The BEST episodes directed by Norio Nitta

Reconnected Feelings
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#1 - Reconnected Feelings

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 16

The final match with Oonaka, who has strong members such as Michibase Meimura. Nishina, the starting pitcher in Fubayashi, continued to make efforts from the beginning, but lost 5 points in the bottom of the 3rd inning due to lack of stamina and defensive disorder. It was Chisato of the center who gave up Nishina's continuation and took over the Fubayashi mound from the 4th inning. Chisato, who has experience as a pitcher in the Little Yokohama era, will be the first pitcher in junior high school. While my father, Fujii, is excited to watch from the stand, what kind of pitch will Chisato at his own pace show ?! ??

Cheesecake / Breakfast Again
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#2 - Cheesecake / Breakfast Again

Restaurant to Another World - Season 2 - Episode 1

Hilda, a mercenary, takes on a job to get rid of some goblins. A lone wolf, she takes out the horde of goblins alone with only her crossbow. After the battle, she notices a large door, which she walks through to find herself in a strange establishment called Western Restaurant Nekoya. Aletta finishes another day of work at the Restaurant to Another World. After receiving a gift from the master, she returns to the home of Sarah, where she's been working as a live-in maid. There, she finds Sarah passed out asleep at her desk, exhausted from her research. Aletta thinks about what she can do to thank her...