chocolates. On Valentine's Day, some of the female students give some of the male students the sacks of chocolates, but it turns the male students into monsters for a day.

star 7.25
8 votes
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Egg of Columbus

#170 - Egg of Columbus

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 1

Nice and Murasaki take two job requests from Koneko to investigate the recent kidnapping of college girls and another by Shinji Toyosaki to protect a safe from thieves. At the same time, PIs Birthday and Ratio head off on a bodyguard request to protect a client. With help from Art, Nice deduces that the kidnappers were targeting the girls for information and theorizes that their cases may be linked. Nice then calls Birthday and Ratio for confirmation just as they are attacked by a Gravity Minimum Holder who forces their client, Azuza to reveal a code. Afterwards Azuza reveals that she and her college friends had been seeing the somniloquous Toyosaki patriarch from whom she accidentally learnt the code. Realizing that the kidnappers and thieves are the same group after the safe Nice, Ratio and Birthday head over to the Toyosaki mansion just as the thieves make their move. While Ratio and Birthday take out the thieves, Nice shows up during Murasaki's stare-down with the hired Gravity Holder and defeats the latter with his Holder ability. Afterwards, as the police and Art apprehend the thieves, the latter contemplates on telling Hamatora of a serial murderer targeting Minimum Holders.

star 7.22
72 votes
For Whom to Duel

#171 - For Whom to Duel

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 10

Nice and his friends are shocked to read Hajime's farewell card to him and go to search for her. At the same time, Ratio continues searching a Holder able to heal Birthday who has been hospitalized. He discovers Chiyu in a car and takes her to the hospital, having realized she lost her Minimum. Nice and Murasaki are contacted by Momoka through phone and are lead to a bomb set to explode alongside a person precious to them. While Nice and Murasaki stop the bomb, the person they save is Master. Momoka then shows them two other hostages: Koneko who is in Nowhere and Hajime who is with the Freemum. Nice and Murasaki split to search for their friends. Nice encounters Ratio whose objective, the healing Holder, is in the hands of Freemum. Momoka has Nice and Ratio fight each other with the winner being promised to get their objective. Although Nice defeats Ratio, he is unable to kill him and the Momoka leaves the Holders alone just as Murasaki reaches them. Freemum then moves to another location alongside Hajime.

star 7.20
10 votes
The E Class and the Big Bad

#172 - The E Class and the Big Bad

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 1

Set in a role-playing game world, the students of Kunigigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E are heroes-in-training filled with various bugs.

star 7.20
10 votes
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Spring and Hard Times

#173 - Spring and Hard Times

As the Moon, So Beautiful Season 1 - Episode 1

Kotaro and Akane bump into each other while at dinner with their families. Their parents make it as awkward as possible.

star 7.20
76 votes
March of the Weak

#174 - March of the Weak

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 10

Taking advantage of Three's rescue, Moral spreads his followers through the city, murdering people they held a grudge against using their Minimums while Moral's assistant Momoka leaks information about Facultas. During the crisis, Takahiro goes to the Hamatora as there was an outbreak of Minimum Holders in prison due to a group known as Black Cosmos. He requests Hamatora a way to recover his body's normal form but Nice rejects the job Hajime decides to help Takahiro by making him going through a diet while Murasaki aids her despite Nice's reclutance. Meanwhile, society becomes concerned about Minimum Holders. Momoka leaks the address of the people discriminating Minimum Holders to bring them chaos. The discrimination against Holders results in Three and Honey losing the rights to take care of the orphans. Ratio and Birthday go to save their Chiyu who is also being attacked for her powers. Nice decides to contact Art but is confused to see the new items in his office. Nice then spots Moral around while Momoka goes to visit an unknown individual.

star 7.16
49 votes
Buddy's Wishes

#175 - Buddy's Wishes

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 5

Nice tries to confront Art but sideffects of his Minimum leave him unable to fight. Art then escapes with Freemium to their club to discuss an alliance with them. Art plans to become their leader and help them reach freedom and in compensation he requires their help. Meanwhile, Gasquet contacts Ratio and Birthday who also started suffering sideeffects. Three also starts losing control on his own body. While being filmed by Birthday, Murasaki's body is also briefly weakened. Gasquet tries gathering information about Saikyo and he learns about an incident from three years ago involving Minimum Holders who lost their powers and how they did not care about them. Art and Freenium attack a prison for unknown reasons but are confronted by Gasquet. The Holders from Freenium overwhelm the policeman as Nice and Murasaki reach the building. When Gasquet dies in front of them, Nice swears he will stop Art.

star 7.15
13 votes
Emergency Room 24 Hours

#176 - Emergency Room 24 Hours

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 7

After realizing Murasaki is still alive, Nowhere's Master calls for an ambulance so that he will be treated. Murasaki manages to recover but it is revealed he has lost his Minimum ability. Birthday, Hajime, Koneko try conforting Murasaki but end up leaving him with more wounds when accidentally throwing him from his bed and Birthday tries reviving him with electricity. Later, Theo and Rei arrive bringing new glasses to him but end up causing more problems. Honey and Three bring weaponry so that he will compensate for his lack of Minimum. Meanwhile, the people from Freenum appear in the hospital for unknown reasons. When leaving Murasaki, Honey, Three, Koneko and Birthday get lost and become tormented due to a possible ghost. They are saved by Master who reveals the "ghost" are actually the former Minimum Holders Art attacked. Nice later arrives to the hospital, bringing Murasaki his own food to have but ends throwing from his bed like the other people. In the epilogue, Moral's former assistant Momoka approaches Hajime.

star 7.09
11 votes
The Red Devil

#177 - The Red Devil

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 2

Koro-sensei and the students of Class 3-E travel to the northern cave to confront Karma Akabane the Red Devil, who is known to be unlucky when he is cocky, especially when washtubs randomly land on his head.

star 7.08
13 votes
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Sweat, Muscles, and Me

#178 - Sweat, Muscles, and Me

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 5

Hajime wins a trip to the hotsprings and goes alongside Koneko and Honey. Nice and Murasaki are requested by their new client to track down her boyfriend believing he is cheating on her. Nice accepts the job upon learning they have to go to the same hotsprings. There, the duo finds Ratio, Birthday and Three have also come on their own agenda. The inn is then attacked by thieves controlled by a Minimum Holder able to attract men with his sweat. Feeling insulted by the criminals for dismissing the girls, Hajime fights against them using her Minimum.

star 7.06
48 votes
The Blood-Soaked Bitter Melon

#179 - The Blood-Soaked Bitter Melon

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 8

Moral takes the form of late Art to answer Nice's phone call and starts acting like him. Later, Nice and Murasaki receive a job where they have to find the manufacturer of a drug that sends people into eternal sleep. Nice and Murasaki go to the area with Theo and Rei who visit the beach. There, Theo has an argument with a gang and decides to settle by competing in a triathlon. Shortly afterwards, Nice takes advantage of Theo's appearance to attract a drugdealer who would take him to the drug's manufacturer. Nice and Murasaki learn the manufacturer has taken his own drugs and is their client's brother. In compensation for being used, Theo requests Nice to participate in the triathlon with him. Before the competition, Murasaki talks with the unconscious drugdealer, feeling related as both as constantly overshadowed by others. In the triathlon, the rival gang has hired Honey, Three, Birthday and Ratio but they are disqualified shortly after the beginning. In the final act, Murasaki joins the rival gang to challenge Nice on a one-on-one while bringing the comatose man to see him fight. Although Nice wins, the drugdealer awakes and starts arguing with his brother. Meanwhile, Moral and his assistant Momoka commence a surgery.

star 7.05
43 votes
The Human Chair, Part 1

#180 - The Human Chair, Part 1

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 1

One morning, a junior-high student, Kobayashi, wakes up and finds himself in his classroom with his homeroom teacher’s body. In his hand is a murder weapon. A high-school detective, Akechi, is called in to assist the police to solve the case.

star 7.00
27 votes
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Little Beauty and the Beast

#181 - Little Beauty and the Beast

Hamatora Season 1 - Episode 9

Three goes to an orphanage to take care of kids as he and Honey are removed from the murder case by Moral using the disguise of Art. Nice goes on search of one of Moral's allies but fails to confirm any alligment. He and Murasaki are given the task of capturing Three who is revealed to be a former mercenary. In order to get past the media working near the orphanage, Ratio and Birthday bring Honey to the place by hiding here in fruits. Honey learns from Three he is bringing up these kids in a form of selfpunishment for the people he killed as he believe revenge is not a sin but. An angered Honey decides to join him to make the children learn revenege is not good. In the following night, Nice and Murasaki find soldiers near the orphanage led by a Minimum Holder, Helenlee Masayoshi, who admires Three's past and is disgusted by his current state. While Murasaki and Honey protect the kids, Nice and Three take down Masayoshi who activates a gadget to burn his soldiers and thus the orphanage. Deciding to value the children's life over killing Masayoshi thanks a promise he made to Honey, Three manages to get the orphans out of the burning place. In the epilogue, Moral gathers a group of people to start a revolution.

star 6.93
46 votes
The Seductive Witch

#182 - The Seductive Witch

Koro-sensei Quest! Season 1 - Episode 3

Koro-sensei and the students of Class 3-E go to a nearby village, where the village chief warns them of Irina Jelavić the Seductive Witch.

star 6.92
12 votes
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End of Yokohama

#183 - End of Yokohama

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 11

In a flashback, a young Nice talks with Art and Art's younger brother, Skill, about their wish to see Yokohama from a specific building. Back in the present, Nice and Murasaki contact Master to ask how he knew where Hajime had been held before. Master reveals he is a former member of the Minimum Agency (along with Moral and Doktor) who saw Hajime as too dangerous to be alive due to her powers. Master promised to take care of her and left the group with another test subject, Koneko. Meanwhile, Freemum starts a coup d'état to overtake Yokohama. Ishigami and his allies confront the Minimum Agency led by Doktor. Although Ishigami's allies take the upperhand, Honey and Three intervene to stop the fight. Just as Freemum remains victorious, Art starts killing most of them until he finishes Ishigami, as he was just using them to gather more Minimum Holders. Momoka then releases Hajime who goes to see Nice. Nice and Murasaki try to confront Art, but Nice's Minimum deteriorates his body again. Art then stabs Nice in order to shock Hajime and trigger her Nihilist Minimum. This time Hajime's Minimum covers a wide area in Yokohama and Art starts crying in relief as he finally reached his objective.

star 6.89
9 votes
Re: Resolution (Ego)

#184 - Re: Resolution (Ego)

Hamatora Season 2 - Episode 12

The episode begins in a flashback showing Nice, Art and Skill's time in Facultas. When Skill was confirmed to have the potential to develop a Minimum, he was not seen by his friends. Art discovers that Facultas was forcing Skill to use his Minimum to make others receive Minimums regardless of what happened to others. As a result, Skill begged his brother to kill him which he did in shock. Art lost the memories of that event until being nearly killed by Moral. Momoka then revealed Art his brother did not entirely die just as he met him. The episode then moves to the present where Momoka kills herself bored with the world. Nice is revealed to have survived Art's attack. He faces Art in rage because of what he did to Hajime. In the middle of the battle, Skill's battle appears using his Minimum to restore everybody's Minimum. After being defeated, Art jumps from the building in order to kill himself. The next day, Nice, Murasaki and Hajime visit Skill's grave and are approached by Art. Nice punches him claiming that if he commits suicide again he will kill him. In the epilogue, Nice and his friends celebrate Art's return to Nowhere.

star 6.89
9 votes
Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is to be preferred.

#185 - Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is to be preferred.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 - Episode 7

Even during summer vacation, lone wolf Horikita would rather remain locked in her room studying than interacting with others. One day, Ayanokoji invites her to visit the pool with some of the others.

star 6.49
56 votes
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The Human Chair, Part 2

#186 - The Human Chair, Part 2

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 2

Kobayashi has been arrested. It seems that he’s been charged with additional crimes. Before the police take him away, he whispers something to Hashiba. What will happen to him? Who is the real killer? Will he be able to solve this crime?

star 6.00
27 votes
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#187 - Shadow-Man

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 3

Nine girls have been abducted in two months and the police suspect that Shadow-Man, a master of disguise and gentleman thief, might be the kidnapper. When Akechi declines to take part in this case, Kobayashi asks if he can investigate it instead.

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Twenty Faces

#188 - Twenty Faces

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 4

A man who calls himself Twenty Faces commits a series of murders. His victims are all criminals who have escaped justice and have not atoned for their crimes. Before he kills, he posts a message on the Internet to explain who he’s going to kill and why.

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#189 - Caterpillar

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 5

In an interrogation room, Twenty Faces reveals what made him decide to operate outside of the law to punish criminals.

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A Glimpse into Hell

#190 - A Glimpse into Hell

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 6

Akechi’s chaotic day starts when Kobayashi finds an abandoned kitten at the front door of the Akechi Detective Agency. Kobayashi wants to keep the kitten, but Akechi does not approve. Then another incident occurs. This time, Shadow-Man is involved.

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The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, Part 1

#191 - The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, Part 1

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 7

As Kagami predicted, more Twenty Faces have been appearing, ten in the previous month, and now in the current month, the fourth one has just appeared. Akechi and Nakamura head to Panorama Island to inspect the latest crime scene.

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The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, Part 2

#192 - The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, Part 2

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 8

Joined by Kobayashi and Hashiba, Akechi solves the crime committed in the exhibition hall on Panorama Island. After coming back from the island, when Kobayashi and Hashiba stop by the office as usual, Akechi starts telling them about his past.

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Terrifying Mistake

#193 - Terrifying Mistake

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 9

Akechi spends his days and nights trying to figure out the formula that he and Namikoshi created in order to put an end to the Twenty Faces case. Being very curious about the formula, Kobayashi skips school to help Akechi with his work.

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0 votes
A Desire for Transformation

#194 - A Desire for Transformation

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Season 1 - Episode 10

The man pulling the strings of the latest Twenty Faces crime was Namikoshi, who everyone thought died three years ago. He starts talking about his junior high school days and how he came to start working on the formula with Akechi.

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