The Best Episodes Directed by Rene Balcer


#1 - Empire

Law & Order Season 9 - Episode 20

The death of a corporate mogul caused by an overdose of a sexual performance-enhancing drug leads to a case with a witness that puts Curtis in a compromising position.

star 7.75
114 votes
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#2 - Corruption

Law & Order Season 7 - Episode 5

Curtis, angered by the attitude of an old colleague of Briscoe's, looks beyond the findings of an IAB investigation and turns up evidence of police corruption that puts the DA's office into competition with an ambitious judge and Briscoe under investigation for stealing evidence from a police lockup.

star 7.55
163 votes

#3 - Stiff

Law & Order Season 10 - Episode 23

The detectives' investigation into why a wealthy woman is comatose involves her husband, daughter and doctor.

star 7.45
141 votes

#4 - Blood

Law & Order Season 8 - Episode 7

The paternity of a black baby given up for adoption by a white mother might provide a clue to her murderer but it also unearths some long buried family secrets.

star 7.42
212 votes
Blood Libel

#5 - Blood Libel

Law & Order Season 6 - Episode 9

A hidden anti-Semitic message in a high school yearbook offers a clue to an art teacher's murder and leads to a case that matches McCoy against "Klan lawyer" Roy Payne.

star 7.42
171 votes
Trade This

#6 - Trade This

Law & Order Season 10 - Episode 16

The murder of a stockbroker points to organized crime when a hired hit man kills the prime suspect.

star 7.41
143 votes

#7 - Performance

Law & Order Season 5 - Episode 14

Briscoe and Logan set out to identify the apparent victim in a snuff film, but find her alive and really the victim of a points-for-sex club at her prestigious high school.

star 7.41
227 votes

#8 - Custody

Law & Order Season 6 - Episode 14

Paul Robinette places the system on trial when he defends a young black woman accused of kidnapping her biological baby from his white, adoptive parents.

star 7.33
181 votes

#9 - Denial

Law & Order Season 8 - Episode 2

Bloody sheets and an apparently stolen credit card lead Briscoe and Curtis to a pair of college age lovers who present McCoy and Ross with a united front of denial that one of them killed their newborn son and disposed of the body.

star 7.31
219 votes
Entitled (2)

#10 - Entitled (2)

Law & Order Season 10 - Episode 14

The focus of the case returns to a politically influential family and, during the course of the trial, McCoy finds the powerful matriarch to be a formidable opponent. (Entitled (1) aired on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, season 1, episode 15.)

star 7.22
157 votes

#11 - DWB

Law & Order Season 9 - Episode 2

Detectives discover a shocking twist involving unlikely suspects when they investigate the brutal beating of a black man dumped near the highway.

star 7.16
257 votes

#12 - Harvest

Law & Order Season 8 - Episode 4

A discrepancy concerning the time of death of a drive-by shooting victim leads McCoy and Ross to initiate prosecutions against both the shooter and the doctor who harvested her organs as transplant donations.

star 6.94
226 votes