The BEST episodes directed by Robert J. Wilson

Truth & Consequences
222 votes

#1 - Truth & Consequences

Drop Dead Diva - Season 6 - Episode 1

Jane is forced to finally tell the truth to Grayson, but his reaction leaves her more lost than ever. Meanwhile Owen gets a visit from his estranged brother Charlie that puts his personal life and the firm at risk. As Jane buries herself in work once again to hide from the problems in her life, she discovers her new pro bono case has high stakes with the U.S. government. With Kim on maternity leave, a new lawyer, Belinda joins the firm and gives Jane a run for her money.

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Back from the Dead
330 votes

#2 - Back from the Dead

Drop Dead Diva - Season 5 - Episode 1

Jane frantically searches for Owen, who went missing after seeing her kiss Grayson just before their wedding. Luke tells Jane that “Old Jane” is back on earth and could be in anyone’s body, even Owen’s. Jane represents a desperate father trying to save his eight-year-old son who’s fighting T-cell Lymphoma when his drug treatment is abruptly terminated by a pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, Kim takes on the case of a woman whose ex-boyfriend posted nude photos of her on website devoted to ex-girlfriend revenge. Luke is reprimanded for mishandling Jane and gets replaced. Finally, Jane gets an unexpected visitor.

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Jane's Secret Revealed
202 votes

#3 - Jane's Secret Revealed

Drop Dead Diva - Season 5 - Episode 13

Jane offers to represent an Amish farmer in a life or death legal case against a big oil company. Grayson helps a dominatrix try to collect a debt from one of her clients. When Grayson and Jane finally reveal their feelings for each other, they’re interrupted by a visitor who threatens to reveal everything.

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Feat of Clay
175 votes

#4 - Feat of Clay

Birds of Prey - Season 1 - Episode 12

After a robber, Chris Cassius, breaks into a chemical factory and drinks a mixture that gives him the power to turn people to stone, Barbara cancels her vacation with her boyfriend, Wade. Unwilling to allow Barbara to continue neglecting her personal life, Alfred the Butler brings Wade to the clock tower and exposes her secret. Meanwhile, Helena goes to Arkham Asylum and interrogates a villain named Clayface, who possesses the same abilities as Chris, and learns a shocking fact about her past. She must race to prevent Chris from killing New Gotham's most powerful people at a charity fashion show.

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Devil's Eyes
89 votes

#5 - Devil's Eyes

Birds of Prey - Season 1 - Episode 13

Having discovered that Helena is Huntress, Harley Quinn uses a machine that gives her metahuman hypnotic powers. She then hypnotizes Helena and persuades her to knock Barbara unconscious and steal an access disk. Barbara recovers and uses her subneural device to enable her to stand and fight Helena, eventually neutralizing the trance. But Harley uses the disk to gain complete control of the clock tower and, after killing Wade, she broadcasts the hypnotic signal to every television set in New Gotham. Working together with Alfred, Dinah, and Reese, Helena must infiltrate the clock tower and battle Harley and her cohorts before they gain control of the entire city.

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Cheers & Jeers
186 votes

#6 - Cheers & Jeers

Drop Dead Diva - Season 6 - Episode 5

Jane represents a bullied pro cheerleader; Teri pretends to be Paul's lawyer when he gets in trouble for accumulating too much credit card debt; Grayson and Owen defend a family who installed speed bumps on their busy neighborhood street; Jane and Grayson make plans for a romantic evening.

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Identity Crisis
241 votes

#7 - Identity Crisis

Drop Dead Diva - Season 6 - Episode 8

Jane represents a transgendered elementary school student while Grayson takes on a high profile case involving the murder of a college student. Stacy becomes increasingly uncomfortable as Owen showers her with gifts.

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Lady Parts
363 votes

#8 - Lady Parts

Drop Dead Diva - Season 4 - Episode 10

Jane defends Deb's mother when she is sued by a dance student; Grayson and Kim defend the decency of a sculpture.

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Ah Men
472 votes

#9 - Ah Men

Drop Dead Diva - Season 3 - Episode 11

Parker is visited by an old flame, who wants to sue her father's life insurance company after they refuse to pay out his policy.

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It Had To Be You
246 votes

#10 - It Had To Be You

Drop Dead Diva - Season 6 - Episode 13

Owen and Kim try to talk to Jane about her relationship with Ian; Teri realizes that Ian is responsible for ruining her chances at stardom; Owen and Jane find themselves on opposite ends of a case.

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First Date
248 votes

#11 - First Date

Drop Dead Diva - Season 6 - Episode 3

Stacy helps Jane prepare for her date with Grayson; Jane and Belinda represent a rock star whose recent irresponsible behavior put his band's next tour at risk; Grayson helps a woman who is being evicted from her low-income housing to make room for upscale condos.

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Sister Act
234 votes

#12 - Sister Act

Drop Dead Diva - Season 6 - Episode 7

Jane and Grayson spend the night together; Owen defends the Mayor of Malibu; Jane represents a teenage girl in need of a bone marrow match; Kim agrees to let Stacy watch her infant son.

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