The BEST episodes directed by Sam Freedle

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#1 - Suspended

Adam-12 - Season 5 - Episode 20

Reed spends an evening on the firing range, then stops by a all-night grocery store. When Reed leaves, a man approaches him as if he knew him, then points out another man in a green Beetle holding a gun on the officer. Reed drops his groceries, pushes the man, jumps and fires at the man in the Beetle, hitting the car, but the man in the Beetle shot and hit his accomplice. The grocer swears he only heard one shot, and the accomplice gave a dying declaration that Reed was trigger-happy and shot him. Reed (as per standard procedure) is assigned desk duty until the Review Board completed its findings, but the accomplice's death makes it look more and more like Reed could face a murder charge until Malloy (along with his by-the-book replacement partner) locates the green Beetle after going through numerous DMV checks, and locates the other man, exonerating Reed with both the courts and the department, who cleared him in the shooting.

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Citizen's Arrest - 484
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#2 - Citizen's Arrest - 484

Adam-12 - Season 5 - Episode 16

A woman is arrested for shoplifting, on the way to the station she stops at a car and picks up her baby, then escapes from custody during a disruption at the station, later another call regarding a stolen baby involves their missing shoplifter, which leads to a disturbance call at an apartment complex during which they re-capture the shoplifter, and the apartment manager claims the woman's husband stole his car, and the woman claims the manager made an extortion call demanding $2000 for the baby. The officers pursue, then catch the man at a rail yard. Another call resulted in a brief hostage situation between Reed and the suspected B&E of a warehouse; Reed manages to trick his way out and capture the suspect.

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Harry Nobody
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#3 - Harry Nobody

Adam-12 - Season 5 - Episode 7

A hotel janitor (and wino) named Harry witnesses a murder in a hotel room, but refuses to talk until Reed shows him compassion and respect, both of which are lacking from his family and friends, but his testimony is clouded by his alcoholic past. Malloy relives his childhood by telling the story of his chaperoning a junior high dance.