The BEST episodes directed by Rick Stevenson

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#1 - Troll

So Weird - Season 2 - Episode 19

At a roadside diner, Fi's family and friends disappear one by one, seemingly turning into vegetables and Fi learns the owner of the diner is really a troll.

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Hyenas & Wildebeests
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#2 - Hyenas & Wildebeests

Ed - Season 3 - Episode 13

Carol decides to be objective after debating whether she should avenge Rich Keenan's cruel high school hoax on Molly by writing a negative review of his restaurant in the ""Stuckeyville Progress"". As it happens, she sincerely hates the food and writes a scathing review, which prompts Rich to sue her for maliciously ruining his business. Ed and Frankie represent her in a bench trial before a judge who doesn't care for Ed, but who manages to be objective nonetheless. Although Carol wins the case, she is forced to deal with the aftermath of a secret that's revealed during the proceedings. Phil's latest lamebrained scheme to increase business at Stuckeybowl by attracting a younger crowd gives rise to ""Extreme Bowling"", an idea Ed quickly vetoes before it burns the building down. Molly is stymied about how to help a young geek from being harassed by other students until she devises an ingenious scheme to ensure his popularity, while all kinds of sparks fly between her and the boy's single f

Conspiracy Theory
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#3 - Conspiracy Theory

Flash Gordon (2007) - Season 1 - Episode 10

Zarkov is abducted by Rankol's bodyguard, Genessa, in a bid to enlist the scientist's help in controlling the rifts.

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#4 - Memory

So Weird - Season 1 - Episode 3

Enroute to Tulsa, Fi and the gang visit a town in Oklahoma where it seems that aliens have repressed the memories of everyone in the entire town after their ship crash landed the previous night.

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