The BEST episodes directed by Satoshi Shimizu

Girl With Cold Dreams of Her Stubborn Friend
44 votes

#1 - Girl With Cold Dreams of Her Stubborn Friend

Gosick - Season 1 - Episode 10

Kujo encounters the same girl he met at the department store, and with the help of hers and a bright homeless boy, he manages to put the police back on the case. Kujo and Grevil then ask Victorique's opinion about the store, just to find that she already had made some research about it, and she comes with a plan to expose the culprits.

The Bells of Cristmas Eve Toll at the Heels of Time
46 votes

#2 - The Bells of Cristmas Eve Toll at the Heels of Time

Gosick - Season 1 - Episode 21

Upon investigating the grave of a woman with a striking resemblance to Queen Coco Rose, Victorique manages to put together the truth behind her mysterious demise. The truth of the Coco Rose case and the disappearance of Nicole Lulu is made clear, and Albert frees Victorique when she is unable to conclusively identify the murderer. On the way home to the Academy, Victorique and Kujo encounter a seemingly ordinary couple who are actually the still-living Coco Rose and her son fathered by Leviathan. Cordelia watches over them as they arrive home, and is soon joined by Brian and then a man who seems to be Brian's twin.

The Return of the General
146 votes

#3 - The Return of the General

Samurai Girls - Season 1 - Episode 9

Yoshihiko makes his long awaited (dreaded?) return. Gisen lets her true colors be known, much to Jubei's dismay. A new threat arises, and the shadow looming over Great Japan begins to take shape!

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Heimkehr ~Friend or Foe~
97 votes

#4 - Heimkehr ~Friend or Foe~

Kämpfer - Season 1 - Episode 6

The Hares Break Promises Beneath the Morning Sun
85 votes

#5 - The Hares Break Promises Beneath the Morning Sun

Gosick - Season 1 - Episode 3

The trap closes and the architect behind it is revealed or is he? Victorique picks up on a larger scheme that set much larger things in motion. The question is are the still in motion to this day?

The Doctor Has Arrived
110 votes

#6 - The Doctor Has Arrived

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 19

Oga returns home after being defeated by Tojo to find that Hilda has returned from the Demon World with the imperial doctor, Forcas Rachmaninoff, and his assistant, Lamia, to help determine the cause of Beelzebub's illness. He diagnoses the illness as King Fever and when Beelzebub was trying to draw out massive amounts of demonic power, he accidentally severed the link between him and Oga and found Tojo similar to Oga and connects to him. Oga begins a treatment to try and reconnect with Beelzebub and enters a dream world through the effects of a Demon World drug that is shot into his head where he eventually finds a sleeping Beelzebub in the middle of several inscribed circles that are shrouded in an electrical field. After about 6 hours of treatment, Oga still has not waken up and Lamia assumes that he has died and becomes happy. Oga suddenly wakes up and spanks Lamia and claims he is teaching her some manners. Hilda asks Oga how he feels after having gone through the hard part of reconnecting with Beelzebub and Oga says he is in the mood to get Beelzebub back.

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Clothes That Embrace the Mountain
96 votes

#7 - Clothes That Embrace the Mountain

Mushi-Shi - Season 1 - Episode 18

This story is about a mysterious genius artist named Kai who left his family to become better known for his talents and as a parting gift his sister made him a Haori (Man's Kimono). One day he got bored and made a Haura (painting inside the jacket) on his Haori. His master saw this and recognized his talents, so he gave Kai jobs with clients and he quickly started to become well known for his work but his fame came at a price.

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Reach the Sky Above
470 votes

#8 - Reach the Sky Above

Fairy Tail - Season 1 - Episode 18

Erza recruits Natsu to help her "destroy the moon" as Lucy and Gray look on with disbelief with the rest of the villagers. Afterward Erza reminds Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Happy of their impending punishment!

If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle
585 votes

#9 - If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle

Kill la Kill - Season 1 - Episode 1

Ryuko Matoi transfers into Honnouji Academy, a high school dominated by its fearsome student council, who wear powerful Goku Uniforms that grant them superhuman abilities. Searching for clues to her father's murder, Ryuko confronts the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin, saying she is looking for the owner of the other half of a giant scissor blade she wields.

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Dawn of a Miserable Morning
450 votes

#10 - Dawn of a Miserable Morning

Kill la Kill - Season 1 - Episode 4

While Senketsu is laundered, Ryuko is faced with "No-Late Day", a school event where students must navigate a trap-filled obstacle course and reach school on time, or else they will be expelled. She and Mako make their way across the perilous course, along with an injured girl named Maiko Ogure, while Mako's family attempt to deliver Senketsu to Ryuko. After hijacking an armored bus, the girls manage to make it to the school grounds with 15 minutes left. However, Maiko is revealed to be a member of the disciplinary committee, who steals Senketsu and puts it on herself in a bid to overthrow Satsuki. However, she is immobilized by the freshly washed Senketsu's starchiness, allowing Ryuko to retrieve him. With five minutes remaining, Maiko sets off one more trap to send Ryuko and Mako back to the start of the course. They two fortunately reach class on time using an express cable car, while Maiko is expelled for her treachery.

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The Cursed Island
491 votes

#11 - The Cursed Island

Fairy Tail - Season 1 - Episode 11

S class quests... Requests so dangerous only wizards that the master gives permission to go on them. And yet, Natsu, Lucy and Happy go off on one of these S class quests on their own without permission! They head out to "Galuna, the cursed island," and it turns out the people there are turning into demons from the evil spell of the moon! They learn that there is only one way to undo the curse, and that's to destroy the moon itself! But how in the world are they going to complete a request to "destroy the moon?"

The SAGA of How These Zombies Will Get Their Revenge
12 votes

#12 - The SAGA of How These Zombies Will Get Their Revenge

Zombie Land Saga - Season 2 - Episode 10

Flash back to the events of early 2019 as Franchouchou undertakes the concert that nearly results in their destruction, and then rejoin them in the early 2020 as they enter the final phase of their REVENGE.

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Good Morning Again SAGA
44 votes

#13 - Good Morning Again SAGA

Zombie Land Saga - Season 1 - Episode 12

The day of the Arpino show has come, and the other members of Franchouchou have made it clear to Sakura that they're not going to quarantine her because of her bad luck. But with a blizzard brewing, will the girls' undying loyalty to their friend prove to be their undoing?

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But It's Zombiemental SAGA
46 votes

#14 - But It's Zombiemental SAGA

Zombie Land Saga - Season 1 - Episode 7

The time has come for Franchouchou to take the stage at the Saga Rock musical festival! But clouds are starting to gather, with the thunder and lightning causing Ai to freeze up in fear. Who will help re-animate her so that the show can be a success?

Gymnastics Samurai
14 votes

#15 - Gymnastics Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 11

All eyes are on Jotaro on the day of the All-Japan finals, but Leo is already on his way to the airport to go back to London.

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The Slant Lined
23 votes

#16 - The Slant Lined

Garo -Vanishing Line- - Season 1 - Episode 17

As Sword, Gina and Sophie approach El Sanvados, they are confronted by a battalion of Horror bikers. Sword attacks them, sending Gina and Sophie ahead by another route in the car. However Bishop sets up a Horror Barrier darkening the sky, and follows Gina and Sophie with a wave of flying Horrors. They are almost caught, but Luke arrives just in time, destroying the Horrors and breaking the barrier. Suddenly a new monster emerges from below the ground and captures Sophie just as Sword arrives on his motorcycle. Sword rescues Sophie and then Zaruba carries her away to safety on the motorcycle. Sophie is distressed at the trouble that she has caused her companions, but Zaruba tells her to keep moving forward. When they are caught by Knight, Zaruba crashes the motorcycle into Knight, sacrificing himself. Sword, Gina and Luke catch up with Sophie and Sword absorbs the remaining power of the Madou ring in preparation for a showdown between the Makai Knights. However, after testing Sword's powers, Knight withdraws leaving Sophie and the others to mourn the loss of Zaruba.

Samurai Father and Daughter
14 votes

#17 - Samurai Father and Daughter

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 6

Rei's birthday is coming up, but with Jotaro busy preparing for the joint training camp with China, she is left alone to face her feelings.

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Rock-Bottom Samurai
19 votes

#18 - Rock-Bottom Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 2

After the press conference where he failed to announce his retirement, Jotaro has to figure out his next steps.

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It's New Year's Eve, Meikaemon
56 votes

#19 - It's New Year's Eve, Meikaemon

Punch Line - Season 1 - Episode 6

As Kenji and Mikatan arrive on the scene, the Turtle Man reveals he possesses the same Über-fy powers they do and fights back. However, Kenji, who is able to perceive Yūta, creates an opportunity for him to possess Rabura and defeat the intruder, with Meika also surviving. Afterwards, the girls discover the intruder was Ito's homeroom teacher Chihaya Tomoda, who, out of a deranged love for Ito, allowed himself to be possessed by QMay Tsubouchi's spirit in order to carry out revenge against the students who bullied Ito. The next day, the girls hold a New Year's Party, during which Meika reveals that Yūta is biologically female, later telling Ito about how she came to meet Mikatan. After Kenji helps out Mikatan, who needs to take medication to counter the side effects of her powers, the meteorite in orbit suddenly starts hurtling towards Earth. Revealing himself to be Yūta's future self, Kenji gives Yūta the Nandala-Gandala, which is blank except for the word "U-turn", and tells Yūta that in order to regain possession of his body and prevent Earth's destruction, he must go back in time to the point where it all began.

Ninja & Samurai
17 votes

#20 - Ninja & Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 9

As All-Japan draws near, Jotaro practices hard to perfect his new move in time for the competition, but he has an unexpected setback.

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Intensive Training Samurai
14 votes

#21 - Intensive Training Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 8

Kitty comes to visit Rei in Japan and takes her on a shopping spree. Meanwhile, Jotaro works on his quadruple with the help of Leo.

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Retiring Samurai
21 votes

#22 - Retiring Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 1

Gymnast Jotaro Aragaki is told by his coach to retire, but he can't bring himself to tell his family.

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Samurai Daughter
19 votes

#23 - Samurai Daughter

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 4

As Jotaro works hard to prepare for the NHK Cup, Leo notices that Rei has been acting strange, so he tries to find out what's wrong.

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Warming Dead SAGA
55 votes

#24 - Warming Dead SAGA

Zombie Land Saga - Season 1 - Episode 4

Franchouchou is headed to the land of Ureshino in Saga to do perform for a big company! Will they be able to win over a new business partner with their singing and dancing?

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Samurai's Decisive Battle
13 votes

#25 - Samurai's Decisive Battle

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 10

Jotaro is determined to show Leo the new move that Leo helped him complete, but as the competition starts, Leo is nowhere to be found.

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Happy Love Carnival
37 votes

#26 - Happy Love Carnival

ItaKiss - Season 1 - Episode 24

The episode begins with Kotoko messing around with her C-cup breasts. She later on goes to see Kin-chan and finds out that Chris is 3 months pregnant. Kotoko, after coming back home, tells Irie-kun about the news. She later doesn't feel good and thinks it is because of the iron tablets she's been taking to replenish her blood. She doesn't tell Irie-kun about this because she doesn't want to disturb him while he's writing this thesis. The next day, Kotoko and her friends are discussing when Kotoko is going to take maternal leave. She refuses quickly, stating that she wants to work as much as possible and goes to see Irie-kun. Later on, her friends from work go home and leave Kotoko to walk home with Irie-kun but he informs her that he will be working late that evening as he wants to do more of his thesis. It then shows Kotoko on the tube where she thinks that she feels a bit light-headed. As she is walking up the steps from the tube she collapses at the top not feeling well, she is spotted and then an ambulance is called, Kotoko is unconscious. Irie-kun is then seen writing when his mobile phone starts ringing. We seen him running through to the hospital where Kotoko is, all the family are there. It turns out she was excerting herself too much during pregnancy. One month later Kotoko presuades Irie-kun to go to Pregnancy Classes with Kin-chan and Chris. It's there where she goes into labour. Kotoko, Irie-kun and Oba-san are at the vending machines at the hospital when Matsumoto is rushed in with Sudou. She has been coughing up blood due to her illness. Irie-kun has no option but to operate and thats when Kotoko gives birth, Irie missing it. They have a baby girl and call her Kotomi. It then shows a few years later and it is clear that Kotoko and Kotomi are rivals for Irie's love. It ends flicking through scenes of the friends and family of Kotoko and Irie-kun.

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Training Camp Samurai
16 votes

#27 - Training Camp Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 7

At the joint training camp with China, Jotaro and the other Japanese gymnasts see the powerful gymnastics of the Chinese team firsthand.

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Waltz of the Eighth Act Transiency
6 votes

#28 - Waltz of the Eighth Act Transiency

Dance with Devils - Season 1 - Episode 8

As the school prepares for the culture festival, Rem lies to the student council about the location of the grimoire, claiming it is in Vienna. Meanwhile, Lindo and Azuna decide to place Ritsuka under constant protection, with one of them accompanying her wherever she goes. As the festival gets underway, Urie, Mage, and Shiki all ask Ritsuka to be their partner in the dance, but she refuses. When the time for the evening party comes round, she and Rem are chosen as king and queen, and begin to dance despite the misgivings of Lindo and Azuna. As they dance, the two realize that they have feelings for each other. When the party is over, Ritsuka heads home accompanied by Azuna and her brother, when they are attacked by the vampires. Lindo is forced to transform, but Jek snatches Ritsuka. Azuna attempts to save her, slashing his cheek, and in his rage he impales her. Crying out in anguish, Ritsuka unleashes the power of the grimoire, destroying the surrounding vampires with a flash of light as Azuna dies in her arms. Jek, watching from afar, vows to return and claim her as soon as the light fades.

Battling Samurai
16 votes

#29 - Battling Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 5

It's time for the NHK Cup, Jotaro's first official competition after his press conference, but all eyes are on the young gymnasts he's competing against.

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Dueling Samurai
17 votes

#30 - Dueling Samurai

The Gymnastics Samurai - Season 1 - Episode 3

Young up-and-coming gymnast, Tetsuo Minamino, challenges Jotaro to a gymnastics duel with Jotaro's career on the line.

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