The Best Episodes Directed by Rob Stewart


#1 - Ransom

Conan Season 1 - Episode 8

Bandit leader Garth is kidnapped and is brought before the future bride baron Ursaths, with his gang Adraina. It looks like his friends call see into its crystal ball and sees Conan and his allies moving threw verzauberten forest.Conan and his men travel without knowing that the sword was cursed,and will lead him towards Ursaths castle.

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#2 - Homecoming

Conan Season 1 - Episode 12

Conan and his companions cross Bayus homeland. Actually they assume that Bayul wants them to visit its village, but he refuses, since allegedly all would hate him there. Conan insists however on the excursion, in order to bring Bayus past in the plumb bob.

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The Taming

#3 - The Taming

Conan Season 1 - Episode 13

King Orad, who once saved Conans life, asks for help to save his daughter, princess Hana. She is kept imprisoned by the Zauberer Novia. Hana is engaged with the prince of the neighbour kingdom, Tamul. The wedding was arranged, in order to unite the two kingdoms.

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#4 - Spy

Mission: Impossible (1988) Season 1 - Episode 14

An ex-MI6 agent sells lethal chemical weapons and the IMF must team up with a Russian spy whose people also want to eliminate the threat.

star 8.27
11 votes
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Face of Death

#5 - Face of Death

Time Trax Season 1 - Episode 12

A criminal from the future whom Lambert has been chasing for some time, has his appearence altered. Lambert finds a trace, and sets out in the jungle to find him. But how do you find a person, when you don't know how they look or sound? And what do you do if you find out who he is, when you're in the middle of nowhere?

star 7.79
34 votes
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#6 - Revenge

Time Trax Season 1 - Episode 13

SELMA detects something odd on TV - a group of racists carrying the Shrek mark, which isn't due to be invented for another 150 years. Lambert goes to Hawaii and talks to the journalist who got the attack on film. But Lambert is in for a surprise when he discovers who is behind it all, and what the true objective is...

star 7.74
35 votes
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#7 - Reprisal

Mission: Impossible (1988) Season 1 - Episode 17

A deranged ex-IMFer targets retired IMF agents, killing them and framing Jim Phelps for the crimes. The IMF gives Jim only a little time to prove his innocence before they must turn him over to the authorities.

star 7.61
14 votes
The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar

#8 - The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar

Conan Season 1 - Episode 4

Conan and his friends save a beautiful young woman from a monster, which wanted to devour them straight. They bring it into the village to Ahl son bar, where Conan finally falls in love with them. First the village inhabitants are glad over the fact that Conan protects them from the monster, But then things start to go wrong.

star 7.50
4 votes
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The Lions

#9 - The Lions

Mission: Impossible (1988) Season 1 - Episode 10

A king's son returns to his Asian country to take the test that will confirm him as the king, but his uncle, a rabid anti-American, has rigged it so that he can fail, so the IMF must rig it back.

star 7.41
45 votes
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Perfect Pair

#10 - Perfect Pair

Time Trax Season 2 - Episode 9

When Lambert has tracked down a fugitive and prepares to send him to the future, the criminal draws his weapon. Suddenly another man fires against the criminal, incinerating him completely. It turns out that it's one of Lambert's old buddies, Mace. He's sent to catch a crooked police chief, who uses the police force as his private army. Lambert protests against Mace's violent and impatient methods, but on this case they have to co-operate. To his help, Mace has brought his own version of a SELMA, CINDI - with a sexy blonde holographic image. But it takes a SELMA to trace the fugitive. On the road to the fugitive's whereabouts, a man highjacks the plane their on. Mace overpowers the highjacker, which makes their arrival less inconspicous. With Lambert's more thoughtful approach, they manage to sneak away. They decide to talk to one of the police chief's enemies - a good cop in a bad force. But the officer in question is bugged, and soon a SWAT team attacks his trailer. How will they get

star 7.09
35 votes
Catch Me If You Can

#11 - Catch Me If You Can

Time Trax Season 2 - Episode 10

Lambert is close on a bankrobber's tail, but the criminal gets away and leaves a taunting note. So Lambert gives chase. Suddenly he's stopped by a road block. Selma assures Lambert that his credentials will clear him. The female sheriff puts Lambert in jail, because an eyewitness has placed Lambert on the scene. And the county's sheriff's office doesn't have computers. But the criminal that Lambert is chasing wants to continue play the game that they have been playing so long - so he clears Lambert by committing another robbery while Lambert's in jail. Lambert takes command over the sheriff and goes after his foe, but learns a valuable lesson about being too committed to catching one criminal. However, Lambert's arch-enemy manages to escape again. What will it take to catch him? And how much will he humiliate both Lambert and the sheriff in the process?

star 7.09
35 votes
The Scarlet Koala

#12 - The Scarlet Koala

Time Trax Season 2 - Episode 19

A distress call from the future lets Lambert know that he must find a scarlet koala to stop a plague. He enlists the help of a woman scientist whose father was the last person to see the rare koala, but when they reach the jungle they are captured by aboriginies who believs that the scarlet koala is sacred. Then Lambert discovers that they aren't the only ones after a koala.

star 7.06
32 votes
Return of the Yakuza

#13 - Return of the Yakuza

Time Trax Season 2 - Episode 1

The head of the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, whom Lambert managed to catch in the 22nd century, has fled to the 20th century. His goal here is to unite all fractions of the Yakuza in order to gain more power. And since he has knowledge of things to come, he quickly comes to the top of Yakuza. When he learns that Lambert has also come to our time, he launches a series of attacks upon him. Lambert tries to seek him out but gets nowhere. ...until he meets a japanese woman, also looking for the fugitive. He's trained by her father, but can he go up against a modern day ninja? And what are the woman's motives? Can Lambert trust her?

star 7.03
34 votes
Death Takes a Holiday

#14 - Death Takes a Holiday

Time Trax Season 1 - Episode 7

Lambert takes on a mafia family in New Orleans, whose boss uses his knowledge of future drugs to keep his employees at bay. When the family clashes against another crime family, Lambert gets caught in the middle. And then a drug-taking woman becomes his companion...

star 7.00
39 votes

#15 - Missing

Time Trax Season 2 - Episode 2

An extraordinary set of circumstances makes Lambert lose SELMA, his trusted holographic database, to some crooks. Lambert starts to follow them, but always seems to be one step behind. He starts to wonder how much time he has before the criminals discover SELMA's amazing powers, and use it to their benefit.

star 7.00
36 votes
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The Ruby Fruit Forest

#16 - The Ruby Fruit Forest

Conan Season 1 - Episode 6

Our four heroes come into a verzauberten forest, which is inhabited by a monster named Kala. Kala eats the fruits of the Corundrumbaums and kills everyone, whom he comes across. The remaining three look unsuccessfully for it and must fear that it drowned.In the meantime Hissah Zul general Nor sends in in his troops in order to look in the forest for rubies, which he needs, in order to bring in the totenkopf.

star 7.00
2 votes
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The Contender

#17 - The Contender

Time Trax Season 1 - Episode 8

One day, a man comes to Lambert, claiming he's also from the future. He explains that he worked for Sambhi, and that he came back in time to stop his son, a world-famous boxer, from killing a man in the ring. But the son refuses to listen, and Lambert is forced into the ring to fight it out.

star 6.97
39 votes
With Brothers Like This

#18 - With Brothers Like This

Flipper (1995) Season 1 - Episode 7

Keith and his brother, Sandy, battle shark poachers.

star 5.00
1 votes
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That's a Moray! (aka Skeleton Garden)

#19 - That's a Moray! (aka Skeleton Garden)

Flipper (1995) Season 1 - Episode 10

After an underwater photographer and her pet moray turn up, so do a couple of corpses.

star 4.00
1 votes
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Fish out of Water

#20 - Fish out of Water

Flipper (1995) Season 1 - Episode 11

Flipper and Pam try to help a plane-crash survivor.

star 4.00
1 votes
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The Cavern

#21 - The Cavern

Conan Season 1 - Episode 19

Hissah Zul causes an enormous storm and Conan and his friends run into a cave. There they make a fire and a Conan look around only once. Hissah Zul causes an earthquake, which breaks the soil and into the depth of the cave and this causes Conan to fall. Then the earth closes and Conan is trapped under the ground.

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#22 - Antidote

Conan Season 1 - Episode 20

One of Hissah Zuls man is poisoned from a arrow.Conan breaks down, And a medicine man examines Conans wound and states that Conan will die, if someone does not procure a Gegengift. Will Conan Survive.

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Lethal Wizards

#23 - Lethal Wizards

Conan Season 1 - Episode 21

Conan arranges an army to the attack on Hissah Zuls fortress. They close in with the intention to take over. Zul sends a man out,Conan make friends and then with Gefolgsleuten they go to a secret tunnel, which Zul wants to collapsed.

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