The BEST episodes directed by Nao Higa

Your Smile on a False Street Corner
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#1 - Your Smile on a False Street Corner

Darker Than Black - Season 2 - Episode 10

Suō tries to remind her mother of the happy time they visited the aquarium, but flees when she denies it. Misaki finds Suō in the cold and explains that the aquarium she remembers was demolished 13 years ago. Suō's mother recounts to Misaki that day 8 years ago in Moscow when she took Suō and Shion to see her husband Dr. Pavlichenko at the university; Mao was also present then and lost his body in the explosion. Suō's mother remembers seeing her husband manipulating Suō in a machine, then fleeing with Suō's lifeless body while Shion watched from a window. Shion reveals his ability: He can create a perfect clone of any organism. Hei rejoins Suō, July, and Mao after incapacitating Misaki. Mina vows to kill Hei upon finding Yoko's bloody corpse.

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