The Best Episodes Directed by Matt Witten


#1 - Punk

Law & Order Season 9 - Episode 8

The murder of a corrections officer leads detectives to a women's prison where a guard was linked to an inmate Carmichael put away on drug charges and a confrontation with defense attorney Danielle Melnick.

star 7.86
123 votes
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#2 - Doppelganger

The Glades Season 1 - Episode 6

A man suffering from head trauma claims to have witnessed a murder before being attacked and believes the murderer looks exactly like him.

star 7.67
965 votes
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#3 - Panic

Law & Order Season 10 - Episode 13

Briscoe and Green investigate the shooting of a best-selling mystery writer and the death of her accountant, with a love triangle as a possible motive for the crime.

star 6.82
177 votes
To The Light, Part 1

#4 - To The Light, Part 1

Ghostwriter (1992) Season 1 - Episode 18

Rob takes Jamal to see his friend Double T who he met at the homeless shelter. When they go, Double T has mysteriously vanished leaving no trace of where he is. The only clue is a broken broom and a torn diary. Rob fears that someone is out to get Double T.

star 0.00
0 votes