The Best Episodes Directed by R.w. Goodwin

Anasazi (1)

#1 - Anasazi (1)

The X-Files Season 2 - Episode 25

When Mulder obtains what could be the original and uncut MJ documents containing information about the government's knowledge of extraterrestrial life; his shadowy enemies step up their harassment of him, eventually leading to his apparent murder.

star 8.19
1702 votes
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The Erlenmeyer Flask

#2 - The Erlenmeyer Flask

The X-Files Season 1 - Episode 24

When Deep Throat points out a news story about a fugitive who apparently drowned, Mulder and Scully cannot see what makes the case special but follow it up anyway. With Deep Throat's insistence, they discover evidence of a secret government project code-named Purity Control, which uses human test subjects and infects them with extraterrestrial DNA. However, the evidence and everyone who has seen it is quickly being eliminated.

star 8.15
1850 votes
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Redux (2)

#3 - Redux (2)

The X-Files Season 5 - Episode 1

Scully helps Mulder fake his own death in order for him to go undetected through the Department of Defence and find out the answers to his new questions about the government hoax concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life. Meanwhile, at a joint FBI/DOD inquiry, Scully's attempt to drive out the Conspiracy's informant is halted as her cancer takes a bad turn.

star 8.04
1345 votes
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Sunny, Like Sunshine

#4 - Sunny, Like Sunshine

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 6

Sully and Maggie reconnect; Bobby visits his brother Matty and tries to prepare him for his release from prison; Sunny asks Kim for a place to stay and runs away when Kim refers her to a shelter; Carlos hits a pedestrian with the bus; Faith and Bosco investigate a grave robbery and ponder immortality; Jimmy rescues a new recruit who is trapped under a collapsed ceiling in an apartment fire; Bobby takes Doc's advice and tells Kim how he feels, only to learn that Kim feels she isn't good enough for him; Sunny ODs and Bobby helps a saddened Kim find out her real name and hometown so that her parents can be notified; Sully's approach to "problem solving" goes horribly awry in a domestic dispute; Carlos and Doc come to blows over Doc's training methods, forcing Morales to break them up; Sully learns that Ty has good instincts, enabling them to save a teenage girl from a sexual predator.

star 8.03
205 votes
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Gethsemane (1)

#5 - Gethsemane (1)

The X-Files Season 4 - Episode 24

While investigating the discovery of a preserved alien body found in the mountains of Canada, Mulder is contacted by Michael Kritschgau. He tells Mulder about a government conspiracy to make people believe in aliens without question, and Mulder has been the prime target.

star 8.00
1113 votes
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Herrenvolk (2)

#6 - Herrenvolk (2)

The X-Files Season 4 - Episode 1

Jeremiah Smith and Mulder are on the run from the alien bounty hunter, and Smith takes Mulder to a small farm tended to by identical sets of children, and all the girls are clones of his sister when she was still a child. Mulder prepares to take Jeremiah and one of the clones to see his mother in the hospital, but the bounty hunter catches up with them. Meanwhile, the Syndicate suspects that they have a traitor in their midst and plan a trap which results in X being executed by the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

star 7.98
1497 votes
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The End

#7 - The End

The X-Files Season 5 - Episode 20

The Cigarette-Smoking Man returns as Mulder investigates the attempted assassination of a young boy with psychic powers who may be the proof that he has looked for all his life.

star 7.95
1148 votes
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Talitha Cumi (1)

#8 - Talitha Cumi (1)

The X-Files Season 3 - Episode 24

Mulder and Scully search for a mysterious man with the power to heal. His actions risk exposing the existence of aliens on Earth, while a confrontation between Mrs. Mulder and the Cigarette-Smoking Man leads Mulder to the discovery of the only weapon which can kill the aliens.

star 7.92
1421 votes
The Blessing Way (2)

#9 - The Blessing Way (2)

The X-Files Season 3 - Episode 1

Scully finds her career with the FBI in jeopardy as Mulder is still missing and the Cigarette-Smoking Man is pursuing the stolen files. The Navajo elders find Mulder's body in a cave and perform an ancient ceremony to call the spirit back to the empty vessel.

star 7.90
1825 votes
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One Breath

#10 - One Breath

The X-Files Season 2 - Episode 8

Scully mysteriously appears in a Washington hospital, alive but in a coma, and Mulder must fight to keep her alive in order to find out what happened to her and who did it to her. Meanwhile, Scully fights her own personal battle as she decides whether to stay or go on to the next world.

star 7.72
1791 votes
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History of the World

#11 - History of the World

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 8

On Thanksgiving Day, Bosco tries to resolve a family conflict in a restaurant while Faith deals with the same thing in her own home. Bobby's mother refuses to allow Matty to attend the family's holiday celebrations, and leaves it up to Bobby to tell his brother. After a shooting, Ty and Sully disagree over how they should report the incident to their superiors and the investigating team.

star 7.53
230 votes