The Best Episodes Directed by Richard Goleszowski

Is Anyone Out There?

#1 - Is Anyone Out There?

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 11

What do Aliens think of our planet? And is it OK to kiss the postman? Mrs Green has been a UK resident for over eighteen years, and believes that there is nothing to gain from destroying the human race. She prefers people to communicate with her on an emotional level rather than intellectual level, whilst her mother enjoys pouring tea from a silver teapot during University Challenge.

star 9.53
34 votes
Merry Christmas

#2 - Merry Christmas

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 13

Christmas from the animals that make it happen. As the offspring of two renowned urban "tweeters", it was only natural that Charlie should follow in the great family tradition. Like many precocious youngsters, Charlie loves showing off his seven octave range, and thinks he could serenade anyone to sleep - even himself!

star 7.86
35 votes
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What's It All About, Then?

#3 - What's It All About, Then?

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 9

A grab bag of nature's finest speculate on where they come from. The Rudges try to avoid sunburn by taking a dip in the pool at least twice a day. They enjoy England and can adapt to whatever nature throws at them, but lack of personal space can cause nerves to fray - especially when Andrew gets hungry.

star 7.84
37 votes
Pets at the Vets

#4 - Pets at the Vets

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 2

Under the weather pets vent spleen in the waiting room. Clement has been thrown out of a wide range of surgeries, and lives in constant fear of something dropping on his head!

star 7.71
7 votes
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Working Animals

#5 - Working Animals

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 3

Working animals talk about their careers and things that have happened during their jobs. Animals interviewed include lab rats who fear retirement, Pickles the Dog, and a cockroach who multi-tasks.

star 7.17
6 votes
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Pet Shop

#6 - Pet Shop

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 8

Potential pets face their fear of being left on the shelf. Oscar is always on the go, and regards sleep as one of his favourite pastimes behind walking slowly, and pretending to be a strange looking rock. Just before embarking on one of his legendary siestathons, Oscar revealed that his biggest fear is being shut in a small space.

star 7.14
7 votes
Cats or Dogs?

#7 - Cats or Dogs?

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 12

The two most popular pets go head to head. Fluffy can fit three packets of peanuts into his mouth, and thinks children love him because he's got big stupid eyes and looks like a baby.

star 6.97
33 votes
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Being a Bird

#8 - Being a Bird

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 10

Our feathered friends reveal the ups and downs of life in the air. Trixie and Captain Cuddlepuss are primarily sofa inhabitants who find their domestic arrangement entirely satisfactory. Captain Cuddlepuss has a penchant for fress chicken served on a hand painted Chinese saucer - best enjoyed whilst Trixie is side-stepping the dog mess on her daily constitutional around the local civic grounds.

star 6.94
34 votes
The Circus

#9 - The Circus

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 1

Circus animals talk about their experiences of performing, and how they feel about it. Featuring Matilda the Cow, Miss Dynamite the Pig, and Mr Tickles the Seal.

star 6.88
16 votes
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Feeding Time

#10 - Feeding Time

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 6

Who visited your dustbin last night? Spanner and Trousers are eco warriors who enjoy eating liberated food under railway bridges. Trousers classes himself as rich in knowledge and doesn't believe in biting people, and Spanner will only let strange women pet him.

star 6.83
6 votes
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The Garden

#11 - The Garden

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 5

Garden dwellers discuss life in the urban turf. The newly hatched Baby Robins share their garden with a three legged cat callled Daisy. Stan recently took his first flying lesson, and when Ted grows up he wants to become a woodpecker.

star 6.80
5 votes
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The Sea

#12 - The Sea

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 4

In this episode, creatures from the sea talk about events and experiences in their lives. Featured were: Fergal the Shark, Terry the Octopus, and Sue & Lorraine the Walrusses.

star 6.75
8 votes
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The Beach

#13 - The Beach

Creature Comforts Season 1 - Episode 7

Coastal creatures rub up against the summer hordes. Terry loves the sea and needs little encouragement to have a good old fashioned splash around. Having recently washed up on these shores after a short trip to South America, he can confidently state that the English Sea is much more refreshing than the foreign one.

star 6.60
5 votes