The Best Episodes Directed by Pau Freixas


#1 -

Cites Season 2 - Episode 7

star 9.68
34 votes
The Guilt Factor

#2 - The Guilt Factor

I Know Who You Are Season 1 - Episode 16

Santi tells Eva that he is officially cleared of the attack on Alicia. Ana makes an impromptu announcement to the press at her father's funeral much to her brother's surprise. Ana attends court to face her grandfather and give her account of her abduction. Alicia attends the court representing her father Hector Castro and asks him to take responsibility for Ana's kidnapping.

star 7.97
32 votes
Kilometer Zero

#3 - Kilometer Zero

I Know Who You Are Season 1 - Episode 1

An injured and disorientated man arrives on foot at a petrol station, claiming to have no memory of who he is or how he got there. In hospital he is visited by his wife, who informs him that he is a prestigious lawyer, but far more ominously, that their 22-year-old niece Ana is missing and that her blood has been found in his car.

star 7.57
82 votes
Kill the Father

#4 - Kill the Father

I Know Who You Are Season 1 - Episode 3

Juan Elias finds a phone number in his office and rings it. A prostitute answers and invites him to a hotel where he learns that they have met regularly for over two years. Giralt and Hess are shown a video of Elias at the eve-of-election party in which he appears to be under the influence of drugs. Alicia resigns from the bench temporarily until her niece has been found.

star 7.57
60 votes
Selective Memory

#5 - Selective Memory

I Know Who You Are Season 1 - Episode 2

Due to her previous relationship with Juan, Eva tries to disassociate herself from the prosecution case and even Juan's own partner remains sceptical about his amnesia.

star 7.46
68 votes
The Law of Permanence

#6 - The Law of Permanence

I Know Who You Are Season 1 - Episode 4

Juan Elias continues to show the confusion associated with amnesia, but also continues to act suspiciously. A lead found at the scene of his accident takes him to a prison where he meets with his father-in-law Hector Castro who, as a price for his assistance in finding Ana, asks that Juan brings his grandson Pol to see him.

star 7.45
56 votes
Life in a Sigh

#7 - Life in a Sigh

I Know Who You Are Season 1 - Episode 11

Alicia has survived the murderous attack on her life, but is badly wounded and unconscious. Juan Elias, convinced that Santi Mur is the culprit, tells Inspector Giralt that the security cameras at the house will prove it. Santi is arrested at the university. Sylvia sees the news of the attack on TV and rushes to the hospital, but not before she finds blood on Marc's clothing. Eva Duran arrives to give evidence to Giralt, but discovers that he has been removed from the case.

star 7.31
26 votes
The Price of Silence

#8 - The Price of Silence

I Know Who You Are Season 1 - Episode 13

Elias and Pol rush to Alicia's bedside at the news she has woken from her coma. Elias tells her that he knows that she had rung Judge Santos to inform on him, but that she can tell him she felt guilty about Charry's death. While Pol is alone with Alicia she tells him that he must get Ana away from his father. Marta Hess gets to work on finding or fabricating evidence against Santi Mur.

star 7.22
27 votes