The Best Episodes Directed by Metin Huseyin

The Little Brother

#1 - The Little Brother

New Tricks Season 10 - Episode 4

As Lane comes to terms with life after UCOS, Esther asks him to help one of her book club friends find her missing brother - but will his nose for the truth get him into further trouble? And how will his former colleagues cope without their most dogged sleuth?

star 8.37
81 votes
The Sins of the Father

#2 - The Sins of the Father

New Tricks Season 10 - Episode 3

Brian Lane knows his days at UCOS are numbered. Meanwhile the team investigate a 16-year-old murder of a young mum by her criminal husband that could be a miscarriage of justice. However Gerry Standing feels very strongly that the conviction should not be called into question.

star 7.99
117 votes
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Episode 6

#3 - Episode 6

Shameless Season 8 - Episode 6

It's Carl's 21st birthday, and Frank, Libby and the Maguires are planning a suprise party for him. Carl gets a job working for Jamie. However, his first job does not go to plan when Kelly steals money which was supposed to go to a business client. The business client in question is a ruthless psychopath. Left alone with him, Carl faces the most darkest experience of his life, and his problems have only just begun when Jamie accuses him of trying to steal from the family. Meanwhile, one of Joe's money-making schemes comes back to haunt Chesney, leaving him and Sita in debt. Mickey encourages Chesney to set up a gay hotline. Chesney is reluctant, but Mickey is left wondering what he has started when Chesney becomes addicted to the hotline.

star 7.90
184 votes
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Episode 4

#4 - Episode 4

Shameless Season 8 - Episode 4

After returning to the Jockey, Karen attends the psychiatric hospital as an out-patient and finds that Frank has been there all along. Can he break free and save his relationship with Libby? Meanwhile, Sita is devastated when she fails her exams, and discovers her tutor will pass her if she sleeps with him. Determined to pass her exam, Sita turns to Carl for help. Elsewhere, Aiden, Patty's great nephew, arrives on Chatsworth following his mother's imprisonment, and he proves more than a match for various Chatsworth residents.

star 7.80
172 votes
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#5 - Monsters

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 - Episode 7

As Peggy plots a rescue mission, Whitney hunts for even more dark power; and Jarvis learns he should not make promises he cannot keep.

star 7.80
2588 votes
Episode 6

#6 - Episode 6

Fortitude Season 2 - Episode 6

Dr. Khatri attempts to cover her tracks when Michael presents the scientists with a miracle. Dan and Elena relive their trauma.

star 7.75
771 votes
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The Edge of Mystery

#7 - The Edge of Mystery

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 - Episode 8

Peggy and Sousa propose a trade with Whitney Frost, while the SSR gets help from Howard Stark that may be the key to eliminating Zero Matter.

star 7.75
2447 votes
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Black Orchid

#8 - Black Orchid

Conviction (2016) Season 1 - Episode 11

While Hayes and Wallace struggle to balance their professional and personal lives, they are summoned to a crime scene that fits the M.O. of the infamous “Black Orchid Killer.” Is the latest murder the work of a copycat? Or is the man now in prison for the earlier crimes actually innocent? As the investigation accelerates, the CIU team, spearheaded by unlikely serial-killer expert Tess, closes in on a suspect who may have committed all the murders – but will it be too late? Join the search for the true killer.

star 7.72
950 votes
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Episode 7

#9 - Episode 7

Fortitude Season 2 - Episode 7

Michael finds something unexpected on the tundra, and Dan is confronted with what he is becoming, just as a heartbreaking discovery changes the town forever.

star 7.66
756 votes
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