The Best Episodes Directed by Robert Loggia

Sweet Land of Liberty

#1 - Sweet Land of Liberty

Quincy, M.E. Season 5 - Episode 6

A policeman is killed while on a routine visit to a house. The killer turns out to be an old friend of Sam's, the gentlest man Sam has ever known. Arrested he admits that he killed the policeman and then, while in a cell, kills himself. Sam is determined to find out what changed his friend and investigates. He finds radiation in the jawbone and uncovers the story of a military experience in Germany that involved torture and, possibly, the force-feeding of a radioactive drug. Can Sam prove that this is what caused his friend to kill and restore his good name?

star 7.90
10 votes
Never Again... Never Again

#2 - Never Again... Never Again

Magnum, P.I. Season 1 - Episode 7

When Saul and Lena, an ageing couple who run a local shop, abruptly make plans to leave town, suspicious Magnum and Rick, who are friends with the couple, investigate – only to arrive at the pair’s home to see Saul whisked away in an ambulance after suffering a heart attack. Yet when they check at the hospital, he’s not there. It becomes apparent that Saul has been kidnapped, and as Magnum houses Lena at Robin’s Nest while looking for her missing husband, she explains that they are Holocaust survivors, who are being hunted by neo Nazis. But there’s a twist that Magnum doesn’t foresee...

star 7.55
105 votes
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Hartbreak Kid

#3 - Hartbreak Kid

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 9

JJHart, the Hart's filly looks like a winner. However, two men with a great deal riding on the upcoming horserace can't afford to have their horse beat.

star 7.50
2 votes
Missing in Action

#4 - Missing in Action

Magnum, P.I. Season 1 - Episode 9

A new singer at the King Kamehameha Club who claims to have E.S.P. hires Magnum to find her childhood friend-come-fiancée Eric, a Marine who has been listed as Missing In Action since 1972, whom now she has started getting psychic visions of. As he investigates, Thomas discovers that Eric was a member of the top-secret “Delta Section,” and is refusing to come in from the cold until he exposes the division’s activities to the press – but is being pursued by a Delta operative who is determined to bring Eric in and keep him quiet, at any cost...

star 7.40
95 votes
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