The Best Episodes Directed by Mogens Hagedorn

The Test

#1 - The Test

Rita Season 3 - Episode 8

Rita agrees to act as temporary headmaster in Helle's absence, and Hjordis and Uffe face an important decision regarding their relationship.

star 8.28
40 votes
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The Head

#2 - The Head

Rita Season 3 - Episode 7

Overcome by stress, Helle asks Rita to become the school's temporary headmaster, and Hjordis's class celebrates Saint Lucy's day with style.

star 8.07
42 votes
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Evening Classes

#3 - Evening Classes

Rita Season 3 - Episode 4

To combat loneliness, Rita invites some students to her house. Meanwhile, Hjordis tries to spice up her sex life with Uffe.

star 7.98
47 votes
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Episode 7

#4 - Episode 7

Gidseltagningen Season 2 - Episode 7

As SP and Simon finally have a lead on the whereabouts of June's phone, Philip is told that the hostages have been booby-trapped with Yusuf threatening to detonate.

star 7.72
29 votes
Episode 8

#5 - Episode 8

Gidseltagningen Season 2 - Episode 8

As the ferry docks in Provestenen, Beate greets Philip, who sees June chasing Rami in the distance. Grabbing a gun, he follows them into a dockside warehouse.

star 7.62
26 votes

#6 - Freefall

Rita Season 3 - Episode 6

Rita tries to keep the police in the dark when Hjordis decides on the perfect item to bury in a time capsule: marijuana.

star 7.58
40 votes
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#7 - Lice

Rita Season 3 - Episode 5

Rita's fourth graders come down with head lice, and she decides to delouse them herself. Meanwhile, Helle faces evaluation by her peers.

star 7.43
47 votes