The Best Episodes Directed by Peter Fearon

House of Nightmares

#1 - House of Nightmares

House of Anubis Season 2 - Episode 8

A new boy, Eddie, arrives and instantly makes an enemy in Patricia. Amber surprises Nina by finding something that Nina has been looking for. While Jerome plans to scam some money out of his classmates, Vera, the new house mother, and Jasper have a secret meeting. Eddie causes trouble at Jerome's fundraiser, and things become worse when Mara figures out that the entire fundraiser is a scam. That night, Senkhara invades Amber's dreams and attempts to mark her as well.

star 9.00
15 votes
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House of Heartbreak

#2 - House of Heartbreak

House of Anubis Season 2 - Episode 10

Sibuna's next task is a deadly Egyptian version of hopscotch. If the sequence is not correct on the first try, the ceiling descends to crush everything in its path and keep the mask hidden from the world until the end of time. Meanwhile, Jerome is desperate to clear his debt after his charity scam fails. He starts selling masks and dresses for the dance. Unfortunately, he, setting himself up to be ostracized, sells Nina, Joy, and Mrs. Andrews the same dress. Sibuna figures out the correct sequence to safely cross the deadly hopscotch. In a dream at the end, during the dance, Fabian and Nina share a kiss. Then, when Nina hears Senkhara calling, she follows, but she can be walking into a trap. The episode ends with the dream.

star 8.75
12 votes
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House of Myths

#3 - House of Myths

House of Anubis Season 2 - Episode 7

Amber is temporarily blinded by a strange beacon that is apparently a trap. Nina and Fabian discover the only thing that can protect them from the beacon: the amulets. Nina and Fabian explore the first task, set by Sarah's father, Robert Frobisher-Smythe, in the tunnels. The answer lies in some old tomes, but one is missing. Jerome reads a letter to his mum from his father and makes a shocking discovery. Anubis House is assigned a new housemother, named Vera, and she appears to be more suspicious than anyone.

star 8.61
18 votes
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House of Faces

#4 - House of Faces

House of Anubis Season 2 - Episode 6

Sibuna finds an antechamber and several amulets. Mara is still upset about Mick while Jerome creates trouble between Mara and Mick. Mick prepares to leave for good. Everyone throws Mick a surprise party, but Mara decides not to go. Jerome decides to hire a private investigator to find his father. Mara finally decides to say goodbye to Mick. Nina, Fabian, and Amber go back to the antechamber to investigate further. Amber pulls a book and finds a tunnel behind the antechamber bookshelf by doing so.

star 8.31
16 votes
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House of Combinations

#5 - House of Combinations

House of Anubis Season 2 - Episode 9

Nina and Fabian puzzle over the mysterious cube that they have found in the tunnels, but it falls into the wrong hands. Soon, Jasper steals it for the Collector, his apparent patron. Nina figures out how to make the mysterious cube into a key to unlock the first door in the tunnels, and, soon, Sibuna faces their next task. A deadly endeavor that involves potentially fatal traps.

star 7.75
20 votes
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