The BEST episodes directed by Michael R. Rhodes

The Elephant's Father
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#1 - The Elephant's Father

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 8 - Episode 17

Kelly moves in with Donna and Carly. Brandon expects Kelly to immediately take him back and will not give her any space. He gets plastered, staggers over to the apartment, and yells at Kelly. He refuses to leave until she threatens to call the police. Donna gets upset with Noah when he defends Brandon and claims that Kelly should "get over it." Brandon chases a minivan that cut him off and tries to attack the driver, a woman who has two children in the car. Noah realizes that Brandon has lost it, and apologizes to Donna. Valerie must perform community service at the clinic as punishment for her bookmaking arrest. Kelly smugly orders her around, so Val tries to get revenge by interfering with her relationship with Brandon. She tears up Brandon's messages and plays matchmaker for Kelly and an intern. Brandon shows up at the apartment late at night, but Kelly is not prepared to give him another chance. Carly's father suffers a heart attack and undergoes quadruple bypass surgery. She decides to move to Montana to assist with his recovery. In spite of Steve's pleas, she determines that she must relocate permanently in order to give Zach some stability. David works on a feature about an up and coming band, Jasper's Law. The group buys one of his compositions, a love song he had once written for Donna. Kelly encourages a domestic abuse victim to escape from her husband.

Friends, Lovers and Children
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#2 - Friends, Lovers and Children

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 8 - Episode 9

Brandon and Kelly recognize a hooker on a downtown street as Dylan's sister Erica. They call Brenda and learn that Erica vanished after following a boyfriend from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Brandon pays a male prostitute to lead them to Erica, and he and Kelly move her into the house. After convincing Valerie that she can be trusted alone, Erica disappears with all of the gang's valuables. David turns to a loan shark for help with his money problems. Donna discovers that David forged her name on a check. Torn apart by David's deceitful actions, she dumps him and throws him out of the apartment. Steve feels uncomfortable when Zach tricks him into participating in a father-son soccer game. Steve apologizes to Carly for overreacting, and they spend the night together. A woman whom Steve dated over the summer shows up and claims that she is pregnant with his child. Noah refuses to accept Val's apology and resume their relationship. He gets very drunk and is arrested in a bar fight. Brandon bails him out, and Noah explains that it is the anniversary of the death of his fiancée, Beth. He also reveals that he is a Harvard graduate, and that his family runs a Fortune 500 oil company. He has millions in his trust fund, but wants nothing to do with the money.

The Muse
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#3 - The Muse

So Weird - Season 3 - Episode 17

Molly looks to find her lost ""muse,"" or inspiration, at an Oregon inn where she and her late husband Rick first met and played music together. Jack also is concerned because he doesn't have an interest like music that inspires him. At the restaurant Annie meets a brash young man named Quinn who says he's Molly's muse, sent to help her. He proves his powers on the waitress and a dog. Annie takes him to Molly, but his powers don't work on her. Molly gets depressed and wants to leave without doing a show. Carey finds the dog Quinn made dance earlier thinking it may be the Muse, but now the dog just sits. Quinn admits that this is his first job as Muse. Jack talks to a strange handyman who has been working in their room, and he tells Jack he has to listen for his muse. Molly decides to do the show. On the way out of the inn she mentions the handyman to the owner, who tells her they employ no such person. At the concert something special is revealed to both Molly and Jack.

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The End of the World as We Know It
26 votes

#4 - The End of the World as We Know It

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 9 - Episode 23

Kelly and Matt babysit Erin, and have sex in the living room after she goes to sleep. They do not realize that Mel and Jackie have set up a video camera to observe prospective nannies with Erin. Erin switches the tape with a copy of ""There's Something About Mary,"" and the illicit video ends up in Dylan and Gina's hands. Dylan becomes furious, prompting Gina to suspect that he still has feelings for Kelly. She believes that Dylan is trying to overcompensate by arranging a private concert by Monica, and tricks him into admitting that he slept with Kelly in Mexico. Matt breaks up with Kelly, who reminds him that he was married at the time. He forgives her after she insists that she never revealed the truth because she did not want to add to his woes. Donna asks Wayne, a good-looking pro beach volleyball player, to model her new line of men's wear. Matt files a lawsuit on behalf of cancer victims against a number of companies that polluted the environment--including Hunter Oil. Noah refuse

The Nature of Nurture
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#5 - The Nature of Nurture

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 8 - Episode 24

Kelly is upset when a gay couple receives custody of the baby. The teenage mother decides that she wants her son back, but only because she does not want him raised by gay men. Kyle and Gene give the child up without a fight, as they feel this is in his best interests. Kelly comes to believe that they would make better parents than she or Leann, and lobbies the girl to relinquish custody. She eventually agrees after realizing that she cannot care for the child properly. With the newspaper struggling to stay afloat, Steve accepts advertising from a cigarette manufacturer. Brandon becomes indignant and threatens to quit; Steve changes his mind by pointing out all the people he has helped through his writing. After a few dates, Steve finally tells Jill that he is not Ted (the man to whom she had been writing). She refuses to continue seeing him, and he vows to make her happy by finding Ted. David rediscovers his love of music by jamming with his neighbor, a washed-up guitar player who onc