The BEST episodes directed by Robert Florey

Perchance to Dream
621 votes

#1 - Perchance to Dream

The Twilight Zone - Season 1 - Episode 9

A man is terrified of falling asleep for fear he might die.

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Where Beauty Lies
38 votes

#2 - Where Beauty Lies

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 7 - Episode 38

Caroline Hardy's affair with the handsome Paul Ross comes to an abrupt end when her brother tells Paul's wife about them. Intent on revenge, Caroline sets off an explosion that will have life-changing results.

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The Long Morrow
154 votes

#3 - The Long Morrow

The Twilight Zone - Season 5 - Episode 15

An astronaut falls in love with a woman before going on a 40-year mission into space.

The Fever
522 votes

#4 - The Fever

The Twilight Zone - Season 1 - Episode 17

Tight fisted Franklin Gibbs is not pleased when his wife wins a trip for two to Las Vegas. But things change when he falls under the spell of a slot machine that calls his name.

The Changing Heart
72 votes

#5 - The Changing Heart

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 6 - Episode 14

The time for love is any time, but for Dane Ross and his beloved Lisa, the clock is almost certainly ticking.

A Jury of Her Peers
42 votes

#6 - A Jury of Her Peers

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 7 - Episode 12

A local sheriff has failed to find enough evidence to prove Millie Wright killed her husband. When the sheriff's wife stumbles across some clues that may prove Millie guilty, will she speak up?

The Opportunity
37 votes

#7 - The Opportunity

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 7 - Episode 33

An assistant manager of a department store finds a unique use for a girl he has caught shoplifting. Agreeing to let the girl off, he sets into motion a plan that will lead to murder.

46 votes

#8 - Moonstone

The Outer Limits - Season 1 - Episode 24

Lunar colonists find themselves in grave danger when they attempt to aid five fugitive alien scientists.

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The Children of Alda Nuova
37 votes

#9 - The Children of Alda Nuova

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 7 - Episode 35

An American criminal living in Rome gets more than he bargained for when supplying narcotics to a group of juveniles.

The Doreen Maney Story
61 votes

#10 - The Doreen Maney Story

The Untouchables - Season 1 - Episode 24

New York City: Yankee Stadium, the Bronx. On the evening of June 8, 1933, Max Baer knocked out Max Schmeling in the 10th round of their scheduled 15-round championship boxing match.* The gate was $240,000. (Since 60,000 fans were there, that means the average ticket price was $4.00) An hour later, one of the Granite Armored Cars, with 4 armed guards, drives off with the receipts. Doreen Maney steps in front of the moving truck; the driver slams on his brakes, but Doreen falls down as if she's been hit. When the driver gets out of the truck and checks on her, she pulls out a gun. Sheik Humphries drops a tear-gas canister through a conveniently-located vent in the armored truck, forcing the other 3 guards out. Jake Logan, a triggerman who was hired just for this job (not a member of the gang), keeps his chopper handy. Then Len Carson, the 3rd member of the gang, drives up with their getaway car; he starts stealing money from the armored car. Everything was going as Doreen wanted