The BEST episodes directed by Masamune Hirata

Spring Dawn
22 votes

#1 - Spring Dawn

Those Snow White Notes - Season 1 - Episode 4

Shuri wants her grandmother to be able to hear "Shungyou: Spring Dawn" again, but Setsu tells her it isn't something he's capable of playing and ends up denying her request to perform. After Setsu confronts "Shungyou" once more, he finds his own way of playing it and heads off to where Shuri's grandmother lives. At last, it's time for Setsu's "Shungyou" to resound through the air...

In Search of Yuzuki
14 votes

#2 - In Search of Yuzuki

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale - Season 1 - Episode 11

With help from his friends, Tamahiko combs through a ruined Tokyo searching for the missing Yuzuki. A chance encounter leads to a shocking discovery.

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The Bad Girl
21 votes

#3 - The Bad Girl

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale - Season 1 - Episode 6

Determined to recover Yuzu's bookmark, Tamahiko winds up doing the thief's family a favor. After Tamako clues him in, Tamahiko must make things right.

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The Exciting Festival
35 votes

#4 - The Exciting Festival

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody - Season 1 - Episode 7

The school festival is here and Ard is busy patrolling with Ireena. However, Ard is left cradling his head after Olivia acted on her own to enter him into the Sword King Battle Tournament and Ginny forces him to be waited on at their class's Erotic Maid Cafe. Meanwhile, Ireena, Ginny, and Sylphy also decide to enter the Sword King Battle Tournament. In Sylphy's case, it's due to her strong attachment to the tournament's grand prize.

There is strong shadow where there is much light.
33 votes

#5 - There is strong shadow where there is much light.

The Dungeon of Black Company - Season 1 - Episode 6

Several high-ranking members of the Demon Lord's Army are threatened by Kinji's meteoric rise, and decide to take action against him. Meanwhile, Ranga is haunted by a secret from his past.

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