The BEST episodes directed by Norikazu Ishigooka

Those Who Form the Backbone
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#1 - Those Who Form the Backbone

Farewell, My Dear Cramer - Season 1 - Episode 13

The Warabis are defeated by Urawa Hosei in the first round of the knockout stages. The next day, Nozomi finds herself unable to sort out her feelings, so she heads to the goal by herself. When Fukatsu stops by, she shares her feelings with him. Even after he tells her that she doesn't need to change, she still has doubts. The Warabis gather at the practice pitch one by one, and together they attempt to make a fresh start with the desire to become stronger in their hearts.

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#2 - Kotoden

Poco's Udon World - Season 1 - Episode 2

Souta is freaked out by his encounter with a shape-shifting tanuki, but how could anyone leave such a lonely-seeming little thing to fend for itself? He offers the hungry crybaby some shoyumame to eat, and a bath to boot. After that, Souta decides to take the kid into town via the Kotoden train line for some much-needed clothes shopping. There he runs into his first love, Manabe-san, now the mother of two young children, and coincidentally enough, she has her own little ones in tow, too. Caught off guard, Souta introduces the tiny tanuki by the first name that pops into his head: “Poco.”

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I'm Free To Have Sex in Any Way I Want
39 votes

#3 - I'm Free To Have Sex in Any Way I Want

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 5

Taiga, using the jungle terrain to his advantage, incapacitates Ryuji and Shota with ease. Eruza is manoeuvred into an area not covered by the cameras, allowing Kaede Kazama, a Gecko Hybrid, and Den Omuna, a Cobra Hybrid, to restrain her with Den planning on raping her. Ichinosuke resolves to die fighting but Taiga is suddenly ordered to move to another area by his investor so he can save Eruza. Before Taiga can leave he is immobilised by Ryuji who traps Taiga’s leg in his jaws. Yuya realises Ryuji had planned this as Hybrids failing to follow instructions within a time limit are executed via explosive collars. Ui is shown alone elsewhere on the island digging a burrow. As Den prepares to rape Eruza he is attacked by Hitomi who had been moved there by Yuya to save Eruza. Yuya is mocked by the investors for making a foolish move to save an opponent. As cameras are moved to the area Hitomi struggles to counter Kaede’s fighting style which utilises the sticky skin on her fingers. Den, having being distracted by Hitomi, has his face slashed by Eruza. Reluctantly deciding to team up Hitomi decides to fight Den while Eruza fights Kaede.