The BEST episodes directed by Michael Vittes

The Quest
100 votes

#1 - The Quest

Northern Exposure - Season 6 - Episode 15

Joel finds a map and brings Maggie with him on a quest to find a mythical city, they meet a belligerent gatekeeper, and when faced with a crossroads, Joel sees his future and departs. Phil cleans out some impacted earwax for Chris, but Chris sues him for malpractice when his inner ear is damaged. Maurice lets Holling know that Michelle is writing an article on restaurants for Alaska Highways magazine, but she can't find any good words to describe the food at the Brick.

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Una Volta in L'Inverno
107 votes

#2 - Una Volta in L'Inverno

Northern Exposure - Season 5 - Episode 17

Ruth-Anne tries learning Italian, so she can read Dante, and gets some help from Shelly. Walt needs sunlight to overcome his depression, so he gets his light glasses and becomes addicted, so Chris & Holling perform an intervention. Caribou block Main Street, so the mayor takes action. While waiting out a storm in the airport cabin with Maggie, everything is going Joel's way, until Ed shows up.

Mite Makes Right
141 votes

#3 - Mite Makes Right

Northern Exposure - Season 5 - Episode 13

A musician tries to stop Maurice from storing, in his safe, a 1.6 million-dollar violin he's just bought as an investment. Maggie becomes obsessed with ridding her house of dust mites after she develops an allergy to them. Chris struggles to find inspiration for his latest sculpture. Joel and Maggie have their first date, which ends early because of talk about things microscopic.

Let's Dance
86 votes

#4 - Let's Dance

Northern Exposure - Season 6 - Episode 22

Chris begins taking dance lessons from Marilyn, but she disciplines one of her other students into giving him the lessons only she doesn't want to be seen talking to him, even though they have similar interests. Philip offends Marilyn's mother when he breaks tribal protocols for manners and Michelle confirms his deficiency. Maurice and Barbara travel on a prisoner transport with Cal the violinist to bring him back to the sanitarium; however, along the way she falls under the spell of his violin playing causing her to think about violating the rules and letting him go free.

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Learning Curve
153 votes

#5 - Learning Curve

Northern Exposure - Season 4 - Episode 15

Holling decides to go back to school to get his high school equivalency certificate. Marilyn goes on an adventure in Seattle and Joel is worried for her safety so he tries to over plan her trip for her, plans she just ignores. A worried Joel, ventures down to Seattle to locate her. Maggie is at odds with the teacher over her philosophy about female combat pilots and sisterhood.

Sons of the Tundra
126 votes

#6 - Sons of the Tundra

Northern Exposure - Season 6 - Episode 9

A new doctor and his wife move to Cicely to take over Joel's practice and his house. While settling in, they get to know some quirks of the people and their new environment. After eating a trout, Ed starts to see the future. Holling tries to join the "Sons of the Tundra" and Shelly dislikes the "men only" aspect. Joel stops by and trades Holling pelts for a new knife.