The Best Episodes Directed by Rick Morales

Divide by Six

#1 - Divide by Six

Generator Rex Season 2 - Episode 6

Six asks for Rex's help to cure his old mentor, who's become an E.V.O.

star 10.27
13 votes
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A Family Holiday

#2 - A Family Holiday

Generator Rex Season 2 - Episode 15

Doctor Holiday goes to disastrous lengths to get her younger sister, Beverly, cured by a mysterious man named Dr. Brandon Moses, who says that he has found a cure for incurable E.V.O.s. However, there may be more to his "cure" than meets the eye.

star 10.03
9 votes
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#3 - Haunted

Generator Rex Season 2 - Episode 9

A ghostly cat-like E.V.O. interrupts Rex and Noah's double-date with Claire and Annie at a haunted hotel.

star 10.02
10 votes
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Back in Black

#4 - Back in Black

Generator Rex Season 3 - Episode 1

Six months into the future, Rex learns that Black Knight became the head of Providence after White Knight went against the orders of his superiors the Directorate. During this time-skip, Providence has adopted a new method of dealing with captured E.V.O.S. Instead of researching the incurable creatures, they now use a machine to brainwash them into servitude.

star 10.00
10 votes
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#5 - Basic

Generator Rex Season 1 - Episode 17

Rex decides to attend "Providence Boot Camp" in an attempt to beat Noah. Once the boys arrive at the camp, they must dissect E.V.O.s, do sit-ups until they puke (literally), and even brush their teeth a specific way. When Rex and Noah fail a crash landing test and are ordered to do it over and over again until they do it correctly, they realize this may not be as easy as they thought. Things take a turn for the worse when a cadet, Kenwyn, who is angry at Rex for dropping her rank from #1, turns off the power restraint collar placed on E.V.O.s agents in training must battle. As a twist, the General sends her down instead of Rex since Rex fought it eariler in the episode. All the E.V.O.s, including Weaver, break loose and wreak havoc until Kenwyn works with Noah and a very helpful extra to distract the E.V.O.s so Rex can beat them. These four graduate from Basic Training and Noah and Rex are seen walking down the Stone Steps, betting money on who will make it to the bottom first.

star 9.78
15 votes
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#6 - Gravity

Generator Rex Season 1 - Episode 14

Dr. Holiday and small group of Providence scientists are on board a satelite station working on a modified form of nanites that deactivate regular nanites. The test run is a success until ZAG-RS, the rogue AI system from the village of engineers from The Architect, hacks into the satelite to steal the deactivated nanite research. Holiday manages to shut down the satellites' systems thus preventing the download and trapping ZAG-RS but causes the satelite to enter orbital decay. Rex arrives to help using the Space Elevator but the damage done to the elevator destroys it. With the assistance of a drone named Salvator, Rex is able to stabilize the station with an escape pod with Rex, the surviving crew and nanites on board. However, it is eventually revealed that ZAG-RS downloaded herself into Salvator to avoid the effect of the shut down and now intends to leave everyone else on the satellite while she escapes to earth in Salvator with the nanites and the research. However, Rex and Dr. Holiday are able to defeat ZAG-RS by both destabilizing the station and sacrificing the nanites. The episode ends with a crew member, Dr. Holiday, and Rex in an escape pod in the middle of the ocean awaiting pickup.

star 9.75
15 votes
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#7 - Rampage

Generator Rex Season 2 - Episode 1

Van Kleiss turns Noah into an EVO! Can Rex cure his best friend in time?

star 9.74
13 votes
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Night Falls

#8 - Night Falls

Generator Rex Season 2 - Episode 13

Caesar takes Rex to visit a family friend back in Mexico where they are met with cold suspicion and a dark secret.

star 9.74
9 votes
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#9 - Payback

Generator Rex Season 1 - Episode 21

Rex and Noah are aboard the Keep and returning to Providence HQ when news breaks of surprise attacks against major Providence bases around the world. Having lost his nature-controlling powers at Rex's hands (he has apparently manage to turn himself back into a E.V.O. through a as of yet unidentified means), Van Kleiss is out for revenge; he personally leads the Abysus forces which board the Keep. Rex counter attacks, but is restrained by Biowulf long enough for Van Kleiss to drain Rex of all his active nanites. This alters his powers into the mirror image of Rex's: as Rex is able to cure E.V.O's, Van Kleiss is now able to create them, which he demonstrates on Captain Calan. The depowered Rex is thrown from the Keep by Biowulf, but is rescued in midair by Six's jumpjet. Van Kleiss is determined to destroy Providence once and for all; the Keep is rammed into the HQ tower, and a heavy battle develops. Rex, Noah and Bobo escape in a jumpjet to Purgatory Base, where Rex risks his life by immersing himself in active nanites in order to reactivate his powers. The procedure seemingly activates the large, unusual nanite that Dr. Rylander had injected into him in Dark Passage. Providence HQ is about to fall; Van Kleiss makes it into the situation room, defeats Six, and dispatches Biowulf and Skalamander after White Knight and Dr. Holiday. Rex reappears and attacks Van Kleiss, manifesting a new, whip-like build granted by Rylander's nanite; he is able to use its abilities to disable Van Kleiss. Meanwhile Holiday takes down Skalamander by releasing her E.V.O. sister, and White Knight lures Biowulf into a trap. Van Kleiss is snatched to safety by an E.V.O., while Breach sets bombs throughout Providence as a diversion. Rex finds he is able to shut down the entire HQ with his new powers. Providence takes Biowulf, Skalamander, and many other E.V.O.s left behind into custody; Rex, back to his old self, cures Captain Calan. Rex is warmly commended by White Knight and confidently obse

star 9.63
39 votes
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Time Heals

#10 - Time Heals

Ben 10: Alien Force Season 3 - Episode 15

Despite being warned by Paradox, Gwen travels back in time to prevent the accident that turned Kevin into a monster from ever happening. Gwen returns to the present only to find that her time traveling caused a series of events that led to Hex ruling the world.

star 9.45
20 votes
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#11 - Badlands

Generator Rex Season 1 - Episode 20

A large Providence convoy commanded by Six is transporting a case of unstable nanites through a desert. Rex, Bobo, and Noah are assigned the humiliating task of transporting the force's toilet paper on a beaten-up truck; Rex is further annoyed at not being allowed to drive. After his attempt to resuscitate the truck's radio backfires and fills the cabin with smoke, the three stray down a side road. Meanwhile, the convoy is ambushed by a criminal gang of self-declared anarchists, led by the deranged cyborg Gatlocke. The gang successfully hijacks the nanite carrier, only to discover that it is a decoy, its actual cargo being toilet paper; the nanite case had been covertly loaded onto Rex's truck. After some misadventures including an unsuccessful snack stop and an attempt to flirt with girls in a convertible, Rex, Bobo, and Noah trace their way back to the convoy route, coming across the aftermath of the ambush and the waiting gang. Gatlocke demands the truck; a short brawl ensues between him and Rex before the three are able to escape with the truck and one of the gang's all-terrain vehicles. After a running Mad Max-style battle, the gang is defeated and Gatlocke falls into a canyon; his cybernetic parts damaged, he climbs out and demands the nanites again when Providence relief forces show up. Six explains that the nanites are now inert; what he had meant by "unstable" was that they were vulnerable to vibration. The turmoil of battle having resulted in their deactivation, they are now useless to either Providence or Gatlocke. An enraged Gatlocke takes a swing at Rex; he is knocked out cold and taken into custody. Rex, Noah, and Bobo get back in the truck, Rex finally being allowed to drive.

star 9.39
38 votes
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The Hunter

#12 - The Hunter

Generator Rex Season 1 - Episode 13

During a routine job in a small town neighborhood, a flea E.V.O. that Rex was in the middle of curing is destroyed by Hunter Cain, a Punisher-styled vigilante who uses an advanced weapon known as "Sweet Caroline" that causes targeted Nanites to self destruct. Hunter claims that Providence has been lying to the public for years and that the E.V.O. Crisis isn't caused by nanites in every form of life on the planet but in fact a disease that spreads from person to person. Six is able to prevent a fight from breaking out between Rex and Hunter and when they get back to Providence, Hunter's back story is explained. He went insane several months ago when his wife went E.V.O. and whom is the one he first euthanized. Six cites Hunter as a threat because of his rallying of the public against Providence. Meanwhile Rex has lost his will to fight E.V.O.s after a accident in which he was attacked by civilians and injured one by mistake. Meanwhile a large amount of phantom like E.V.O.s are on a rampage at the docks and are immune to conventional weapons. Hunter and his private army arrive on the scene with their specialized anti-nanite weapons and are able to fight off a large amount of the phantoms. Rex, having finally regained his belief in humanity, arrives to fight the phantom E.V.O.s and is attacked by Hunter. While the two are alone, Hunter reveals that he spent a fortune cloning a lone phantom E.V.O. to create the small army to prove Providence's ineffectiveness (not knowing a news team had captured his admitting the crime). After a rough battle, Rex ties up Hunter and leaves him for Providence and, with the help of Hunter's not so loyal army, Rex is able to kill off the phantom E.V.O.s. The episode ends with dozens of interviews about how Rex saved lives while at least partially repairing his reputation and strengthening his new-found belief in humanity, but knows that another person like Hunter will take his place.

star 9.36
42 votes
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The Forgotten

#13 - The Forgotten

Generator Rex Season 1 - Episode 10

A team of Providence soldiers led by Captain Calan, carrying an important data rod, are shot down over the "Bug Jar" (formerly Kiev, Ukraine, which has been sealed off from the rest of the world via a one-way force field bubble). Rex, Six, and Bobo are called in to retrieve the rod and any survivors of the crew. Doctor Holiday gives Rex a secret task of collecting samples, on the condition of a dinner date with Rex. Rex is able to secure the data rod after entering the zone, but things go awry when E.V.O.s attack the trio, and they are stranded inside the Bug Jar. The E.V.O.s are being led by a faceless, four-armed E.V.O. called NoFace. Rex and the others escape from NoFace, and meet up with two of Calan's team, who are none too pleased with Rex's carefree nature about the data-rod's retrieval. They lead Rex and Six to a site where NoFace is forcing Calan and another member of his team to repair the downed ship, using a form of telepathy to communicate with the other E.V.O.s. After a struggle, Rex and the others make contact with Holiday, who tells them to head for a hotel for extraction. As the group wait for help to arrive, NoFace leads another charge against Rex and the team, hoping to use the extraction as a way of escaping the Bug Jar. However, Rex manages to use Holiday's sample collector to disable NoFace and escape with the rescue team, leaving the faceless creature and his brood still trapped. Back at Providence headquarters, Rex pretends to have lost the data rod to tick off White Knight, earning recognition from the crew he saved when he allows them to take the credit for it's retrieval. Holiday is happy to see Rex and the others safe, even if he didn't manage to collect samples for her. She mentions it meant everything to her, except a date.

star 8.98
74 votes
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String Theory

#14 - String Theory

Generator Rex Season 1 - Episode 2

Rex is sent on a mission to lower Manhattan, where an E.V.O.-infected human named Peter Meechum which infects everything it touches is turning humans into zombies. Rex wants to attempt a cure, but White Knight is determined to prevent the infection from spreading, and is willing to resort to destroying the city with a nuclear bomb. Complicating the matter further, Peter is being blackmailed by Van Kleiss (who has Biowulf kidnap his daughter) and refuses the cure. Rex and Agent Six must cooperate to save the girl from the Pack and the city from the bomb, all behind White Knight's back.

star 8.84
202 votes
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#15 - Vendetta

Ben 10: Alien Force Season 3 - Episode 18

Kevin returns home to find his house ransacked, so he enlists Ben and Gwen's help to find out who did it and why. They soon cross paths with Ragnarok, a deadly criminal who recently broke free from the Null Void and is in search of a special key. Kevin is intent on stopping Ragnarok from obtaining the special key, especially after he learns the truth about Ragnarok and his father.

star 8.62
54 votes
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#16 - Darkness

Beware the Batman Season 1 - Episode 14

Batman makes an unlikely alliance with Silver Monkey to escape from the League of Assassins.

star 8.36
151 votes
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In Charm's Way

#17 - In Charm's Way

Ben 10: Alien Force Season 3 - Episode 9

Kevin is beginning to lose all hope that he will someday return to his human self. He then meets a girl who doesn't seem to mind the form he is in. Kevin finds himself under her spell, quite literally, as Charmcaster has come back to exact revenge on Ben and Gwen. Kevin, under Charmcaster's spell, has no choice but to obey his master and destroy Ben and Gwen.

star 8.27
89 votes
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Busy Box

#18 - Busy Box

Ben 10: Alien Force Season 3 - Episode 12

Ben, Kevin and Gwen come across an alien box that can forms into a robotic version of whatever it sees. It power becomes a liability when the Vreedle brothers decide to take the box for themselves.

star 8.14
48 votes
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#19 - Allies

Beware the Batman Season 1 - Episode 8

Lt. Gordon asks for Batman’s help to recover his kidnapped daughter Barbara; Batman and Katana find a rhythm working together to save her.

star 8.10
279 votes
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#20 - Secrets

Beware the Batman Season 1 - Episode 2

A new female villain, Magpie, kidnaps Batman, who must decipher her multiple personality disorder in order to outsmart her.

star 7.99
407 votes
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#21 - Instinct

Beware the Batman Season 1 - Episode 11

Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad are back...and they've set their sights on Gotham's elite couture culture. Leaving clues that only Batman can decipher, they attack both a model and a clothing designer -- encasing them in deadly traps. Although Batman and Katana are able to save the day, they miss Pyg and Toad's master plan: to destroy the yacht where the after-party for Gotham's Fashion Week is being staged. Every fashion icon in the world will be there... as well as Bruce Wayne!

star 7.98
255 votes
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#22 - Broken

Beware the Batman Season 1 - Episode 5

Strange, life-size metal toy army men appear all over Gotham, armed with real weapons. When Batman investigates, he discovers they are more than toys.

star 7.90
330 votes
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#23 - Monsters

Beware the Batman Season 1 - Episode 17

Batman and Katana team up with Rex Mason, also known as the "Golem of Old Gotham", as they combat an increasing army of armored thugs that have been terrorizing several parts of Old Gotham. In addition, they also dodge Harvey Dent's newly-created Special Crimes Unit, which is ordered to take down both the armored criminals and the vigilantes fighting them.

star 7.85
175 votes
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