The BEST episodes directed by Mina Shum

That's Why They Call It A Conspiracy
3 votes

#1 - That's Why They Call It A Conspiracy

Da Vinci's Inquest - Season 7 - Episode 5

Da Vinci begins to suspect that a widespread conspiracy is protecting the Mayor in the hit-and-run investigation. Meanwhile, a murdered drug runner turns out to be a childhood friend of Leary's and Kosmo's relationship with Sue attracts the attention of Internal Affairs.

Murdoch and the Undetectable Man
180 votes

#2 - Murdoch and the Undetectable Man

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 12 - Episode 13

Inventor Nikola Tesla assists Murdoch in an investigation into the death of a man experimenting with invisibility.

Excuses for Bad Behavior
34 votes

#3 - Excuses for Bad Behavior

Noah's Arc - Season 2 - Episode 4

Noah meets with British hip-hop star Baby Gat. Meanwhile, Ricky has a hard time trying to express his feelings to Junito. Alex tries to devise a plan to make his friends believe that Guy is up to no good. Chance has a difficult time disciplining Kenya.

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Sins of the Father
180 votes

#4 - Sins of the Father

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 12 - Episode 14

Murdoch investigates an apparent arson death, and reveals a personal history in the process.

34 votes

#5 - Desperado

Noah's Arc - Season 2 - Episode 3

Noah has been invited to join Dre and Wade for dinner, which rekindles creative sparks in Noah and Wade, while Dre's friend shows an interest in Noah. Meanwhile, Chance and Eddie host dinner for Eddie's bosses and their wives, and Chance happens upon an interesting coupling. Ricky continues to have thoughts about his new relationship with Junito. Alex's suspicions of Guy's friendship with Trey continue to grow.

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The Family
740 votes

#6 - The Family

The Good Doctor - Season 5 - Episode 11

Dr. Shaun Murphy makes a personal connection with a precoious young patient which threatens his objectivity. Meanwhile, while volunteering at a long-term care facility, Dr. Morgan Reznick realizes she could help Dr. Aaron Glassman’s clinic by offering telemedicine services for nursing homes and care facilities.

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The Final Curtain
135 votes

#7 - The Final Curtain

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 13 - Episode 8

An actor is killed during a play featuring John Brackenreid and attended by Murdoch, Ogden, Crabtree and John’s parents.

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Murder Checks In
96 votes

#8 - Murder Checks In

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 14 - Episode 5

Murdoch and Ogden's weekend at a country inn goes awry when a guest is murdered.

Second Chances and Past Regrets
425 votes

#9 - Second Chances and Past Regrets

The Good Doctor - Season 6 - Episode 17

Dr. Shaun Murphy must learn how to work with Dr. Jared Kalu again and remind him that he must start all over at St. Bonaventure. Meanwhile, Dr. Murphy treats a teenager suffering from neurological problems with a very high-risk procedure.

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The Ministry of Virtue
89 votes

#10 - The Ministry of Virtue

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 14 - Episode 6

Murdoch investigates the death of a harlot who was promised in a marriage transaction.

287 votes

#11 - Alice

October Faction - Season 1 - Episode 8

Alice recalls a time she opened up to a friend and the gut-wrenching moment her world was violently torn apart. Geoff and Viv discover their origins.

288 votes

#12 - Nadir

October Faction - Season 1 - Episode 7

Fred faces Seth’s killer and strikes an unprecedented deal to battle the blood magic. In the meantime, Viv and Geoff get to know their kidnapper.