The BEST episodes directed by Phil Sgriccia

Death of Innocence
2 votes

#1 - Death of Innocence

Hack - Season 1 - Episode 13

Marcellus gets a new partner, Aldo Rossi, and Mike has trouble adjusting to the change; after initially resisting Heather's suggestion that he reconcile with his father on his upcoming birthday, Mike finally relents, but his father rejects both his present and Mike; the ""Inquirer"" reporter who wrote the story of Mike's arrest now wants to paint him as a hero, much to Mike's disgust; when his friend Doug is killed in a hit-and-run accident after he gets out of his cab, Mike promises Doug's son Bobby that he will find the man who killed his father; after finding out that Doug had uncovered a fraudulent scheme at his company, Mike suspects that the company's chief financial officer had a hand in his death, and has mixed feelings when he is proved wrong by Rossi, who uncovers the real culprit.

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Fan Fiction
3058 votes

#2 - Fan Fiction

Supernatural - Season 10 - Episode 5

When Sam and Dean investigate the disappearance of a teacher, they are stunned to see the school is putting on a musical based on their lives.

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3514 votes

#3 - Sacrifice

Supernatural - Season 8 - Episode 23

With Crowley poised to undo all the good they’ve ever done as hunters, Sam and Dean find themselves cornered. But with Kevin's help, the Winchester brothers bound into one last play against The Demon King. Metatron initiates a plan with Castiel to take on Naomi and the bureaucracy of Heaven.

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Yellow Fever
3445 votes

#4 - Yellow Fever

Supernatural - Season 4 - Episode 6

Hell beckons again when Dean is stricken with a mysterious illness that frightens its sufferers to death. Sam and Dean scramble to find the cause of the disease in time to save Dean from sure death.

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Brother's Keeper
2345 votes

#5 - Brother's Keeper

Supernatural - Season 10 - Episode 23

Dean makes a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that would change not only his life, but Sam’s too. Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena face off and Castiel gets caught in the middle.

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Alpha and Omega
3195 votes

#6 - Alpha and Omega

Supernatural - Season 11 - Episode 23

God comes to a decision about Amara that has direct repercussions for Sam and Dean.

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The Enemy Within
3 votes

#7 - The Enemy Within

The Agency - Season 1 - Episode 12

After the daughter of the United States Ambassador to Greece is kidnapped by terrorists, Matt and Jackson attempt to track her down. Following the abduction, the CIA reveals to the ambassador that the young woman has actually been working undercover for them for several years. Matt and Jackson think they have successfully rescued her, but then realize they have an imposter and must save the real girl before she is murdered. Meanwhile, Robert uses Lisa to get important information from Patrice, which he turns against her.

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Everybody Hates Hitler
3382 votes

#8 - Everybody Hates Hitler

Supernatural - Season 8 - Episode 13

Sam and Dean investigate the death of Rabbi Bass, who spontaneously combusted. The case becomes ever more confusing when they learn that the Rabbi was researching Nazi Necromancers. Sam and Dean are attacked by a Golem who turns out to belong to the Rabbi’s grandson, Aaron. The key to the case lies with the Golem but Aaron doesn’t know how to control him, which leaves everyone in danger.

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Keep Calm and Carry On
3853 votes

#9 - Keep Calm and Carry On

Supernatural - Season 12 - Episode 1

Dean is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom, Mary Winchester. Meanwhile, Sam is fighting for his life after Toni, from the Woman of Letters, shot him.

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The Bad Place
2315 votes

#10 - The Bad Place

Supernatural - Season 13 - Episode 9

Jack, desperate to prove to Sam and Dean that he is good and that he can control his powers, enlists the help of a dreamcatcher named Kaia to help him find Mary Winchester and save her from the alternate universe. However, when plans go awry, the Winchester brothers are the ones who need saving.

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Beat the Devil
1918 votes

#11 - Beat the Devil

Supernatural - Season 13 - Episode 21

Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel must work together if they have any hope of bringing Mary and Jack home. Meanwhile, Rowena’s encounter with Lucifer may alter the outcome of the journey for one of our heroes.

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3580 votes

#12 - LOTUS

Supernatural - Season 12 - Episode 8

Lucifer’s search for power and influence in a vessel lands him in the White House. The President of The United States unknowingly makes a deal with the devil, leading Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley and Rowena to band together to fight the Dark Lord.

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Meet the New Boss
4127 votes

#13 - Meet the New Boss

Supernatural - Season 7 - Episode 1

Castiel doesn't kill Sam, Dean and Bobby but warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. Dean decides they should bind Death and order him to stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his head.

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The Executioner's Song
2283 votes

#14 - The Executioner's Song

Supernatural - Season 10 - Episode 14

Dean, Sam and Castiel deal with Cain’s return. Crowley and Rowena continue to grow closer but when Crowley bails on plans with his mother to help the Winchesters, Rowena lets him have it.

Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
3186 votes

#15 - Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Supernatural - Season 4 - Episode 2

After Dean's encounter with Castiel, Dean, Sam and Bobby brush up on their biblical lore when they're attacked by the vengeful spirits of people from the Winchesters' past. They're warned it's a sign that someone is trying to break seals which will bring on the apocalypse.

Big Girls Don't Fly (2)
74 votes

#16 - Big Girls Don't Fly (2)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Season 3 - Episode 22

Confronting his mysterious heritage and destiny, Superman makes the most harrowing decision of his life.

Hero's Heart
81 votes

#17 - Hero's Heart

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Season 4 - Episode 2

Iolaus was depressed by his failure to save a woman from falling to her death, and he told Hercules to find another partner. Fortune, the goddess of luck, was behind it all. Feeling bad for Iolaus, she tried to make amends by wiping his memory of the tradegy. Unfortunately, the meddlesome Fortune accidentally erased his entire memory, including Hercules. Iolaus went to work for the troublemaker Zeno and wound up fighting Hercules until the son of Zeus convinced his friend he had the heart of a hero -- not a killer. Then Hercules summoned Fortune, who restored Iolaus' memory.

Wayward Sisters
2299 votes

#18 - Wayward Sisters

Supernatural - Season 13 - Episode 10

When Sam and Dean go missing, Jody Mills calls Claire Novak, the rebellious rogue hunter, and tells her it is time to come home – they need to find the Winchesters. Claire returns and reunites with Alex Jones, who has stayed behind with Jody and tries to balance a “normal” life with being a part time hunter. While Jody is happy to have Claire home again, she’s plagued by Patience’s disturbing vision involving her adopted daughter. Claire and Alex search for Kaia Nieves, the dreamcatcher responsible for opening the rift that Sam and Dean went through, as she holds the key to their whereabouts. Jody calls her friend, Donna Hanscum, to round out the team and the women head off on the most important hunt of their lives.

Form and Void
2604 votes

#19 - Form and Void

Supernatural - Season 11 - Episode 2

Dean helps Jenna, the deputy he met after the Darkness fell, get back home safely and then sets off to help Sam deal with a town infected by a mysterious and deadly gas. However, when Jenna falls into dangerous hands, she calls Dean for help and Sam tells him to go back to her. Unfortunately for Sam, he isn't able to handle the townspeople turned monsters as easily as he thought.

The Memory Remains
3187 votes

#20 - The Memory Remains

Supernatural - Season 12 - Episode 18

Sam and Dean investigate a missing person’s case in a small town. The lead witness tells the Winchesters the attacker was a man with the head of a goat. Sam and Dean aren’t sure what to believe but when the witness goes missing they realize the town is hiding a dark secret.

The Purge
2908 votes

#21 - The Purge

Supernatural - Season 9 - Episode 13

Sam and Dean investigate recent murders where the victims were hundreds of pounds lighter after their deaths. Suspecting witches, the two go undercover at a fancy day spa that all of the victims had attended for weight loss. While Sam is hired as a fitness instructor, Dean takes kitchen duty. After Dean swipes some tainted food and passes out, the guys realize someone is drugging the guests and literally sucking all of the fat out of them until they die.

Damaged Goods
1418 votes

#22 - Damaged Goods

Supernatural - Season 14 - Episode 11

Dean spends some bonding time with Mary and Donna. Nick finally finds the answer he has been searching for. Sam is left to make an unimaginable choice.

Ready or Not
250 votes

#23 - Ready or Not

JAG - Season 8 - Episode 8

Harm doesn't have much hope in his defense of a two-star general court-martialed for disobedience and reckless endangerment during a wargame. His job is made more complicated when, in a rare move, Mac is appointed as the judge.

There's No Place Like Home
2113 votes

#24 - There's No Place Like Home

Supernatural - Season 10 - Episode 11

Sam is scanning the internet for suspicious paranormal activity and comes across a video of Charlie beating up a district attorney. Dean suspects she’s back from Oz and hunting on her own, assuming the district attorney must have been a demon. When they do find Charlie, they are shocked when she tells them why she really came back from Oz.

Love Hurts
2551 votes

#25 - Love Hurts

Supernatural - Season 11 - Episode 13

Sam and Dean investigate a set of murders on Valentine’s Day and discover they are dealing with an ancient curse. Once kissed by the curse, the person is marked to die.

Shut Up, Dr. Phil
3696 votes

#26 - Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Supernatural - Season 7 - Episode 5

Sam and Dean meet Maggie Stark, a witch who has unleashed her wrath on a small town, resulting in numerous deaths. Sam and Dean track down her husband, Donald, to see if he can help. Donald tells the brothers that Maggie is mad at him for having an affair and is taking it out on the townspeople.

1174 votes

#27 - Craving

Smallville - Season 1 - Episode 7

A teen's amazingly successful weight-loss regimen gives her a crazed hunger for high-fat munchies! So she munches on a deer here, a boyfriend there - she's a fat-sucking fiend and a menace to all Smallville!

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Criss Angel Is a Douchebag
3332 votes

#28 - Criss Angel Is a Douchebag

Supernatural - Season 4 - Episode 12

Aging magician The Incredible Jay performs the dangerous Table of Death trick and emerges unscathed. Jay cheated the Grim Reaper, but one of his rivals didn't. He checked out while Jay was doing his act.

All Others Pay Cash
2 votes

#29 - All Others Pay Cash

Hack - Season 1 - Episode 20

After Bill Olshansky has heart attack which creates irreversible and uncurable heart damage, Mike's decision to take care of his father leads them over rough territory as they hash out old grievances and can't seem to connect; in an attempt to get them to reconcile, Faith provides some words of wisdom for both father and son which finally enables them to bridge the gulf that separates them before Bill dies; picking up on Mike's feelings about Ryan, Mikey begins acting out towards the new man in his mother's life; Grizz is suspended by the bishop after $2,000 is missing from the collection money; Mike enlists the help of Aldo and the altar boys in exposing the real thief; Grizz contemplates leaving the priesthood in the face of his growing attraction to Beth, coupled with the bishop's lack of confidence and support.

1 votes

#30 - Gone

Hack - Season 2 - Episode 11

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Hidden Agenda
3 votes

#31 - Hidden Agenda

Hack - Season 2 - Episode 2

Mike and Marcellus work together to free an innocent man caught up in the nightmare of being falsely accused of terrorism by an F.B.I. agent who runs amok under the cover of the so-called ""Patriot"" Act when bombs go off at the Criminal Justice Center; in a misguided attempt to help, Jaime uses Mike's computer to hack into the F.B.I.'s database, which only leads to landing Mike in custody as well; Mike uses his time in custody to figure out that the bombings might be personal rather than institutional attacks, and gives Jaime the opportunity to redeem himself by having him hack into the PPD's database to find the link between the victims, who ends up being an ex-con out to destroy the people responsible for putting him behind bars; Mike and Marcellus track the bomber down just in time to prevent him from harming the next victim on his list, his probation officer, who turns out to be Mike's neighbor Liz.

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Bad Choices
1 votes

#32 - Bad Choices

Hack - Season 1 - Episode 9

After Mike picks up Chuck, a frantic naked man, he helps him track down the prostitute who robbed him of his clothes, money, and most importantly, his wedding ring. They find Anna, the prostitute, who tells them that Raymond, her abusive pimp, has taken Chuck's belongings. Sympathetic to her plight, Mike offers to buy Anna's freedom from Raymond in addition to Chuck's wedding ring. After Raymond returns his ring, Chuck decides not to pay the $5000 Raymond wants for Anna, and sets Mike up for arrest. After Grizz bails him out, Mike fights Raymond to help Anna escape. Chuck finally tells the police and his wife the truth. Even though she throws him out, he's determined to win her back. Mike takes Chuck's $5000 and pays off Grizz's debt to a loan shark, which eliminates Grizz's need to ""borrow"" money from the collection plate.

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Fog of War
0 votes

#33 - Fog of War

Hack - Season 2 - Episode 14

Mike steps in to help his cousin who's caught a downward spiral of addiction and suicidal urges as he combats post-traumatic stress after serving in Iraq.

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