The BEST episodes directed by Maria A. Brown

Little Bo Peep
6 votes

#1 - Little Bo Peep

Cybill - Season 3 - Episode 14

Provoked by Cybill's offensive reaction to a lamb attack on live television, animal activists - led by Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop (as themselves) - launch a campaign against Cybill. When Cybill makes an appearance at a local zoo to promote ""Lifeforms,"" she's bitten by a lamb while being interviewed on live television and reacts in politically incorrect fashion. Trying to save her career, Andy convinces her to be a guest speaker at an animal rights banquet. Meanwhile, while Cybill dates a younger man who seems too good to be true, Maryann desperately tries to cope with the fact that her new romantic interest shares something in common with her ex-husband - the same name.

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A Hell of a Christmas
9 votes

#2 - A Hell of a Christmas

Cybill - Season 3 - Episode 11

Cybill's overbearing mom comes for a Christmas visit. Cybill welcomes her mom, Virginia, who's in town for the holidays, but tensions arise when ""Me-Maw"" showers Rachel with affection while virtually ignoring Zoey. When Cybill confronts her about the favoritism, she learns that Virginia feels a responsibility to compensate for Cybill's own partiality towards Zoey. Meanwhile, Maryann volunteers to be Cybill's personal holiday shopper while Cybill deals with the fact that her show's time slot has been moved - opposite 60 Minutes, and Ira finds out that Zoey lost her virginity while in Europe.

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Brandi, You're a Fine Girl
83 votes

#3 - Brandi, You're a Fine Girl

Just Shoot Me! - Season 5 - Episode 6

Finch's old friend Bert visits with surprising news--he is now a sexy woman named Brandi. This causes problems for Finch when he becomes attracted to Brandi. Meanwhile, Elliott tries to get Nina to be nicer to her assistant.

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The Love of Her Life
7 votes

#4 - The Love of Her Life

Cybill - Season 4 - Episode 2

Maryann is shocked when Cybill tells her she had an affair with a married man - and now wants to rekindle the romance. Maryann reels from Cybill's hypocrisy, since Cybill is always advising her not to even consider going back to the cheating Dr. Dick. But Cybill, head-over-heels in lust with Roger, refuses to admit to her own double standard. Meanwhile, Ira is hurt when he overhears Cybill wonder about what might have been if she had never become Mrs. Woodbine

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Fine is Not a Feeling
3 votes

#5 - Fine is Not a Feeling

Cybill - Season 4 - Episode 16

Maryann's son Justin decides to move to San Francisco for a new job, and Cybill convinces a reluctant Maryann to see a therapist and confront her irrational fear of losing her son. Cybill's suggestion backfires when Justin brings Maryann's ex-boyfriend, Richard, to the group therapy and the session descends into chaos. Meanwhile, Cybill quits an acting job out of disgust with Hollywood's lack of respect for older women.

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