The Best Episodes Directed by Rian Johnson


#1 - Ozymandias

Breaking Bad Season 5 - Episode 14

Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances.

star 9.04
6182 votes
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Manifest Destiny

#2 - Manifest Destiny

Terriers Season 1 - Episode 5

Hank and Britt deal with the widening scope of the Lindus conspiracy as they try to avoid the rap for a murder they (technically) didn't commit.

star 8.28
76 votes
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#3 - Fifty-One

Breaking Bad Season 5 - Episode 4

Walt celebrates another birthday. Skyler considers her options. An associate complicates Walt and Jesse's plan.

star 8.09
4187 votes
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#4 - Fly

Breaking Bad Season 3 - Episode 10

Walt becomes obsessed with a contaminant in the lab and refuses to finish the cook until it is eliminated. A frustrated Jesse attempts to get Walt back on track.

star 7.35
4129 votes
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