The BEST episodes directed by Saburo Hashimoto

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#1 - Temptation

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 7

Demona convinces Brooklyn that humans and gargoyles can never live together, and asks him to help her show Goliath the same.

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A Banquet for Brutes
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#2 - A Banquet for Brutes

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 40

Two millionaires who bet on human bloodsports hire a top assassin, Spartacus, to duel with Golgo 13 under the guise of protecting themselves from him. They have the Colosseum rigged with cameras and microphones in order to watch. Golgo 13 emerges from the duel the winner and reveals to Spartacus the recording equipment. Angry that he was used, he hires Golgo 13 to kill the millionaires right before he dies. The millionaires use their influence to fly to South Africa to a safe place whilst being guarded by the Sicilian mafia and theirs being the first plane out of Rome. However they are shot dead upon arrival from another plane on the tarmac that had overtaken them from Rome whilst they had refueled in Nairobi.

Awakening (3)
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#3 - Awakening (3)

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 3

Not satisfied with Xanatos's explanation, detective Maza decides to take a look around the castle by herself. Xanatos wants the Gargoyles help in retrieving the stolen data.

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Awakening (1)
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#4 - Awakening (1)

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 1

In 994, a band of Vikings attack castle Wyvern in Scotland, but are driven back by the gargoyles protecting it. While retreating, they vow revenge... and someone in the castle may just want to help them with that.

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#5 - Reawakening

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 13

Concluding that science or sorcery alone are not enough to stop the gargoyles, Demona and Xanatos try combine the two, rebuilding a gargoyle from the rubble left at the castle and filling out the rest with cybernetics.

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Awakening (4)
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#6 - Awakening (4)

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 4

Elisa and Goliath are ambushed in the park by a group of commandos. They try to escape, but dawn comes and Goliath turns to stone, leaving Elisa having to lead the pursuers away alone. Upon Goliath's return to the castle, Xanatos reunites him with and old 'friend'. The Gargoyles accept to help Xanatos retrieve his stolen disks from Cyberbiotics.

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Deadly Force
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#7 - Deadly Force

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 8

Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa with her gun. Wrecked by regret, he takes her to the hospital and then goes off on his own to take his frustration out on an criminal he can find. When the others hear, they assume it was the work of a gangster Elisa was investigating, and set out to take him down - permanently.

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The Thrill of the Hunt
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#8 - The Thrill of the Hunt

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 6

Lexington makes contact with his TV heroes - The Pack - in hopes of finding allies. But for his surprise he finds that they are far from heroic in real life...

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The Edge
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#9 - The Edge

Gargoyles - Season 1 - Episode 10

Xanatos donates jewel of his - the Eye of Odin - to the city's museum. Then he has one of his robot gargoyles steal it back, framing Goliath.

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Fruits of Labor
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#10 - Fruits of Labor

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 2

Ippo succeeds in catching 10 falling leaves, and is granted his first sparring session.

Florida Chase
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#11 - Florida Chase

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 25

The aide to the US minister of foreign affairs hires Golgo to kill Jose Campos, an immigrant drug distributor who is in custody but is still organizing the smuggling of drugs into Florida. Meanwhile a new type of armored van is stolen and used in springing Campos from a prison bus. In order for the US to save face and with the authorities unable to stop the armored van, the aide requires that Golgo completes the job before Campos makes it to Mexico. Duke acquires the schematics to the van and a specialized gun with armor piercing bullets and masquerades as a SWAT team member at a roadblock and successfully shoots Campos through the van's weak point.

The Law of Lineage
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#12 - The Law of Lineage

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 35

The chairman of the Jockey Club hires Golgo 13 to kill a racehorse that is fraudulently labeled a thoroughbred. Shamed by his fraud he had tried to get his niece, Celia, to kill the animal. However as she had raised it and the horse is winning race after race she becomes fiercely protective. Sensing that she will try to put her own life on the line to protect the horse, he decides to tell her that he employed Golgo 13 to kill it, in the knowledge that the assassin would come after him. After failing to persuade Duke to stop, Celia tries to snipe Golgo before he can kill the horse, but his skill easily outmatches hers. Once the horse is dead and knowing that his job was revealed he goes after the chairman.

Love is a Knife
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#13 - Love is a Knife

Golgo 13 - Season 1 - Episode 30

A former circus knife-thrower, who can only get well-paid jobs by posing as the real Golgo 13, decides that he should be his own man by killing the real Golgo 13 in order to prove he is the best. He tracks down a target and plans to kill Duke during a job but ultimately ends up biting off more than he can chew.