The Best Episodes Directed by Masakazu Hashimoto

A Rondo that Transcends Time

#1 - A Rondo that Transcends Time

Scrapped Princess Season 1 - Episode 22

The group, along with Chris's unit, camps in the woods. Celia appears and asks Pacifica if a caged bird (humans) wants to fly in the sky. Cz shows second thoughts about killing Pacifica.

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2 votes
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Shijima's Girl (Broken Heart MIX)

#2 - Shijima's Girl (Broken Heart MIX)

Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow Season 1 - Episode 13

The staff members of Kissuisō wait and try to mentally prepare for Satsuki's arrival. Sui places Nako in charge of taking care of Satsuki, while the others speculate on whether or not that is a good idea. Arriving, Satsuki comments on how the inn hasn't changed at all from her years as a child, and criticizes constantly on how everything is done. However, Sui states that, in order to properly satisfy a customer that one must observe them on their first stay to see what that customer prefers, adding that even though it is Satsuki's first stay in the inn, it is not her first time being there. Sui and Ohana work together to make a list of what Satsuki likes. After a night of drinking, Satsuki, Ohana, and Sui all begin to understand each other a little better, and Satsuki leaves the next morning after writing a new, positive and praising review of Kissuisō. Ohana sorts out her feelings about Ko and, after a tearful realization, shouts her thanks to him for watching over her and says her farewells.

star 8.60
15 votes
His Name is Unknown

#3 - His Name is Unknown

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 42

Al’s body has been transmuted into a bomb by Kimblee just before his death, and Scar, in a fit of compassion, prepares Al to be saved by turning him into the Philosopher’s Stone. Scar sacrifices his right arm, melding it with Al, and making Al a container waiting for the army’s invasion of the city. Ed manages to fight off the two homunculi and with Ryla and Rose, they escape, but Ed knows he has to go back, and returns to the city. Mustang, using information gathered by Armstrong in his mock service of Archer, goes down to Tucker’s research room to put a stop to the madness. They are beset by chimeras and though they have little trouble fighting them off, Archer gets away. Before anyone can stop him, he sends the army into Lior. There Scar sacrifices himself to transmute the army into Al’s body, making him the Philosopher’s Stone.

star 8.36
125 votes
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Created Human

#4 - Created Human

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 22

Ed reaches the heart of the Fifth Laboratory and learns that it was used as a biological research facility for the military. There, he is nearly fooled into doing an unspeakable act. He manages to escape, but then discovers that Envy has taken Al hostage. Meanwhile, Hughes has ordered Armstrong and the others to find out what is going on in the Laboratory.

star 8.11
145 votes
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Assault on South Headquarters

#5 - Assault on South Headquarters

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 30

Under suspicion of being a Homunculus conspirator, the strange wild boy from Yock is taken into custody by Lt. Col. Archer. Enraged by the arrest, Izumi takes on the military with the full force of her alchemic powers. Meanwhile, Scar has been spotted in the Southern Slums by a retired military officer.

star 7.94
128 votes
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#6 - Goodbye

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 48

The army’s camp in the north, led by Armstrong and headed by Havoc posing as Mustang, starts a military coup. This distracts the attention of the Fuhrer and his minions, while the real Mustang plots his attack on the Fuhrer in Central. Al has been abducted by Envy. Sensei and Ed are forced to pursue the only lead they have on the Homunculi, the Fuhrer himself. They assault the headquarters to find the Fuhrer has gone home early, but they are fortunate in their timing, and are able to help the Tringham brothers (imposter Elrics) escape from prison there. Ed goes off to fight the Fuhrer while sensei battles with the new and improved Frank Archer.

star 7.90
122 votes
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That Which is Lost

#7 - That Which is Lost

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 16

Injured from their latest battle, the brothers decide to return to Risembool for repairs. They make plans to meet up with Winry, but along the way a mixup occurs and Al vanishes from one of the train stations. Now Al must make a detour to find him, and in the process question his deepest held belief.

star 7.87
152 votes
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The Sinner Within

#8 - The Sinner Within

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 36

Ed, Al, and Winry continue on their travel to Ishbal in hopes of finding out how they made the fabled philosopher's stone without alchemy. Along the way the trio uncovers more and more about the truth of the Ishbal war. But are Ed and Al ready to hear it? Meanwhile Winry receives a startling revelation about the death of her parents.

star 7.69
121 votes
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The Phantom Thief

#9 - The Phantom Thief

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 - Episode 10

Not wanting to face Mustang with the news that they still have no new information about the Philosopher's Stone, Ed and Al decide to visit a small tourist town on the pretext of learning more about the Stone. While there, they become involved in the manhunt for a "Robin Hood"-like thief. While Ed has his doubts about her true agenda, does she have any real knowledge about the Stone's whereabouts?

star 7.66
172 votes
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Serenade of the False Princess

#10 - Serenade of the False Princess

Scrapped Princess Season 1 - Episode 10

Lenard has brainwashed Elfitine into helping him destroy the village as a tribute to Mauser. The group helps foil his plan and continue on towards Giat. Chris goes to visit Pacifica's mother, the queen.

star 7.20
5 votes
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A Chanson for Fleeting Moments

#11 - A Chanson for Fleeting Moments

Scrapped Princess Season 1 - Episode 17

Pacifica continues to enjoy her life with Fulle, while the military is close to catching her. Cz, more passionate than a typical Peacemaker, explains to Shannon why the status quo should be left alone.

star 7.00
3 votes
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