The Best Episodes Directed by Pat Bishop

The Tragedy

#1 - The Tragedy

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 8

When a national tragedy happens, everyone in the office competes to see who has the most incisive and heartfelt social media post.

star 8.12
149 votes
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Natural Beauty

#2 - Natural Beauty

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 3

Jake tries to market makeup to men. Grace coaches Kate on how to talk to their male coworkers after John complains about her tone.

star 8.01
168 votes
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The Concert

#3 - The Concert

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 2

When Matt's old college buddy invites him to hang out, he's determined to prove he's still young and fun.

star 7.82
184 votes
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The Fall

#4 - The Fall

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 10

Hampton DeVille goes all in while marketing end-of-the-world preparedness, leading Matt to quit and Jake to take on a secret project.

star 7.81
139 votes
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Mattchiavelli and the Piss Detective

#5 - Mattchiavelli and the Piss Detective

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 6

Things get out of hand fast when Hampton DeVille starts tracking when people leave their desks.

star 7.79
141 votes
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The Expense Report

#6 - The Expense Report

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 5

Jake, Matt, John and Kate get grilled by a dogged Hampton DeVille accountant after eating an expensive dinner.

star 7.75
155 votes
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Good Job

#7 - Good Job

Corporate Season 3 - Episode 4

Jake learns the importance of a five-star rating, John desperately seeks Matt's approval, and Grace attempts to come out of her shell.

star 7.70
114 votes
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Casual Friday

#8 - Casual Friday

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 6

Matt and Jake struggle to convince a coworker to wear a shirt on Casual Friday, and Christian seeks to strike a deal with a group of megachurches.

star 7.65
260 votes
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#9 - Vacation

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 9

Jake is forced to share their office with an unsettling new deskmate while Matt is on vacation.

star 7.65
140 votes
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Labor Day

#10 - Labor Day

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 7

Matt and Jake get up to mischief while working on Labor Day, until they discover they are not the only ones in the office.

star 7.61
149 votes
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Pickles 4 Breakfast

#11 - Pickles 4 Breakfast

Corporate Season 3 - Episode 1

Hampton DeVille attempts to rewrite the finale of a fan-favorite series. Jake learns a disturbing truth about a beloved children's show.

star 7.61
114 votes
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Remember Day

#12 - Remember Day

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 10

Matt copes with his family trauma by throwing himself into the office holiday party, Christian questions his worldview, and Jake considers leaving the company.

star 7.60
212 votes
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The Wind of God

#13 - The Wind of God

Corporate Season 3 - Episode 6

John and Kate make a shocking power grab. Christian feels the wrath of a disgruntled former employee. Jake and Matt try to climb the corporate ladder.

star 7.59
101 votes
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#14 - Weekend

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 9

John pressures Jake and Matt into helping him move a grandfather clock in his apartment, sabotaging their weekend plans.

star 7.59
207 votes
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Society Tomorrow

#15 - Society Tomorrow

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 8

As the staff obsesses over a prestige TV show, Jake resists their attempts to force him to watch, while Matt's life starts to eerily echo the events of the series.

star 7.56
216 votes
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The One Who's There

#16 - The One Who's There

Corporate Season 2 - Episode 1

Matt tries not to develop a crush on a new colleague, and Christian buys a news network.

star 7.54
186 votes
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Black Dog

#17 - Black Dog

Corporate Season 3 - Episode 2

Matt grows increasingly worried about Jake's bleak outlook on life. Hampton DeVille brainstorms a new company logo.

star 7.45
114 votes
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#18 - Trademarq

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 4

Hampton DeVille partners with a street artist who vandalized the company's headquarters to sell anti-corporate merch and profit off its protesters.

star 7.44
276 votes
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Corporate Retreat

#19 - Corporate Retreat

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 5

At the Hampton DeVille corporate retreat, business gurus teach Matt how to be a more confident person, and Jake finds love at a networking mixer.

star 7.38
260 votes
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The Powerpoint of Death

#20 - The Powerpoint of Death

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 2

Matt creates an impressive presentation to pitch Hampton DeVille's arms dealing bona fides to the CIA, while Jake takes advantage of the company's internal whistleblower app.

star 7.34
357 votes
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Fuck You Money

#21 - Fuck You Money

Corporate Season 3 - Episode 5

While on a business trip, Jake enjoys the pleasures of a hotel, Matt faces his frugal fears, and they both learn a lesson from a fellow traveler.

star 7.33
104 votes
The Pain of Being Alive

#22 - The Pain of Being Alive

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 3

After his surgery, Jake's coworkers butter him up in the hopes that he'll share his prescription painkillers with them, and visions of a ghost haunt a sleep-deprived Matt.

star 7.24
301 votes
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The Long Meeting

#23 - The Long Meeting

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 7

Forced to take charge of a meeting after Christian gets a call, John and Kate trap the staff in the conference room without their phones until they finish brainstorming.

star 7.13
237 votes
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The Void

#24 - The Void

Corporate Season 1 - Episode 1

When an insensitive tweet threatens Hampton DeVille's business, Jake and Matt are tasked with firing the employee who posted it.

star 7.06
469 votes
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