The BEST episodes directed by Ralf Huettner

Blowjob Betty
30 votes

#1 - Blowjob Betty

Dr. Psycho - Season 1 - Episode 2

For quite a while the taskforce is trying to prove, that the brothel owner “Lemmi” Lehmann is involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution. Surprisingly it’s Max, who suggests an undercover operation. In disguise as a suitor, Max wants to talk to Lemmi’s girls. But as the prostitute Betty provides Max with a quickie instead of the needed information, his dismiss seems inevitable…

91 votes

#2 - Osama

Dr. Psycho - Season 1 - Episode 1

Police psychologist Max Munzl is put into the taskforce “organized crime” by captain Hasse to give mental support to his often-burdened colleagues. Unfortunately, his help is refused by everybody in the police department. As Max disagrees with the whole team, by seeing a real threat in the suspected terrorist Omar, he evens draws more rejection to himself. But it soon becomes clear, that Max wasn’t completely wrong…

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Die einzige Zeugin
2 votes

#3 - Die einzige Zeugin

Dr. Psycho - Season 1 - Episode 3

Betty, the only witness of the taskforce in multiple cases of the human trafficking and forced prostitution, refuses to make a statement against the brothel owner “Lemmi” Lehmann and participate in a witness protection program. But Max is able to learn the reason for Betty’s refusal: she has a little son who is living with his farther. If Betty should turn against Lehmann and went into witness protection, she fears of losing all contact to her son for good. As Max wants to take care of everything, he accommodates Betty in his home, just as Max’s wife Lena wants to give their marriage another chance…

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