The BEST episodes directed by Mike Pavone

A Key Exchange
3 votes

#1 - A Key Exchange

Jack & Jill - Season 1 - Episode 18

Elisa and Mikey find that being roommates is difficult. Elisa is a complete slob, and Mikey eats all of her food. Mikey and Elisa hire Belinda as their maid. Meanwhile, Jill leaves a key to his apartment with Jack after locking himself out for the third time in a week. Jack sneaks a peek at Jill's journal and reads about the best sex of his life—with another woman. Paranoid, she asks Mikey for advice, then surprises Jill by seducing him in a new way. Audrey and Barto's relationship is jeopardized when Barto gets a new study partner, Annie. While Barto contemplates an internship in Atlanta, Audrey gets a movie offer in Los Angeles. Barto scores a top grade in his final examination and celebrates with Annie. A jealous Audrey sees them together.

What Weddings Do to People
4 votes

#2 - What Weddings Do to People

Jack & Jill - Season 2 - Episode 1

The duo and their friends attend the wedding of one of Jill's ex-girlfriends. While guy pal Mikey sees the event as a chance to score with some lonely single women, Elisa dreads appearing as one of them.

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