The Best Episodes Directed by Nathalie Basteyns

The Movie

#1 - The Movie

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 7

Kato makes an unnerving discovery about the night of the festival. The police use DNA to make an arrest, but a leaked sex tape leads to more violence.

star 8.24
80 votes
The Night

#2 - The Night

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 10

Dissatisfied with the case, Schneider digs deeper and unravels the final secrets surrounding Kato, who comes face-to-face with her killer.

star 8.15
80 votes
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The Confession

#3 - The Confession

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 9

While Schneider harbors doubts about the confession, Alexander makes a discovery and Kato enlists Ines to help her draw out a cryptic online admirer.

star 8.14
74 votes
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Flannel Pyjamas

#4 - Flannel Pyjamas

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 10

Their mission is accomplished but the sisters can't rest on their laurels as they feel the Dewitts breathing down their necks. If they can't prove Jean-Claude was murdered, the brothers may face jail.

star 7.97
68 votes
The Five

#5 - The Five

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 2

As federal authorities arrive to investigate her death, Kato looks for clues and identifies the five people who can inexplicably still see her.

star 7.96
90 votes
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Two Bodies and One Last Plan

#6 - Two Bodies and One Last Plan

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 9

The sisters call an urgent meeting: the Dewitts are closing in and Bekka's relationship with Mathias has become a liability. Bekka faces a shocking revelation after tailing Jean-Claude to a graveyard.

star 7.95
66 votes
Professional Help

#7 - Professional Help

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 7

Thomas confronts Veerle with a surprising new lead: why did her family hire a private detective during the previous summer? The sisters enlist the services of a hit-man to take care of the dirty work.

star 7.91
66 votes
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An Eye for an Eye

#8 - An Eye for an Eye

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 5

The bothers move on, questioning even more hostile, one-eyed sister Birgit. She remembered how Jean-Claude's mean hatred for his daughter's kitten, which he ended up killing semi-accidentally, motivated a new attempt on his life; The sisters, who felt little guilt for their failed electrocution ending sickly senior neighbor Fons's life, decide on replacing the usual quiet annual family outing with a paint-ball initiation. Birgit practiced to become deadly accurate with frozen ammunition, but Jean-Claude's helmet number six gets mixed up with an innocent friendly ...

star 7.91
64 votes
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Blood Ties

#9 - Blood Ties

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 1

In sleepy Flemish small town Vredegem (Dutch for 'peaceville'), the brothers Thomas and Matthias Dewitt risk having to close down their inherited insurance agency, which ails since their father's death. Honoring the fat life insurance of Jean-Claude Delcorps would surely sink them, so they're determined to contest it and investigate his death. The widow and especially her four sisters, who all hated their brother in law, are a sanctimonious cesspit of secrets, including jean-Paul's fatally staged car accident. Asian Gang Wang also attends the funeral vindictively.

star 7.90
69 votes
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Liver Day

#10 - Liver Day

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 3

The brothers DeWit continue their insurance fraud thesis investigation with another sister, nurse Veerle, but leave none the wiser. Yet she too had a motive since Jean-Claude discovered her adultery and threatened to inform her unsuspecting husband, paramedic Wout. She sanctimoniously refused to join the failed arsonist sisters' next plan, poisoning, but eagerly advises against mushrooms, coming up with a non-suspicious hospital drug. Yet the attempt on Jean-Claude's life on his monthly liver dinner day fails when the dog eats what no human house-mate ever touches.

star 7.89
66 votes
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Noose Spray

#11 - Noose Spray

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 6

Thomas Dewitt finally obtains the autopsy, which strengthens his murder suspicion. Brother Mathias however almost prefers to believe in an accident, for his lover's sake. A few months earlier, Jean-Claude Delcorps succeeded in eliminating Eva as rival for a promotion and made another attempt to inform nurse Wouter Cox of his wife's adultery. The sisters planned another murder attempt, using a rape drug to stage a hanging, but the garage rod he's suspended on bent and triggered the door opening mechanism, so neighbor Valère Bols saved his life.

star 7.89
64 votes

#12 - Sparks

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 4

The brothers continue their investigation by questioning youngest sister (Re)Bekka, who obviously lies and realizes only now that she hasn't been dating an undertaker but Mathias. She joined the murder sorority after Jean-Claude objected to a flippant promise by his wife to grant Becca a private loan for her business project, which has already been notarized although nobody even consulted him. Their next murder attempt, electrocution in bath, went wrong due to childish Becca and accidentally killed an old neighbor, Alfons. After a prank war got out of hand, ...

star 7.88
65 votes
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Little Chester

#13 - Little Chester

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 8

Having hit a dead end, the Dewitt brothers turn their attention to Jean-Claude's parents, only to learn both are missing in action. Having been tricked by Jean-Claude into thinking their boss Gerard is gay, Frederik makes amorous advances towards his superior. Goedele decides to get out more after her daughter Bloeme claims her life is boring and uneventful, but this proves trickier than she first thought.

star 7.87
63 votes
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#14 - Inferno

The Out-Laws Season 1 - Episode 2

The brothers Dewit continue their investigation, wondering about the earlier fire claim, while Mathias even dates one of the suspect sisters. Indeed, the Goethals girls remember how Eva first took charge of an attempt to eliminate Jean-Claude, merely on account of inappropriate behavior concerning a company quiz, while they and even his daughter conspired shamelessly against him to ruin his Ardennes charity weekend. The girls however failed to kill him, only the chalet perished in their arson attempt.

star 7.86
66 votes
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The Wedding

#15 - The Wedding

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 6

Kato suspects the "seers" of harboring secrets about the night she died. Schneider's investigation faces a betrayal from inside the department.

star 7.81
81 votes
The Maasland Murders

#16 - The Maasland Murders

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 8

As the town reels from further tragedy, Schneider searches for a connection to Kato's murder, and one of the "seers" makes a dramatic confession.

star 7.79
81 votes
The Corpse

#17 - The Corpse

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 1

After finding her own bloody corpse in a hotel bath, Kato slowly realizes that she's dead -- yet a handful of people can still see and hear her.

star 7.77
106 votes
The Medium

#18 - The Medium

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 3

While Schneider expands the investigation, Kato and Charlie manipulate the police into searching the Hotel Beau Séjour for evidence.

star 7.75
88 votes
Full Moon

#19 - Full Moon

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 5

After the police focus their suspicions on a mysterious motorcyclist, Kato works to track down a dangerous drug dealer connected to her death.

star 7.68
78 votes
The Opening

#20 - The Opening

Beau Sejour Season 1 - Episode 4

Kato discovers a crucial detail about the night of her death, and Schneider looks for clues in a cold case with striking parallels to Kato's murder.

star 7.62
77 votes
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