The Best Episodes Directed by Patrick Duffy

Sanctuary City: Part 5

#1 - Sanctuary City: Part 5

Major Crimes Season 6 - Episode 5

As the case of the St. Joseph's Three leads to its unexpected conclusion, Sharon attempts to balance the case, the arrival of her family and her fast approaching wedding to Lt. Andy Flynn.

star 7.93
619 votes
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The Kissing Game

#2 - The Kissing Game

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 23

JT, Al, and Dana are having problems finding some privacy, when JT comes up with the idea to use Carol's new salon as a place for privacy. He, also, sells the key to some friends for the same purpose. They all want the salon at once though, so they end up just having a party. Carol tries to set up Jean-Luc with Julie. Jean-Luc messes up the barbeque and their clothes. He even sets his pants on fire. When he changes into Frank's clothes, He and Frank have a talk and Jean-Luc realizes if he wants to find the perfect one (like Carol is for Frank), he has to try. Frank and Carol go to get some take out while Jean-Luc and Julie stay and get to know each other. The restaurant Frank and Carol go to, happens to be right next to the salon, where they find a big party.

star 7.92
13 votes
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Dead Zone

#3 - Dead Zone

Major Crimes Season 5 - Episode 10

The squad uncovers a large criminal operation while investigating a murder; Buzz encounters someone who may have been present at his father's murder.

star 7.88
750 votes
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Country Girl

#4 - Country Girl

Dallas Season 12 - Episode 15

Miss Ellie and Clayton return from Europe and are greeted at the airport by J.R., Bobby, and Lucy. Sue Ellen shows Don her diaries and she reminisces about her sister Kristin. April warns Cliff against continuing to work at Ewing Oil. Cally complains to Miss Ellie about being mistreated by J.R. Miss Ellie takes Cally to a meeting of the Daughters of the Alamo. April tells J.R. that she doesn't want to double-cross Cliff and Bobby. Cally is happy because she reaches a truce with John Ross. Tommy McKay is interested in Cally but he gets a cold shower when he learns that she's married. John Ross tells J.R. that Cally saved his life. Tommy courts April. Miss Ellie pressures J.R. to either re-marry Cally or divorce her. Bobby senses something strange about Tommy McKay. Don Lockwood fears he knows too much about Sue Ellen to stay objective in his job. Cally tells J.R. she's pregnant. J.R. decides to marry Cally at Southfork.

star 7.79
16 votes
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Future Shock

#5 - Future Shock

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 14

Rich and Dana go to a wedding with JT and Sam. They are teased and told that someday soon, they will be married. Dana, furthermore, does not even go up to try to catch the bouquet, but it lands on her lap anyway. They each have terrible visions about what that might entail and become very scared. They agree not more weddings for a while.

star 7.79
14 votes
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

#6 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Step by Step Season 7 - Episode 8

When Rich's former friend Cassie moves back to town, they enjoy playing billiards and video games together, so Dana asks J.T. to teach her how she can she can have fun like that with Rich. Meanwhile, Frank's con-man cousin Bert shows up.

star 7.73
15 votes
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Hindsight: Part 3

#7 - Hindsight: Part 3

Major Crimes Season 4 - Episode 21

When another victim is found, Sharon angrily turns her attention back to former LAPD Det. Mark Hickman; Fritz and his team help the LAPD show up in force at Tamika's funeral; Tao makes a discovery involving Peter Goldman.

star 7.72
584 votes
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Judgment Day

#8 - Judgment Day

Dallas Season 13 - Episode 14

Cliff has a battle of conscience at Digger's grave before the committee's final decision on the tanker collision. The captain of the Ewing tanker commits suicide. Michelle tells J.R that she wants to retire from the spy business, and she tells Cliff that she's been spying on him. Rose tells her husband Carter Mckay that he makes her feel lika a whore. Bobby rebuffs Mckay's offer to buy Ewing Oil. Bobby appeals to Cliff's conscience on the tanker collision. Mckay burns the videotape of Rose and Cliff in bed. J.R. tells Bobby that he takes full responsibility for Ewing Oil's seemingly inevitable fall. The committee reaches a final decision:The tanker collision was an accident.

star 7.69
13 votes
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Show Me the Money

#9 - Show Me the Money

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 15

When JT and Rich take on the job as sports agents to an up-and-coming college hockey player, they find themselves becoming his personal servants and dating service—with Karen serving as the main course. Meanwhile, the battle between the hairdressers and the contractors begins when Carol and Jean-Luc challenge an overly-macho Frank and his pal, Moose, to a game of bowling.

star 7.69
16 votes
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Prom Night

#10 - Prom Night

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 23

After a little bad luck, JT is deceitfully set up with a 13-year-old. Dana, on the other hand, was able to get a date with the just broken up, best looking guy in school. At the prom, however, Dana is dumped for his ex-girlfriend. Dana is heartbroken-- not only because she lost her date, but also because she must dance the spotlight dance (as Student Body President) all by herself. JT comes to console her and offers to dance with her. Although the two walk out insulting each other under their breath, they gain an appreciation for each other. Brendan belts a boy who cheated off his paper at school. Carol, feeling terrible, invites the boy and his family over. The situation is not reconciled when the boy's parents cheat at monopoly. In fact, after Carol hears them insult Frank and Brendan, Carol belts the boy's dad.

star 7.67
30 votes
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Down and Out in Port Washington

#11 - Down and Out in Port Washington

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 8

Lucille is in the shop being repaired so Cody stays in the Lambert living room. After Cody does his wash in the kitchen and loses his ant farm on the couch, the family is ready for him to move back into his van. Lucille, however, dies on the greaserack. Frank and Carol are relieved, however, when Cody tells them he is ready to be out as well. He decides to move into a stationary Lucille reasoning that many people live perfectly normal lives in non-moving structures. At the same time, Karen is interested in a guy who volunteers at a homeless shelter so she goes there one Saturday. He takes his girlfriend out, though, and Karen ends up spending a whole day at the shelter for ""nothing."" After a heart-to-heart with Carol, Karen decides that she needs to adjust her priorities.

star 7.61
31 votes
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Making the Grade

#12 - Making the Grade

Step by Step Season 7 - Episode 1

It is the first day of school for all the kids,and Karen is off to college.Carol on the other hand is feeling like she has nothing to do, so she registers for college. Signing up for all of Karen's classes and following her around.She then tell a story about when Karen was a baby in class. Carol finally realizes that she is ruining Karen's life. Rich is happy about getting a C on his pop quiz and Dana tells Rich that if he doesn't start taking something seriously, they don't have much of a future.So after talking to JT, Rich stays up all night studying (instead of watching Xena, the Warrior Princess with JT) and gets an A,while Dana only gets a B. JT raids the refrigerator,wearing his trenchcoat, Frank catches him, he hugs JT and the food squirts every where.

star 7.55
20 votes
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Sister Act

#13 - Sister Act

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 10

Karen is interested in Michael, but is too scared to talk to him so she gets Dana to talk to him. Dana talks to him and gets to know him as he gets to know her. He asks her out and she cannot help but say yes. As they get closer, Dana must keep Karen in the dark. The Lambert kids find out by monitoring a telephone call. They convince Karen to start a fight. Karen tells Michael several lies (including the one about Dana only being 14 years old) things about Dana so Michael will dump her. Unfortunately for the Lamberts, Dana and Karen discuss the problem and turn on them instead of each other. In an unprecedented dialogue, Karen tells Dana how she envies her ""book"" smarts, while Dana tells Karen how she envies her ""street"" smarts. Karen and Dana team up to repay the Lamberts for listening in on telephone calls. After Frank refuses to dance with her, Carol ignores him. It is discovered that Frank does not know how to dance. Cody with excellent dancing skills teaches Frank to dance. Frank

star 7.52
29 votes
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Shear Madness

#14 - Shear Madness

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 22

Jean-Luc is asked to cut Hillary Clinton's hair and is so nervous he wants to decline the opportunity. He is finally able to decipher(through a conversation with Carol) that it all stems from his depression from his divorce. Frank disapproves of yet another of Al's dates. He then meets a guy just like him who he goes shopping with and sets up him up with Al. Al goes on a date with him, but afterward makes Frank agree to not interfere with her date life. She does, however, let him chase off a particularly bad date.

star 7.50
14 votes
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And Justice for Some

#15 - And Justice for Some

Step by Step Season 7 - Episode 16

Frank acquires two tickets to the Bucks-Bulls game. He invites JT to go with him. They really enjoy the first half, but then a guy with a huge ""Yosimite Sam"" hat sits down right in front of JT. Frank agrees to switch seats with JT. Immediately following the switch, the seat JT is now is drawn and JT wins a brand new truck. Frank and JT spend two days arguing over who should get the truck. Finally, Carol arranges for them to meet a friend of hers who is a judge. Just before the judge rules Carol makes a speech on how their friendship should take precedence. They decide she is right and decide to sell the truck and split the profits. Karen and Al have no interest in Dana's self protection class-- until they see the instructor, that is. Upon seeing him, both girls attempt to win his heart, argue over him, and threaten each other's lives. A week after the class is over, both girls call 911 to have the instructor refresh their memory on a self-defense tip.

star 7.50
12 votes
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The Un-Natural

#16 - The Un-Natural

Step by Step Season 2 - Episode 21

Al's baseball team (Port Washington Cubs), which is coached by Frank, makes it to the championship, but they lose a player and need a replacement. Carol talks Frank into letting Mark be that replacement, although ""He is not even good enough to be bad."" Frank tries to avoid playing Mark until they are so far ahead it won't matter. The game comes down to the final hit, however, and Frank is forced to put Mark in. After being jeered by the crowd, Mark wants to quit, but Al threatens him so he has tries to hit. He uses his knowledge of Physics to hit the winning Home Run. JT and Dana's competitiveness once again yields a battle of the sexes. Karen and Dana think women are able to stay awake just as long as men, while JT disagrees. Cody agrees to make it a 2-on-2 contest because his ""14 hours of sleep a night cuts into his leisure time."" JT, Dana, and Karen all end up zonked on the couch, while Cody's brain begins to tell him the secrets of the universe.

star 7.48
33 votes
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Party Animal

#17 - Party Animal

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 3

Dana goes wild when she moves into her own place to live. J.T. and Mark think their new neighbor is a criminal.

star 7.48
27 votes
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Loose Lips

#18 - Loose Lips

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 12

When Mark's date overhears him bragging to his friends about the so-called special moment they shared, she calls his bluff in front of his schoolmates -- branding him a wimp. Meanwhile, after being dumped by her date, Karen feels that her ""imperfect"" body is the culprit and takes drastic measures to improve it.

star 7.47
15 votes
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My Bodyguard

#19 - My Bodyguard

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 16

Cody acquires this strange ability to see things in the future accurately (although unclear and misleading at times). He goes to Chicago to protect Dana, and although he ruins her interview, he does help her out. Carol begins what Mark describes as ""aging"" by snoring- VERY loudly. She keeps everybody up several nights in a row, until Frank finally comes up with a plan (airport earmuffs for him and soundproofing the door for the kids).

star 7.45
29 votes
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Walk Like a Man

#20 - Walk Like a Man

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 21

Mark's basketball team has made it to the championship. Frank, who is the coach, and Mark ban Carol from coming to the game. Carol takes it personally and with the help of Jean-Luc duisguises herself so she can go. She gives herself away, though, when she starts a fight with a fan who insults Mark. JT tells Rich that he lets Dana control the relationship, so Rich and JT go to a weekend party. Karen and Al coincidentally drag Dana to the same party. Rich pays a girl to dance with him (remember Barbie) so he won't look like a loser. Dana then dances with someone to make Rich jealous. They then get in a food fight, but realize it is JT's fault so the both throw food on him.

star 7.44
16 votes
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Paradise Lost

#21 - Paradise Lost

Dallas Season 13 - Episode 20

Arlen Ward seems very happy with Hutch's death. James and Shelley discover their building can't be used for night-time entertainment. J.R. devises an ingenious plan to rid Cally from his life. Shelley makes a deal with Carter McKay. Bobby spends some time with April's family. Ellie and Clayton smell a rat with Arlen.

star 7.44
13 votes
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The Honeymoon is Over

#22 - The Honeymoon is Over

Step by Step Season 4 - Episode 15

Mark's girlfriend Gabrielle comes to spend the weekend. JT gives Mark advice and the girls give Gabrielle advice, and they break up. Cody gets them back together. Frank gives Carol hints about what he wants for his birthday.

star 7.43
21 votes
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Maid to Order

#23 - Maid to Order

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 5

J.T. hires a beautiful model to clean the house. Carol exposes her competitive nature when Karen competes to be head cheerleader.

star 7.42
26 votes
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Animal House

#24 - Animal House

Step by Step Season 4 - Episode 3

Cody joins a college fraternity (Delta Delta Beta),to be cool.But finds the way they treat woman disgusting after Karen attends a party with him. Meanwhile joins the schoolband.

star 7.42
31 votes
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Mama Dearest

#25 - Mama Dearest

Dallas Season 6 - Episode 13

Miss Ellie's decision to contest Jock's will causes further divisions in the family as J.R. warns Miss Ellie he will fight her in court. Bobby reluctantly sides with J.R. Pamela sides with Miss Ellie. Harv Smithfield refuses to represent Miss Ellie because of his legal and moral loyalty to Jock. Bobby accuses Pam of fighting him on Miss Ellie's side. An angry J.R. confronts Clayton who visits with Miss Ellie at Southfork. J.R.'s cut-rate gas stations get more media attention. Miss Ellie's new lawyer suggests it might be necessary to question Jock's mental competency at the time the will was made. Cliff moves into a new place. Afton questions Cliff about marriage.

star 7.39
55 votes
Twelve Mile Limit

#26 - Twelve Mile Limit

Dallas Season 7 - Episode 18

J.R. uses Sly to sell geological reports to Cliff. J.R. can't get over Miss Ellie and Clayton's marriage. Afton goes to visit Mitch in Atlanta. Jenna tells Bobby that Charlie has fantasies about their marriage. Clayton Farlow talks with Ray Krebbs about Ellie's medical problem which has recently begun to haunt her again. Edgar Randolph cracks under J.R's pressure. Mark Graison proposes to Pamela. Detective Harry McSween digs up some information on Clayton from the time when his first wife died. Marilee Stone pressures Cliff to give her the geologicals before she invests with him. Katherine pressures Pam to marry Mark. Edgar Randolph's wife calls Donna from Washington, concerned about her husband. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Clayton's past. Donna and Ray find Edgar unconscious in his hotel bathroom. Edgar tries to make it look like what happened to him was an accident. Donna and Ray accuse J.R. of leading to Edgar's sucide attempt.

star 7.38
22 votes
Lockup in Laredo

#27 - Lockup in Laredo

Dallas Season 8 - Episode 15

Jenna is arrested for the murder of Marchetta. Pam decides to go on to Jamaica to look for Mark Graison. Bobby learns why Jenna couldn't marry him. Scotty Demarest is hired to represent Jenna. Lucy and Eddie discuss starting a construction business. Jenna pleads not guilty and is denied bail. Bobby has a hard time getting Jenna out of jail. Bobby tries to locate Charlie with Scotty's help. Donna and Ray embark upon going through Sam Culver's papers. Jamie sees J.R. with Serena and uses that against him in front of Sue Ellen. J.R. plots to take Mandy away from Cliff. Mandy tells Cliff that J.R. has more class. J.R. has a confrontation with Jamie who threatens to use her document.

star 7.37
21 votes
The Maelstrom

#28 - The Maelstrom

Dallas Season 5 - Episode 20

Sue Ellen tells Clayton that Kristin and J.R. were lovers. Ray recovers from Jock's death and reconciles with Donna. J.R. learns Bobby paid Sue Ellen a visit and accuses him of poisioning her mind against him. J.R. meets Cliff's half-sister Katherine. Mitch pressures Lucy for divorce. Lucy turns to Roger. Jeff Farraday asks Bobby for a meeting.

star 7.37
24 votes
Trading Places

#29 - Trading Places

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 5

JT is struggling with Algebra and Frank will not let him cheat. Dana doesn't like not having power and having to walk places. JT and Dana agree that being a parent is easier, whereas Frank and Carol think being a teenager is a breeze. They agree to switch places and bet a month's allowance on what is easier. After 2 days, all four agree that both are difficult and become satisfied with what they are. Meanwhile, Cody discovers that Slasher got married by putting an ad in a hot rod magazine. He decides to do the same and gets a response with a personalized License plate.

star 7.33
30 votes
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The Ice Cream Man Cometh

#30 - The Ice Cream Man Cometh

Step by Step Season 4 - Episode 9

The kids kick up a fuss about the baby's room and Cody comforts an old friend.

star 7.33
21 votes
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A Star is Born

#31 - A Star is Born

Step by Step Season 7 - Episode 2

After explaining to the guys the various virtues of getting the role in the next Jeremy Beck movie; Karen, Dana, and Al audition for the part. Karen and Dana are not quite what the producers want, but Al is just what they are looking for. Al also has great acting talent and does a fantastic job. She does so well that they rewrite the script to include her in another scene. Al loves it and decides to quit school and move to Hollywood. Frank and her agree that she can join the drama club and, if necessary, move to Hollywood afterward. Lilly is having a bake sale so she and Carol are making cookies. When Lilly's friend, Traci, and her mother make fun of the Lambert duo and their cookies. Carol takes it personally and makes a dessert that is loaded with alcohol that will knock the socks off of Traci and her mother's dessert. Then Lilly doesn't want to use it because she didn't help and they use the cookies after all.

star 7.32
22 votes
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Farewell, My Lovely

#32 - Farewell, My Lovely

Dallas Season 14 - Episode 19

James and J.R. clash. Clayton comes back to the States to settle some business with the boys. John Ross and Chistopher plot to leave Dallas for Europe. J.R locates Cally but decides to leave her to live in peace. Hillary Taylor comes looking for Jory.

star 7.31
14 votes
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

#33 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 18

Cody's cheese hat gives him the ability to predict the winning lottery numbers. Karen, Mark, and Brendan try to take advantage of that and get the numbers from him. Cody didn't think it was fair to keep it all to himself so he put the numbers up on the big billboard at the Packers game and it made the ESPN Play of the Day-- making a lot of winners and the prize basically worthless. Dana introduces a psychology major named Fleming to her parents thinking he is ""the one."" Frank and Carol hate him and his ideas and so does Dana when the gift he promised turned out to be psychiatric help. Frank gladly throws him out. While baby sitting Lily JT Meets a girl who assumes he is Lily's dad and he uses this to get a date. It doesn't work out as she thinks he is too mature for her and doesn't believe him when he tells her the truth.

star 7.30
20 votes
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The Big Date

#34 - The Big Date

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 13

Al's in for a disappointment when she discovers that her blind date is overweight-- and carrying an even heavier chip on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Carol's ""worry meter"" jumps off the scale when Dana, Rich, JT, and Sam check into a Chicago Hotel unsupervised.

star 7.29
17 votes
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Big Girl on Campus

#35 - Big Girl on Campus

Step by Step Season 4 - Episode 23

Carol decides that they need to get rid of all of Frank's old junk. They have a yard sale where Frank tries to sell things for $15-$50, but a guy smoking a cigar will only offer a quarter in return. At the end of the day, they have only made a nickel when the guy with a cigar comes back and offers a quarter for everything left. Carol quickly accepts his CHECK. Dana is going to a college party. After a great deal of coaxing, Karen and Al convince Dana to take them with her. Karen surveys the room and picks a guy, Jeremy. Jeremy, however, chooses Al. Despite being asked to dance by 12 other guys and receiving a marriage proposal, Karen considers the whole party a waste. She and Dana then find out that Jeremy's intentions were less than pure. They rush to Al's rescue and help her get revenge.

star 7.29
24 votes
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Letting Go

#36 - Letting Go

Step by Step Season 4 - Episode 10

Al brings home her new boyfriend to meet Frank,but he has some major issues about the way the boy dresses.

star 7.27
22 votes
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Caribbean Connection

#37 - Caribbean Connection

Dallas Season 6 - Episode 21

Donna accuses Mickey of being interested in Lucy for her money. Katherine tries to persuade Mark to stay close to Pamela. Clayton continues to look for a house in Dallas. Bobby and Ray uncover J.R's illegal Caribbean deal. If the State Department finds out about the deal with Cuba, this could be the end of Ewing Oil. Mark continues to see Pam. Cliff finally recovers from his depression over Rebecca's death and buys a company from Mark. J.R. considers going into politics but Sue Ellen fears her past alcohol problems and affairs with Dusty might complicate things.

star 7.27
56 votes
Great Expectations

#38 - Great Expectations

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 22

Cody's father comes to see him on his 21st birthday. He gives him a job as executive VP of his successful real estate business. Cody comes into the first meeting and disturbs everyone even coming up with an idea to build a mall on the beach that looks like a sandcastle. Upon advice from Frank, Cody decides to quit realizing,he will not be happy. Carol keeps setting up Dana and Karen with blind dates. They are all bad especially the latest one where the guys are dressed up like Beavis and Butthead and bring fake snot. They plot with Frank to pay Carol back. Afterward, they all agree to not have anymore blind dates. Carol reneges, though, and tries to get them to date a cute guy, but they refuse before seeing him and later try to get him.

star 7.27
26 votes
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Revenge of the Nerd

#39 - Revenge of the Nerd

Step by Step Season 4 - Episode 5

Karen tries to become Homecoming Queen, and discovers it's not worth the effort.Cody suffers an identity crisis.

star 7.27
26 votes
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Hello, Mister Chips

#40 - Hello, Mister Chips

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 7

Chaos ensues when Al takes her boss's chimpanzee home. J.T. tries to use Mark's newfound talent to swindle a pool hustler.

star 7.27
26 votes
The Wall

#41 - The Wall

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 9

Dana's feminist organization attracts a surprising new member, Cody. Mark is dateless for the school dance.

star 7.26
23 votes
Midnight Caller

#42 - Midnight Caller

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 4

Dana and J.T. get overly involved when they answer a call for a telephone counseling service.

star 7.26
27 votes
The Bodyguard Formerly Known as Prince

#43 - The Bodyguard Formerly Known as Prince

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 20

Dana, Karen, and Al go to a ski lodge for a weekend and meet 3 good looking guys one of whom is the prince of Calderone. The prince(Karen's) wants people to like him for who he is, and henceforth makes his bodyguard(Dana's) claim to be the prince. This causes Dana to gloat and Karen to sulk. Meanwhile, Rich gives the remaining Lambert/Foster clan a chain letter which promises good luck if you keep the chain going and vice versa. Everyone except Brendan decides not to return the letters. Everyone gets orange hair (except Brendan) from using Carol's free samples while Rich gave his shampoo to his parents.

star 7.25
16 votes
Boys Will Be Boys

#44 - Boys Will Be Boys

Step by Step Season 2 - Episode 12

Frank's old friend Scooter comes to visit. Frank starts off excited that his high school buddy is coming, but it turns out that Scooter still acts like he is in high school. In order to tell Scooter to leave, Frank tells him how he has become a better man because of his marriage to Carol. Cody wins a turkey at the local supermarket's raffle. Unfortunately, the turkey comes live and Cody can not bear to kill it. He names the turkey Elmer and gets him a job at the petting zoo.

star 7.24
34 votes
Major Pain

#45 - Major Pain

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 21

Dana cannot deteemine what to do and JT and Rich are not able to major in ""Nude Volleyball,"" therefore they all end up taking a career placement test together.The results of the placement test say JT and Rich should become doctors and Dana should become a guard at an women's prison. Dana, livid from the results, demands a re-test and ends up discovering the testing center is a fraud. Dana then investigates (doing a job so good JT tells her she should become an investigative reporter) and discovers the owner has been convicted of the same crime several times before. Meanwhile, Carol repays a favor by hiring Flash to work for Frank; Flash, in turn, destroys almost everything, and is only redeemed by his remarkable work done while staying up all night working.

star 7.22
18 votes
The Verdict

#46 - The Verdict

Dallas Season 8 - Episode 24

Pam and Sue Ellen decide to stop over on the way from Hong Kong. Ewing 17 is shut down for contaminating drinking water and J.R. plots to set up the head of the Texas Energy Commission. Bobby pressures Veronica's sister Anne to testify for Jenna. Ray wants Donna back home. Anne cooperates with Bobby to some extent. Pam and Sue Ellen return to Dallas. Miss Ellie has a breakdown at the trial. Bobby tries to console Pam but Jenna is upset seeing them together up close. Mandy refuses to continue to see J.R. as long as he remains married to Sue Ellen. A verdict is pronounced in Jenna's murder trial.

star 7.22
24 votes
The Facts of Life

#47 - The Facts of Life

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 19

Lilly sees Dana and Rich kissing, and proudly announces to Frank and Carol that Rich and Dana are going to have a baby. It becomes necessary that Lilly's parents tell her The Facts of Life. Lilly then shares her new wisdom during show and tell, which causes a conflict between Frank, Carol, and the parents of Lilly's best friend.They agree to overlook their differences for their children. After Jean-Luc tutors Al in French, he notices JT and Rich are into horse racing and helps them win some money. But when JT and Rich want to empty their college fund, Jean-Luc is forced to teach them an invaluable lesson about gambling.

star 7.21
14 votes
The Best Laid Plans

#48 - The Best Laid Plans

Dallas Season 11 - Episode 19

Laurel Ellis urges Clayton to do something more with his life. Pearce explains his vision of the Weststar takeover to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen wants to team up with Bobby to work against J.R. April feels uncomfortable working with J.R. J.R. plots to have Sue Ellen see him in bed with Kimberly. Sue Ellen explains to Pearce her strategy about divorce. Laurel's old boyfriend comes from England. Charlie complains to Bobby about Ray. April wants to cut her ties to J.R. Miss Ellie sees Laurel kissing Clayton. Ray throws Bobby out of his house. Jenna's problems with Charlie continue. Lisa Alden continues to follow Bobby and Christopher. Sue Ellen moves back to her room at Southfork and leaves J.R. disappointed that she doesn't want a divorce.

star 7.20
12 votes
The New Mrs. Ewing

#49 - The New Mrs. Ewing

Dallas Season 4 - Episode 17

Miss Ellie is furious at Jock's move to incorporate Ray into the Ewing sons' trust fund. Bobby is elected to the State Senate. Leslie interferes with J.R's plans. Lucy bids to become "Miss Young Dallas". With Dusty behind her, Sue Ellen and Clint get closer. Donna and Ray are married at the courthouse. Bobby forms a new business alliance with Cliff Barnes, but his growing jealousy over Pam forces a confrontation with Alex Ward. Miss Ellie and Jock's cold war escalates.

star 7.20
119 votes
Blow Up

#50 - Blow Up

Dallas Season 7 - Episode 26

Pressured by Jerry Kenderson, Pam tries to rush the wedding but Mark doesn't understand why. Vaughn Leland manipulates Cliff on J.R.'s instructions. Jessica feels she doesn't fit in with the Ewings. J.R. asks Katherine for help in buying some Wentworth land. J.R. invites Peter to a party for Jessica. Clayton picks Ray Krebbs to be his best man at the wedding. Punk Anderson questions Jenna Wade and Bobby about whether they will get married. Through another of J.R.'s schemes, a drunk Lucy angrily confronts Sue Ellen and Peter about their affair. J.R. tries to use the situation with Lucy to make Sue Ellen move back to his bedroom. Katherine wants Bobby to teach her about the oil business. Donna gets suspicious of Jessica's intentions. J.R. and Jessica start discussing stopping the wedding.

star 7.19
23 votes

#51 - Legacy

Dallas Season 6 - Episode 19

Pam leaves Bobby and Southfork, to J.R.'s delight, and moves into a hotel. The cartel celebrates J.R.'s losing his variance. J.R. tells Mark Graison that Pam and Bobby split up. J.R. vows to keep selling cut-rate gas, despite the loss of the variance. Mark visits Pamela at the hotel. Rebecca's will is read and Pam, Katherine, Cliff, and even Afton get their shares. Lucy and Mickey become friends. Cliff and Katherine reconcile. J.R. and Walt Driscoll continue collaborating on the Caribbean deal. Clayton tells Sue Ellen that he used to be in love with her but now he's seeing Miss Ellie. J.R. offers Bobby a "compromise solution" to the battle for Ewing Oil but Bobby rejects the offer. J.R. succeeds in making Bobby look in front of the family like he wants an all-out war.

star 7.19
50 votes
The Fire Next Time

#52 - The Fire Next Time

Dallas Season 10 - Episode 14

The Parmalee mystery is resolved and things get back to normal at Ewing Oil but not between Clayton and Miss Ellie. Clayton goes on a manhunt to find Parmalee. April intends to prove fraudulent intent in Jack's sale of 10 percent of Ewing Oil. J.R. learns frightening news about B.D. Calhoun. Donna comes to a decision about her marriage. Wendell vows to put the Ewings out of business and asks Cliff to use Pam to achieve it. Jenna and Donna discuss Ray. Christopher and John Ross don't get along. B.D.Calhoun threatens J.R.

star 7.19
13 votes
Pain in the Class

#53 - Pain in the Class

Step by Step Season 7 - Episode 14

When J.T. watches TV instead of paying attention to baby-sitting Lilly, she disappears. Frank is reluctant to attend his 25th high school reunion and confront his childhood nemesis.

star 7.18
11 votes
Brother, Can You Spare a Child?

#54 - Brother, Can You Spare a Child?

Dallas Season 11 - Episode 13

Bobby tries to explain to Christopher about legal custody as Lisa purses her lawsuit. Nicholas Pearce apologizes to April. Christopher gets rebellious with Bobby over Lucas. April is upset over not being at the barbecue. Sue Ellen vows revenge on J.R. Cliff tells Miss Ellie about Dandy and wants to make peace. Bobby wants to pay Lisa off. Ray and Jenna find Charlie home with her boyfriend Randy. J.R. wants to meet Dr.Styles. Clayton feels bored. Lisa threatens Bobby with releasing damaging information in court. Lisa works with J.R. against Bobby.

star 7.18
14 votes
Secret Admirer

#55 - Secret Admirer

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 16

Frank buys Carol a fake Swiss Rolet watch (for Valentine's Day) and pretends it is the real thing. Carol feels so bad about Frank spending too much money that she tries to return it, and gets thrown in jail. When Frank bails her out, she tells him that she loved the watch because it was from him, and that the most important thing is honesty. Frank sweeps Carol off her feet with one of Cody's letters, but Carol is even more impressed that he tells the truth about it. Dana gets dumped just before Valentine's Day and turns into the man-hater she can be. Cody writes her ""Secret Admirer"" love letters to help lighten her up, hence improving her personality. It works perfectly and allows Dana to get a boy that she really likes.

star 7.17
52 votes
Christmas Story

#56 - Christmas Story

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 11

After Carol presents an idea of exchanging fewer gifts, Frank announces he gets a 20% discount at Hartman's Toy Store because of his remodeling work there. Both believe one has picked up Brendan's train set and therefore, neither does. When they realize this on Christmas eve, they use Frank's key to get into the toy store and are leaving money in the register when Deputy Barney Feif notices them. They are taken to jail where they are detained. After the kids open all their presents without knowing where their parents were, Cody points out that Christmas should be about joy and loved ones. The kids realize their mistake, get concerned, and find out their parents are in jail. They bring food and caroling to the jail. Deputy Feif lets them out and they all go back home to celebrate Christmas, even Barney.

star 7.17
29 votes
The Brothers Ewing

#57 - The Brothers Ewing

Dallas Season 8 - Episode 20

Clayton has a fight with J.R. over the meeting with Cliff and the roughneck. Before Jenna's trial, kids at school make problems for Charlie. Sue Ellen refuses to give J.R. emotional support in the fight for Ewing Oil. Ray, J.R. and Bobby unite against Cliff and Jamie. J.R. plots to purchase wasteland in case Cliff gets his hands on Ewing Oil. Mandy disappears from J.R.'s life. The Ewing brothers debate what to do to stop Cliff and Jamie. Donna is worried over Ray's involvement in the fight for Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen agrees to accompany Pam to Hong Kong in search of Mark Graison. Lucy and Eddie's construction business moves along. Ray, J.R. and Bobby ask Clayton for help in protecting Ewing Oil against Cliff and Jamie. Miss Ellie sides with Clayton against her children.

star 7.14
19 votes
Hell's Fury

#58 - Hell's Fury

Dallas Season 13 - Episode 10

Cater McKay plans to hurt Ewing Oil using the tanker disaster. Cliff and McKay collaborate against the Ewings. Bobby talks to the captain of the Ewing tanker. Christopher feels left out because James and John Ross socialize a lot. Kay Lloyd reappears in Bobby's office with an ominous warning from Washington. Cally thinks that J.R. has been sleeping with Michelle. Bobby and Christopher have a father-to-son talk about John Ross' situation and the increasing conflicts between the two boys. Michelle plots to break up Cally and J.R.'s marriage. Michelle sleeps with James. Cally pays Alex a late-night visit with words of revenge against J.R. on her lips.

star 7.13
13 votes
Reality Bites

#59 - Reality Bites

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 8

When JT and Rich squander their money and can't pay the rent on their new apartment, they are evicted by their landlord -- Frank. Meanwhile, because his daughter, Danielle, is in France and her birthday is drawing near, Jean-Luc spoils Lilly with an abundance of gifts to ease his pain over not being able to be with his daughter. In the end Carol works it out so Danielle can come stateside and see her father.

star 7.12
17 votes
Just Say Maybe

#60 - Just Say Maybe

Step by Step Season 6 - Episode 4

The kids all head off to Rockfest 97, causing Carol (as usual) to worry they might misbehave. Just as she had feared they are tested. when Al's morals are put to the test when she's tempted to try marijuana. Meanwhile, when Patti, Carol's friend from high school, finds herself being ignored by her husband, she develops a crush on Jean-Luc.

star 7.10
21 votes
Snow Bunnies

#61 - Snow Bunnies

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 15

Al's boyfriend, Matt, Al, and some other friends plan a ski trip, But Frank refuses to let Al go. So Stephanie ""Love Boat"", takes her place and after talking to JT,Al gets worried. JT and Al go up to check on Matt and the ""Love Boat,"" but Matt proves he only cares for Al. Cody has a gnarly case of the hiccups. He tries to scare himself, be hypnotized by Mark, and drink five gallons of water, but the only true remedy is time. In the meantime, Carol reads a horror book, despite Frank's encouragement to read Garfield. Finally, the nightmares are so bad, she needs ""Garfield"" to help her.

star 7.08
24 votes
Poetic Justice

#62 - Poetic Justice

Step by Step Season 7 - Episode 5

Karen has a professor (actually a teaching assistant) try to date her by influencing her with grades. Karen tells Dana about her predicament. Dana has the perfect plan to catch Jason in his own deceitful web. While a battery that does not keep going and going causes a hitch, the plan does end up working. Mark's date comes in all her glory for a date with Mark. Actually, she is repulsive to Frank and Carol, a source of comedy to Rich and JT, and a shocking match for Mark to everybody. Mark stays out past curfew, is grounded, and runs off in Frank's truck with this girl.

star 7.08
13 votes
Family Plot

#63 - Family Plot

Dallas Season 13 - Episode 24

Clayton escapes an attack from Jessica. Cliff sacks Stephanie after she continues to see J.R. James and April find a note from Shelley and discover J.R. was behind the plan to get rid of her. Jessica is arrested and reveals that Atticus Ward was Dusty Farlow's father. James reaches breaking point and leaves Southfork. Cally finds out about her fake marriage counselling sessions, and teams up with James to get revenge on J.R.

star 7.07
11 votes
Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling

#64 - Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 13

JT and Frank will do ANYTHING for Super Bowl tickets. They dress up like women and wrestle Assualt and Battery for 10 rounds to claim them. Meanwhile,Mark is placed in a school for the gifted. On his first day at the new school, Mark gets a ""C"" on a pop quiz. He neglects his friends and stays up all weekend studying. When Carol catches him, they decide that the new school is a step backward for Mark. Also, Cody ""invents"" clothing made from food when going camping. Without having to pack clothes or carry heavy food, it appears to be a good idea. However, Cody realizes that there are a lot of hungry animals in the woods.

star 7.04
23 votes
Head of the Family

#65 - Head of the Family

Dallas Season 5 - Episode 15

Ray neglects his ranch duties and is reprimanded by Bobby. Clayton offers his friendship to Sue Ellen. Bobby tells Miss Ellie that if J.R. continues his neglect of Ewing Oil business, he may have to step in as president. Lucy gets an offer for a modelling portfolio. Bobby tells Pam that they got Christopher through private adoption and that his parents were a couple from Louisiana. Sue Ellen spend some time with Cliff. Donna decides to write another book on the late Sam Culver.

star 7.04
21 votes
Peter's Principles

#66 - Peter's Principles

Dallas Season 7 - Episode 14

Sue Ellen learns from Peter's roommate that he left the dorm. Cliff wants the cartel to go in a deal with him on the offshore tracts. It's Dusty's birthday and Clayton feels down because he's can't reach him. Little John Ross keeps asking Sue Ellen about Peter. J.R. reveals to his family that Clayton has a sister, Jessica. Afton feels neglected by Cliff. Miss Ellie fears that to take on the whole Ewing family may be too much to handle for Clayton. Afton walks in on Cliff having a "business meeting" with Marilee Stone. Sue Ellen tracks Peter down but he refuses to talk to her. Afton goes to Pam's place after she discovers Cliff with Marilee. Pam questions Cliff about his faithfulness to Afton. Ray tries to put Clayton's fears to rest about moving in to Southfork. Jenna is excited about a good start for her boutique. Pamela tells Bobby she's afraid that Cliff wants the Ewing-Barnes feud to start all over again. Cliff thinks Mark is too conservative.

star 7.04
51 votes
Ruthless People

#67 - Ruthless People

Dallas Season 10 - Episode 26

J.R. and April outmanoeuvre Jeremy Wendell over 5 percent of Ewing Oil. Ray visits his baby daughter Margaret at the hospital. Valentine insists on getting Mandy Winger back. Wendell plots to take advantage of a news story implicating Ewing Oil in terrorism. Ray reaches an understanding with Senator Dowling concerrning Margaret's upbringing. The CIA theatens Nancy Scottfield and her brother with federal prison. Pam accuses Bobby of protecting J.R. on the Calhoun affair. Miss Ellie tells J.R. and Bobby that she won't protect them anymore on Ewing Oil business. Bobby tells Pam he'd fed up with J.R.'s schemes and that he's getting out of Ewing Oil. Mandy returns to Dallas. Wendell makes a promise to Nancy Scottfield to bury Ewing Oil.

star 7.02
44 votes
Tick, Tock

#68 - Tick, Tock

Dallas Season 10 - Episode 16

J.R. wants to buy off B.D. Calhoun to prevent his revenge. Bobby and Pam discuss her being overprotective of Christopher. Donna decides to leave Southfork. Jeremy Wendell wants April Stevens on his side. Bobby and Jenna discuss the baby.Clayton pursues the issue of Parmalee's lie detector test, but Ellie gets impatient with his obsession over finding Parmalee. Calhoun terrorizes J.R. April gets an apartment from J.R. Ray wants to know where Donna will live after the birth, as he wants to make sure he will be able to see his baby. Pam and Cliff have more disagreements over business. Calhoun makes contact with an unsuspecting Sue Ellen.

star 6.92
10 votes
Can't Buy Me Love

#69 - Can't Buy Me Love

Step by Step Season 4 - Episode 13

J.T. and Cody are out riding around in J.T. boss's car.When J.T. meets a pretty girl,at a cafe.She thinks he's rich and so J.T. lies and says he is, to impress her.He then finds some money on the street and decides to keep it.Not knowing it actually belongs to Shelly's Dad who owns the cafe she works at.Cody finally makes J.T. tell her the truth and J.T. fines out about the money and returns it and apologizes for lieing.They decide to try and start over.

star 6.88
25 votes
Birth of a Salesman

#70 - Birth of a Salesman

Step by Step Season 3 - Episode 19

Urged by his parents to either apply to college or find a job, JT gets a part-time position as an assistant salesman in a used-car lot. Not only does he actually enjoy his new job, but it turns out that he's incredibly good at selling cars. He thanks Carol for getting him off his keister and making him get a job. He dreams of one day owning the car lot and gets in a commercial for the place. Dana is assigned to write an essay for her psychology class. After Mark and Karen's refusals, she has to hire Cody as a subject for her study. She writes that Cody is a nutcase, but her teacher claims that she is close-minded. She gets a ""D"" on the paper and has to do a makeup assignment on one person's dreams for a week, and although Cody volunteers, she refuses.

star 6.87
30 votes

#71 - Roadie

Step by Step Season 5 - Episode 8

Cody could leave town to tour with a rock star. Frank becomes obsessed with the kids' car.

star 6.84
25 votes
When the Wind Blows

#72 - When the Wind Blows

Dallas Season 14 - Episode 17

McKay lowers the boom on Cliff, forcing him to resign the Energy Czar position. J.R. delays Deborah Lynn from seeing James. He wants nothing to interfere with his avenue back into Ewing Oil. Finally catching on to J.R.'s machinations, Deborah Lynn bursts in at Southfork.

star 6.73
12 votes
Win Some, Lose Some

#73 - Win Some, Lose Some

Dallas Season 14 - Episode 15

J.R. purchases an oil company from Liz Adams and extracts revenge on LeeAnn De La Vega. James learns the oil business form the master himself. Cliff is appointed Energy Czar, but spilts with Liz when he finds out J.R. bought her company. Michelle's attempts to seduce J.R. prove unsuccessful. Jory is kidnapped and Bobby must choose between saving her or bringing Hillary Taylor to justice.

star 6.65
14 votes
He-e-ere's Papa!

#74 - He-e-ere's Papa!

Dallas Season 12 - Episode 13

Cally insists on a second honeymoon at Southfork. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Nicholas Pearce's mob connections. Cliff tells Bobby that he broke up with Tammy Miller. Bobby wants Christopher to be friends with Tracey. Sue Ellen buys a movie studio. Joseph Lombardi's men snatch J.R. on the streets and Lombardi interrogates him. J.R. tries to blame Sue Ellen for his death. John Ross continues to resent Cally. Sue Ellen tells John Ross that she will never return to J.R. Tracey and Cally socialize. Cliff goes to Washington on business. Tracey starts her job at Weststar. McKay wants to be friends with Sue Ellen. Bobby questions April about her and J.R. Sue Ellen saves J.R.'s life by telling Joseph Lombardi that his son's death was an accident.

star 6.63
13 votes
The Way We Were

#75 - The Way We Were

Dallas Season 12 - Episode 17

Cally wants to make sure that J.R. is not mad at her for tricking him into marriage. Bobby confronts J.R. about his faliure to consult one another about business deals. J.R. tells Cally that he may use her "deviousness" in his future plans. Sue Ellen gets impatient with Don Lockwood for constantly turning her down. Sue Ellen is pressured by Bruce Harvey to start casting sessions for her movie. Cally wants Bobby and J.R. to get alone but she encounters Bobby's resistance. Tommy McKay has cocaine smuggled in from South America and manages to fool both Carter and Tracey. Cliff questions April about her and Tommy. Tracey wants Carter and Tommy to get along. Don Lockwood tells Sue Ellen a little about his life. J.R. manages to make Bobby look bad in front of the family like he doesn't want agreement with him. Tommy tells J.R. that his dad is responsible for his mother's death. Sue Ellen reminisces about Holly Harwood and the car in which Mickey Trotter got injured.

star 6.58
9 votes
Crime Story

#76 - Crime Story

Dallas Season 11 - Episode 22

Lisa comes to Southfork to say goodbye to Christopher. J.R. wants Casey to keep meeting with Kimberly. Miss Ellie goes to Atlanta to visit Lucy. Jenna forbids Charlie to go out with Randy. Bobby's new friend in Washington Kay Lloyd is impressed with his PR skills. Laurel's old boyfriend Brett Lomax wants her to go back to England with him. Nicholas Pearce gets April scared with his mob connections. David Shulton tries to blackmail Clayton. Kimberly asks Sue Ellen when she will divorce J.R. Bobby tells April that they're not right for each other. Pearce tells Sue Ellen he will have to disappear . Ray and Jenna catch Charlie trying to sneak out of the house at night.

star 6.36
11 votes