The BEST episodes directed by Nick Collett

Episode 1
22 votes

#1 - Episode 1

Tracey Ullman's Show - Season 2 - Episode 1

Delinquent Dame Judi Dench is back, but will being a national treasure save her this time?

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Part Of The Family
249 votes

#2 - Part Of The Family

Ghosts (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 6

As Alison spends more and more time with Lucy, she has to have a frank talk with Kitty about her feelings of jealousy. The Captain offers Kitty a shoulder to cry on, but in doing so unearths an inconsistency that needs explaining. Luckily Lady Button has recently become a sleuthing expert, so the Captain recruits her to help uncover the truth. While Alison and Mike gear up to make a big investment, the Captain and Kitty work together with the other ghosts to solve an unfolding mystery before it’s too late and all at Button House is lost.

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Something To Share?
246 votes

#3 - Something To Share?

Ghosts (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 5

When the ghosts try to sabotage Alison’s makeshift therapy session for Kitty, they unwittingly face their own demons. And Mike’s desire to see the ghosts yields surprising results.

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The Woodworm Men
245 votes

#4 - The Woodworm Men

Ghosts (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 3

While Button House is being fumigated for woodworm, Alison and Mike decide to save some money and camp in the grounds, sending the ghosts’ routines off kilter.

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The Bone Plot
269 votes

#5 - The Bone Plot

Ghosts (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 1

When a documentary team comes to Button House to investigate a historical assassination plot, Alison and the ghosts are shocked to discover that it involved one of their own.

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I Love Lucy
249 votes

#6 - I Love Lucy

Ghosts (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 4

Alison has invited Lucy to come to Button House for a sleepover, but after a concerning meeting with the solicitor, Alison must work out if Lucy is really who she says she is.

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A Lot to Take In
255 votes

#7 - A Lot to Take In

Ghosts (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 2

A mysterious visitor arrives at Button House with a revelation that leaves Alison reeling, while Mike has an epiphany on his first day at a new job.

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