The Best Episodes Directed by Maury Dexter

Dark Sage

#1 - Dark Sage

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 4

Dr. Baker posts an ad for another doctor, to relieve his workload (and Mrs. Oleson's constant pestering). He hires Dr. Caleb Ledoux, but doesn't count on him being black. The Ingalls are among the very few to accept Dr. Ledoux, as others are outright hateful and racist. Even Dr. Baker struggles with his prejudice and, to show his spite, gives the young doctor minor cases. In the end, Dr. Ledoux is the only doctor available to call on a pregnant woman who is having labor complications. The woman's husband won't allow the doctor in the house (because he's black), and can only get to her when Charles knocks the man aside. Ledoux performs a successful surgery and delivers a son to the couple. A stunned and shaken Dr. Baker witnesses the surgery and concedes that only Caleb's and his superior training could have saved the woman's life. Dr. Ledoux later angrily tells his wife he plans to leave Walnut Grove. But only Dr. Baker's emotional speech at church convinces the good doctor to stay.

star 9.13
61 votes
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For The Love of Nancy

#2 - For The Love of Nancy

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 9

An overweight boy comes to school at Walnut Grove. The schoolkids pick on him because he is so heavy. Nancy persuades the boy to bully the other school children. The jokes of the school children get so bad that the obese boy decides to quit school. The school children then decide that enough is enough. They go over and apologize to him.

star 8.71
62 votes
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Stone Soup

#3 - Stone Soup

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 13

Laura finds that balancing her teaching duties at school and managing Almonzo's orchard, while he and Charles are gone on a delivery trip to Arizona, too much to handle. Her heart-to-heart talk with a maturing Willie may hold the key to both their futures in this coming-of-age story.

star 8.14
71 votes
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Wilder and Wilder

#4 - Wilder and Wilder

Little House on the Prairie Season 6 - Episode 20

Almanzo's younger brother arrives, and Charles hopes Laura might fall for someone closer to her age.

star 7.93
165 votes
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Wave of the Future

#5 - Wave of the Future

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 10

Mrs. Oleson changes the restaurant into a franchise restaurant, She has a hard time living up to the agreement of the franchise. Charles and Nels get together and decide to open up a restaurant of their own, right across the street. The new restaurant forces Mrs. Oleson's restaurant out of business. The town is now back to normal, or at least as normal as it can be.

star 7.85
43 votes
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Blind Justice

#6 - Blind Justice

Little House on the Prairie Season 7 - Episode 19

Adam is officially a lawyer, but his client prospects are slim.

star 7.79
32 votes
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Uncle Jed

#7 - Uncle Jed

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 15

An elderly relative of James and Cassandra tries to get custody away from Charles. He ends up being unsuccessful in the lawsuit, which means that Charles kept custody of the children.

star 7.59
32 votes
Growin' Pains

#8 - Growin' Pains

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 3

James is trying to be more like Albert. He even wants to shave like Albert has to. While James is shaving, he breaks Albert's razor. James steals a razor from the mercantile hoping Albert wouldn't notice the difference. When the truth is found out about the razor, James runs away. Albert takes off after him. When Albert finds James, it takes a lot of convincing before James decides to come back home with him.

star 7.58
63 votes
Second Chance

#9 - Second Chance

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 16

Hester Sue's ex-husband, Sam, comes to town. He tells Hester Sue that he was no longer a drinker and a gambler. Hester Sue believes he has changed and soon decides to marry him. Hester Sue learns the truth about Sam when his wife and kids come and warn Hester Sue that Sam is still a drinker and gambler.

star 7.34
64 votes
A Faraway Cry

#10 - A Faraway Cry

Little House on the Prairie Season 8 - Episode 20

A longtime friend of Caroline writes to her and asks for help. Her friend is pregnant and lives at a gold prospector's camp where there is an outbreak of influenza. Caroline finds out that her friend's husband doesn't like her wife. In fact, he wants his wife's baby to die. Caroline's friend dies during childbirth, but the child survives. In another tent, a mother's child dies while be born. Caroline decides to give the baby to the other mother since she knows that the baby will be taken care of properly.

star 7.22
37 votes
The Preacher Takes A Wife

#11 - The Preacher Takes A Wife

Little House on the Prairie Season 6 - Episode 6

Mrs. Craig is in love with Reverend Alden. Although Mrs. Oleson tries to stop Reverend Alden from marrying Mrs. Craig, the wedding goes on as planned.

star 6.69
81 votes
Times Are Changing (1)

#12 - Times Are Changing (1)

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 1

The Ingalls are forced to sell their house to the Carters and leave Walnut Grove to find a more promising life. Mrs. Carter begins printing a newspaper for Walnut Grove. Etta Plum becomes the teacher in Walnut Grove when Laura decides she wants to spend more time with Rose. Almanzo's brother, Royal, comes to Walnut Grove with his daughter, Jenny.

star 6.55
70 votes
The Return Of Nellie

#13 - The Return Of Nellie

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 8

Nellie returns to Walnut Grove and discovers that Nancy is a lot worse than she ever was. When Nancy isn't the center of attention, she runs away. Nels and Nellie search until they find her. Just when they think Nancy has learned a valuable lesson, she proves that she really hasn't.

star 6.54
66 votes
The Faith Healer

#14 - The Faith Healer

Little House on the Prairie Season 6 - Episode 10

A preacher who works as a faith healer establishes a congregation in Walnut Grove, taking parishioners from Rev. Alden's church. But things grow deadly serious when a teen-age boy dies from a ruptured appendix after being healed from the pain.

star 6.51
127 votes
Silent Promises

#15 - Silent Promises

Little House on the Prairie Season 6 - Episode 17

A deaf boy learns how to communicate with people when Laura teaches him sign language. The boy falls in love with her.

star 6.50
97 votes
Once Upon A Time

#16 - Once Upon A Time

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 15

Laura writes a book for a book writing contest. Her book is chosen. She travels to Minneapolis to work out a deal with the publisher. However, when the publisher wants her to change some parts in her book, she withdraws from the contest and goes back home.

star 6.38
55 votes
The Last Summer

#17 - The Last Summer

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 19

Jason Carter starts working for an old lady. Jason becomes great friends of the lady. However, Jason's mom believes the lady is being too nice. Jason is forbidden to work for the old lady until Sarah finds out that the lady will soon die.

star 6.09
51 votes
Welcome To Olesonville

#18 - Welcome To Olesonville

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 3

Harriet finds a bearer bond from Walnut Grove. She uses this to try to get people to follow her suggestions. She tells the town council that if she doesn't get her way, she will cash in the bond which would force the town to pay Mrs. Oleson over $10,000.

star 6.08
102 votes
Times Are Changing (2)

#19 - Times Are Changing (2)

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 2

Royal has a very bad heart and asks Laura and Almanzo to take care of his daughter since he was going to die soon. Jenny is devastated by her father's death. After talking to Reverend Alden about heaven, she tries to commit suicide by drowning so that she could be with her father again. Jeb Carter is able to save Jenny although he can't swim. Laura convinces Jenny that she should do what would make her parents proud.

star 6.06
62 votes

#20 - Rage

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 4

Mr. Stark has gotten himself so far in debt that he has lost his mind. He goes home and shoots his wife and daughter. Then he goes off and ends up at Laura's house. He mistakes Laura and Jenny for his wife and daughter, but when he sees Rose, he thinks that his daughter has had a baby.

star 5.78
62 votes
Alden's Dilemma

#21 - Alden's Dilemma

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 11

A minister that is passing through Walnut Grove arouses the suspicions of Reverend Alden and Mr. Edwards. Reverend Alden believes that he will lose his congregation to the other reverend. Mr. Edwards notices that this minister spends a lot of time with Mrs. Carter and Laura, which causes him to suspect the worse.

star 5.53
54 votes