The Best Episodes Directed by Masami Shimoda

Spring Blossom

#1 - Spring Blossom

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 1

Chika-rin 'interrogates' every inhabitant of the mansion about their feelings towards Kaoru-oniisan, causing embarrassing situations throughout the whole episode.

star 8.53
58 votes

#2 - Phantom

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 4

Tina hears strange noises from an unoccupied area above her room. Could this be a ghost? The inhabitants of the western style house are going to find out today, led by their expert for supernatural phenomena - who happens to be Taeko-chan...

star 8.53
58 votes

#3 - Moonlight

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 11

Autumn has arrived, and three guests at the western style house are about to leave for the holidays. And Tina is making lots of photographs with her brand-new digicam to show them to her parents. But all things are not what they seem...

star 8.53
58 votes

#4 - Friends

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 2

Chika-chan invites two of her class mates to visit her home at the mansion, where she ""lives together with a guy"".

star 8.50
58 votes
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#5 - Piano

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 5

Mayu's mother (working in Paris) designed a new summer dress and sent it to her daughter. And what better opportunity would there be to wear that but on a date with Kaoru? So Mayu, being the girl she is, visits the well-known Western Style house and asks her Hanabishi-sama out for a date - right in front of all other inhabitants...

star 8.50
58 votes
Pure White

#6 - Pure White

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 9

Professor Itsuki is thankful for Kaoru's work in his institute and makes a present of two tickets for a sea trip to Yokohama: ""Think about your future - you should go there with your girlfriend."" As the other girls all happen to be absent and Aoi is bored anyway, this opportunity comes just in time - so here we go! No ""harem scenario"" today... the main storyline is back at last.

star 8.49
58 votes

#7 - Tennis

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 3

Chika tries to learn playing tennis for some forthcoming sports event; Miyabi has been a good tennis player some time ago and volunteers to teach her.

star 8.46
58 votes
Summer Resort

#8 - Summer Resort

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 7

It's summer holiday time for Kaoru - and Tina wants out for a trip, together with the rest of the inhabitants of the western style house. So they all are out on the road this time - what a pity that Mayu can't go with them... You know what to expect when Taeko is driving one of the cars... later, we will see some onsen scenes, a barbecue and finally all the characters playing party games. But then...

star 8.46
58 votes

#9 - Ties

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 12

Most of the inhabitants expect Tina to return soon from her trip home to America - only Kaoru and Aoi have seen the paper that Tina left at her door, and Aoi seems to miss Tina the most. But finally, when they were about to give up on their friend, the Enishi of the Western Style house shows its power...

star 8.46
58 votes

#10 - Journey

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 6

All the girls compete on spending time together with Kaoru. But when they hear that the poor and tired boy has a deadline to keep for finishing an important report at university, they now try to ""help"" him in different ways. Only after Aoi saved Kaoru from another of these ""attacks"" and scolded the girls for preventing Kaoru from working, they leave him alone. But when the report is finally finished, this is an event to be celebrated...

star 8.42
58 votes
Fish and Water

#11 - Fish and Water

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 8

We already had some impression of Chizuru's swimming skills in episode 2 - but nonetheless, their school's swimming club nominated the ""Three Amigos"" (Chika, Natsuki and Chizuru) as their relay team for the ""18. Regional Swimming Competition"". Which means that each member has to swim at least 25 meters. But all is not lost, as they happen to know the best swimming coach in the world: Tina Foster! So they're going to swim like fish...

star 8.42
58 votes

#12 - Bathrobe

Ai Yori Aoshi Season 2 - Episode 10

Aoi has never visited a spa resort before, so the whole team (including the Three Amigos) takes the chance to do so, where they have a lot of fun in the bath, the sauna, and some even with a massage... a great scenario to provide lots of fan-service! Yet, a good opportunity for some of the characters to think and talk about important things as well.

star 8.42
58 votes
Red Night

#13 - Red Night

11eyes Season 1 - Episode 1

Kakeru Satsuki has been living a boring, ordinary life ever since his sister committed suicide seven years ago. However, one day, he and his best friend Yuka Minase are suddenly transported to an alternate reality where the sky is filled with dark, crimson clouds, a black moon and terrifying creatures lurk.

star 8.36
120 votes
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Dawning of the Dark Night

#14 - Dawning of the Dark Night

11eyes Season 1 - Episode 12

Kakeru sees the future of his action and decides that he must do something else in order to save everyone and he decides that since Liselotte needs his Eye of Aeon he will take his own life to save the world. What happens next?

star 7.93
89 votes