The Best Episodes Directed by Morgan Beggs

Rocky Road

#1 - Rocky Road

Once Upon a Time (2011) Season 4 - Episode 3

When an icy spell is cast on Marian, the Storybrooke residents place the blame on Elsa. Emma and David find former Merry Men member Will Scarlet rummaging through Robin Hood’s tent. Regina teams up with Henry to try and discover the identity of the author of the fairy tale book. Mary Margaret has trouble balancing her duties as leader of Storybrooke and mother to young Prince Neal. Hook begins to suspect that Mr. Gold is still in control of the dagger that calls upon him to be the Dark One. Elsa and Kristoff set off to stop Hans from attempting to take control of the kingdom.

star 7.81
1871 votes
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#2 - Fuhgeddaboudit

Dark Angel Season 2 - Episode 15

A genetically enhanced hypnotist targets Logan and Max, who reveals her true identity and Logan's secret activities before realizing that she is being manipulated as part of a deadly plan - but luckily she doesn't remember doing it. Meanwhile, the transgenic, Mia, also sets her sights on Alec, raising the stakes, leading him back into the boxing ring to make some money for some not-so-good fellas.

star 7.79
411 votes
Murder Most Foul

#3 - Murder Most Foul

Once Upon a Time (2011) Season 6 - Episode 12

Before Hook takes the next step in his relationship with Emma, he wants to make sure David sees him as more than just a pirate. So when David asks Hook to help him uncover the truth about his father’s death, Hook agrees. Meanwhile, Regina works to acclimate Robin to life in Storybrooke, but soon discovers he has a dark side that makes the task much more complicated than she anticipated.

star 7.78
1993 votes
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#4 - Pandora

Smallville Season 9 - Episode 9

Tess kidnaps Lois to find out where Lois went after she disappeared for weeks. Lois's memory of the future depicts a Metropolis under Zod's rule and Clark powerless under the red sun, while Chloe forms a resistance group with Oliver. After learning of these future events, Clark makes an important decision about Zod.

star 7.76
1598 votes
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Come to Your Senses

#5 - Come to Your Senses

Kyle XY Season 2 - Episode 5

Coming back to work, Nicole has a startling new patient: Jessi. Jessi was recommended by her "sister," Emily, because Jessi supposedly had a rough childhood. Meanwhile, Kyle's on a mission to find Amanda's stolen bracelet.

star 7.67
745 votes
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Til Death

#6 - Til Death

Flash Gordon (2007) Season 1 - Episode 9

Flash falls for Ming's daughter, Aura, after she drugs him with a love potion as part of a scheme to derail her upcoming nuptials with Barin.

star 7.59
99 votes
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Gone (1)

#7 - Gone (1)

The 4400 Season 3 - Episode 4

Someone is targeting young 4400's and Maia gets kidnapped. A mistake from Shawn's past comes back to haunt him. Richard is given a position of authority at the 4400 Center.

star 7.57
768 votes
Ghost in the Machine

#8 - Ghost in the Machine

The 4400 Season 4 - Episode 11

Tom and Diana must race to find the source of a computer virus that could bring down Ubient software, one of the world's largest software companies that is run by suspected member of the marked, Drew Imroth. Meanwhile, Maia visits Promise City where she receives an unexpected birthday surprise: a visit from her birth parents.

star 7.47
640 votes

#9 - Collateral

Smallville Season 10 - Episode 12

Clark, Oliver, Lois and Dinah are released by the VRA after being captured at Hawkman's funeral, but each of them have flashbacks of Chloe holding them against their will. When Chloe returns, Dinah warns the others that Chloe may now be a traitor. Oliver dismisses her concerns, but Clark is unsure if he can trust Chloe after she disappeared without an explanation.

star 7.47
2397 votes
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#10 - Bulletproof

Smallville Season 8 - Episode 12

Clark learns that John Jones was shot while working as a police officer; Lana tells Tess that Lex isn't the man she thinks he is, forcing Tess to re-evaluate her position as head of Luthercorp.

star 7.03
1133 votes