The BEST episodes directed by Robert Gardner

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World
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#1 - Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

PBS Specials - Season 2012 - Episode 18

Travel to nine countries and across 1,400 years of cultural history to explore the astonishing artistic and architectural riches of Islam. With the insights and commentary of leading art scholars from around the world, the film delves into the art of religious life in Islamic culture and into the secret world inside the palaces of the elite. From the extraordinary array of metalwork, textiles, paintings and architecture that illuminate the culture, filmmaker Rob Gardner sheds light on the shared histories of western and Islamic societies, revealing more continuity than division. Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon narrates.

Islam Empire of Faith
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#2 - Islam Empire of Faith

PBS Specials - Season 2000 - Episode 1

What is Islam? Who is Muhammad? This documentary about Islam is narrated by Ben Kingsley and attempts to answer these questions. Originally broadcast as a three part series, the documentary covers who Muhammad was, the golden age of Islam and the Ottoman Empire.

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