The Best Episodes Directed by Michael S. Chernuchin


#1 - Aftershock

Law & Order Season 6 - Episode 23

After Briscoe, Curtis, McCoy, and Kincaid witness the execution of a criminal they brought to justice, their unique reactions to the event culminate in personal tragedies for each of them.

star 7.93
213 votes

#2 - Vengeance

Law & Order Season 2 - Episode 16

The parents of a murdered woman contest Stone's prosecution of her killer so that he can be extradited to their home state, where the death penalty still exists.

star 7.59
310 votes
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The Torrents of Greed (2)

#3 - The Torrents of Greed (2)

Law & Order Season 1 - Episode 16

Stone tries to salvage his prosecution of the Masucci family when Beigel faces bribery charges and seems willing to turn against his brother-in-law.

star 7.57
308 votes

#4 - Vendetta

Law & Order Season 14 - Episode 21

The investigation into a bar room brawl fatality reveals a detective's decades-old vendetta against a petty criminal turned murderer who was falsely accused of one murder after evading conviction on another.

star 7.52
128 votes

#5 - Mayhem

Law & Order Season 4 - Episode 17

During a 24-hour period, Briscoe and Logan have a heavy caseload that includes 5 unrelated murders and a domestic quarrel, which results in the maiming of the husband.

star 7.46
224 votes

#6 - Aria

Law & Order Season 2 - Episode 3

A lethal drug overdose leads the detectives to an aggressive stage mother and a pornographic movie producer.

star 7.40
324 votes

#7 - Homesick

Law & Order Season 6 - Episode 22

After an infant is found dead in his crib, it's determined he was poisoned, and all evidence points to the child's au pair.

star 7.35
177 votes

#8 - Misconception

Law & Order Season 2 - Episode 6

The mugging of a pregnant legal secretary leads to a case involving her lover, her boss and charges of murder when she loses the baby.

star 7.34
310 votes
The Torrents of Greed (1)

#9 - The Torrents of Greed (1)

Law & Order Season 1 - Episode 15

An assault on a candy storeowner leads Stone and Robinette to build a case against a powerful mafia don.

star 7.31
296 votes

#10 - Wager

Law & Order Season 4 - Episode 18

Briscoe and Logan bet that the killing of a star athlete's father is linked to gambling debts and threats to the baseball player's family.

star 7.18
156 votes