The Best Episodes Directed by Ron Satloff

Diamonds 'n Dust

#1 - Diamonds 'n Dust

The A-Team Season 2 - Episode 1

The A-Team agrees to transport explosives to a Zimbabwe diamond mine after the owner dies trying to do it himself.

star 7.87
231 votes
The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing

#2 - The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing

The A-Team Season 1 - Episode 13

Hannibal's plan to free a hijacked airborne 747 requires a bit of adjustment when B.A. becomes cataleptic and Murdock temporarily blinded.

star 7.85
290 votes
Repo Men

#3 - Repo Men

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 - Episode 4

The car's a wreck. But the engine's a honey, and Bo and Luke have to have it. So they make a deal with a car dealer who's as crooked as a switchback trail and whose scheme could land them behind bars.

star 7.80
96 votes
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There's Always a Catch

#4 - There's Always a Catch

The A-Team Season 2 - Episode 9

The A-Team must once again duck Decker as they try to stop an extortionist plaguing a small fishing village.

star 7.66
237 votes
Pros and Cons

#5 - Pros and Cons

The A-Team Season 1 - Episode 4

B.A.'s friend is held in a prison where the warden holds fight-to-the-death-boxing matches whose winner receives short-lived freedom.

star 7.51
353 votes
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The Return of Starbuck

#6 - The Return of Starbuck

Galactica 1980 Season 1 - Episode 10

Dr. Zee tells Adama about a dream where he sees Starbuck, crashed on a distant planet, befriending an injured Cylon Centurion and a mysterious alien woman who gives birth to a baby boy.

star 6.76
138 votes
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