The BEST episodes directed by Peter Minns

Episode 3
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#1 - Episode 3

Police Interceptors - Season 1 - Episode 3

Armed with outrageously fast cars and the very latest kit, the police interceptors are the new kids on the block in the fight against crime – and they are getting results fast. The government is spending serious money on cutting-edge technology and hand-picked, highly trained officers. Using Essex as a test bed, they have created the hardest-hitting police unit in the country.

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Episode 5
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#2 - Episode 5

Police Interceptors - Season 1 - Episode 5

In this instalment, a criminal in a Lexus flees the interceptors but regrets his actions when his luxury car ends up a total wreck. Elsewhere, an Essex girl’s car grabs the cops’ attention; and one of the interceptors’ Mitsubishi Evos takes a battering.