The Best Episodes Directed by Sasa Fujisawa

Extracurricular; Lessons Passing Each Other

#1 - Extracurricular; Lessons Passing Each Other

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives Season 1 - Episode 6

Hinata appears to Haruka. Haruka is actually an observer sent by the monsters on the other side of the moon. He was thinking of using her against her masters, but it seems that she may be planning on rebelling against them. Saitohimea suddenly drags Taito away to bring him on a date. An unknown male and female were watching their conversation nearby. Taito wants to become stronger and tries to unsuccessfully ask Gekkou for help. A guy dressed in a black suits enters the school and seems to be talking to a blue haired girl who suddenly just disappears. The guy is revealed to be Cross Philier Yuuichi, the new English teacher and Student Council advisor. Meanwhile, Saitohimea has almost dragged Taito out of the school before he apologizes that he can't go on a date and excuses himself saying that he had some plans for the day. Actually he was planning on training at the fight clubs and it seems that he has actually gotten stronger to the point that world fighters can't compete with him. Meanwhile Gekkou and Mirai are told about magical traps in the city and they go to several places, which seems to Mirai as if they're on a proper date. They meet Taito who is on his way back and Mirai tells his Saitohimea was crying. Taito realizes his mistakes and runs back to be with Saitohimea.

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Spirited Classmates

#2 - Spirited Classmates

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives Season 1 - Episode 10

While traveling, Saeko's vehicle is attacked and Haruka has been kidnapped by two male magic wielders called spellbreakers. Cross refuses to let Taito and the rest rescue her, saying that it's now a military matter. One of the spellbreakers appears to Saitohimea while she is alone and offers to release Haruka if she would surrender herself to them. Izumi tries to talk her out of it and then goes to Taito when she fails. She turns herself in to the spellbreakers, but they trap her instead and refuse Haruka. Taito and Gekkou then assault the school to open a gate to where the spellbreakers are. Meanwhile, while they assault the school it is revealed that the observer personality of Haruka's was the one who commissioned the spellbreakers. She promised to give them her knowledge about the Tenma if they would destroy the observer personality, seal up Saitohimea and then return her other self back to Taito.

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My Afternoon with Her

#3 - My Afternoon with Her

Chu-Bra!! Season 1 - Episode 11

As the Underwear Society make preparations for the drama club, they are asked to participate in the performance. After school, Nayu runs into Kiyono, who had heard about Keigo's job offer. The next day, Nayu takes on some extra work whilst Kiyono tells Hiroki about Nayu's apparent transfer. He confronts Nayu about this, who asks him to stay quiet until after the festival. On the day of the festival, Tsukamoto confronts Mizuno and Nayu about the society's appearance in the magazine. She asks the play to be cancelled, but Mizuno stands up to her and tells her to hold her judgement until after she's seen their work. However, during her inspection, Nayu's old elementary school teacher comes in a berates Nayu. Thankfully, both the society members and Tsukamoto stand up to him, the latter of which allows the play to take place. After a successful performance, Nayu tells Yako and Haruka that she's transferring as Keigo tells Mizuno the same thing.

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Before Meeting You...

#4 - Before Meeting You...

Chu-Bra!! Season 1 - Episode 12

Haruka feels betrayed by Nayu's announcement and stops being friends with her. That same night, Mizuno's apartment catches fire. These events leave everyone in a negative mood, and Nayu's texts to Haruka fall upon deaf ears. Later on, the girls help Nayu with her move, but Haruka doesn't show. After Yako pleas with her to make her final goodbye, Haruka finally meets up with Nayu the next day and the two finally apologise. Haruka, Yako and Hiroki see off Nayu as she heads to Kyoto, whilst they keep up the Underwear Society. However, Nayu later comes back after Keigo and Mizuno make arrangements for her to stay at school.

star 7.00
28 votes