The Best Episodes Directed by Richard Sweren


#1 - Punk

Law & Order Season 9 - Episode 8

The murder of a corrections officer leads detectives to a women's prison where a guard was linked to an inmate Carmichael put away on drug charges and a confrontation with defense attorney Danielle Melnick.

star 7.87
125 votes
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Sport of Kings

#2 - Sport of Kings

Law & Order Season 15 - Episode 22

The shooting of a Panamanian jockey sends Fontana and Falco into the colorful world of horse racing, and they learn that the animal's owner used stolen funds for the purchase.

star 7.68
133 votes
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Everybody Loves Raimondo's

#3 - Everybody Loves Raimondo's

Law & Order Season 14 - Episode 20

Greed, treachery and disrespect shape the motives for murder when two men are gunned down at an exclusive restaurant.

star 7.61
130 votes

#4 - Ambitious

Law & Order Season 9 - Episode 21

The murder of an audio installation salesman leads the detectives to a case with connections to the mafia.

star 7.59
140 votes
The Sixth Man

#5 - The Sixth Man

Law & Order Season 15 - Episode 16

McCoy prosecutes a famous basketball star accused of murdering a man who was suing him because of a massive brawl between players and fans.

star 7.58
124 votes
Double Down

#6 - Double Down

Law & Order Season 7 - Episode 19

The cops' best hope of finding a kidnapped hired car driver alive is one of the armed robbers who grabbed him after a job, but the immunity deal he demands in return would effectively preclude his prosecution for the shooting death of an off-duty cop, placing McCoy in a difficult position as he seeks to placate the cops, who want the guy prosecuted, and the kidnapped man's wife, who wants every avenue of saving her husband explored.

star 7.46
191 votes

#7 - Untitled

Law & Order Season 10 - Episode 20

A wealthy woman, who is a patron of the arts, is found dead in her apartment and the ensuing investigation leads to a suspect whose violence was spurred by a painting similar to the crime scene.

star 7.45
153 votes
Black, White, and Blue

#8 - Black, White, and Blue

Law & Order Season 10 - Episode 17

The murder of a white teen-ager in Harlem seems like an open-and-shut case until two patrol officers are implicated in the crime.

star 7.39
153 votes

#9 - Passion

Law & Order Season 7 - Episode 21

Briscoe and Curtis investigate the death of a pretty young book editor who was reputedly having an affair with one of her authors, and find themselves focusing on the author's long time companion, who steadfastly denies there was anything wrong with their relationship.

star 7.23
149 votes